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Gangsta Rap Essay Examples

Gangsta rap is a form of expression which uses words with rhythmic

beats to make one point or another. What separates gangsta rap from regular rap is that gangsta rap talks

about gang life and rap usually doesn’t. Lyrics in gangsta rap that cause the most controversy are the ones

that talk about killing people or ones that portray woman as just objects. People like Delores Tucker and

William Bennett are currently trying to censor these “filthy” lyrics because they believe that these lyrics

corrupt minds. But even though gangsta rappers like Tupac Shakur and “Biggie Smalls” might rap about

hurting women or killing people, they are not to be blamed for what people do regardless of what

correlation there might be. And even though it is unsure whether or not gangsta rap causes violent crimes, it

should never be used as a scapegoat for hiding the more important issues.

Delores C. Tucker, chairwoman of the National Political Congress of Black Women in

Washington, D.C., is working with William Bennett to censor rap music because of its harsh lyrics and

disparaging view of women. It is true that rap music, especially gangsta rap, uses vulgar language and also

denigrate women. But rap, like all types of music is a form of expression. Just like poetry or art, it

expresses ones view. It doesn’t matter that rap uses explicit lyrics but, it does matter if you take away the

right to express oneself. Because if ones right to express his or her opinion freely was taken away, then the

expression will not be real. Tucker once stated “Stop producing [gangsta rap] and selling it to our children.”

(95 Emerge) Stopping the production will not stop anything and Tucker obviously has no idea what the

real problems are. Tucker and Bennett should be concerned more about dealing with the more important

issues that plague society than trying to take away peoples !

right to free speech.

In the video “Gangs in Los Angeles” (91 Tom Brokaw), real life gangsters are shown in their own

neighborhood. Unlike how music video’s show gang life, life as a gangster is not as glamorous as it is

portrayed in videos. Many of the children born in these “hoods” are most likely going to become gang

members as well because of their surroundings and how they are raised. These children might not have the

support, love, and guidance of parents or what is more common now, a parent. All they see around them is

drugs, gangs, andcrime. By joining a gang, they gain a sense of belonging and pride. But more often, this is

just a false sense, and eventually, they lose what should be most important to them. Rap music does not

cause them to become gang members or to commit violent crimes, it is just one of the ways gangsters

express themselves. The more important issues that should concern politicians and people like Tucker and

Bennett should be that of figuring out how they will stop the!

cycle of gangs, not going after the rappers.

“Power Rangers,” (96 Courie) a documentary on the banning of a television show because of the

belief that it promoted violence among young children is a good example of how people often use a

scapegoat to hide more important issues. In Canada and New Zealand, a popular television show called

“Power Rangers” was put off air because many people believed it promoted violence. Whether or not it did

promote violence is irrelevant to the problem. The problem was, children appeared to be more violent. The

issue is about the children, not the show they watched the day before. Taking away the show will not solve

anything. The problem concerned the behavior of children and people should have focused their attention

on that instead of using television as a scapegoat like Tucker and Bennett use rap music as a scapegoat.

In conclusion, what people need to do is to stop blaming their own problems on issues that doesn’t

concern them.  Even though scapegoating is not a new issue, people should stop and think about the main

problems  rather that being quick to blame problems on the small issues. Gangsta rap is not what  should be

focused on, but rather the main problems behind gangsta rap. Maybe by actually understanding and

listening to the problems that cause some rappers to become so enraged, they might find solutions to

today’s problems.



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