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Essay about Mastery Assignment: The Scarlet Letter

Module Eight Lesson Four Mastery Assignment: The Scarlet Letter Chapters 13-19 a. What do many townspeople now say the A represents? The townspeople now believe the A stands for “able” rather than the real intention being “adulterer” b. Why does Hester feel she is to blame for Dimmesdale’s poor condition? Hester feels that she is to blame for Dimmesdale’s poor condition because while Dimmesdale has been torturing himself over his secret and slowly killing himself, Hester just sat back and witnessed it all and did not help in comforting him. c. Why does Hester pity Chillingworth?

It is concretely stated in the text that, Hester pities Chillingworth “for the hatred that has transformed a wise and just man to a fiend! ” (126). Chillingworth also pities Hester because he believed that he was not an adequate lover for her. d. What is Dimmesdale’s initial reaction when Hester reveals Chillingworth’s true identity? When Hester reveals Chillingworth’s true identity, Dimmesdale begins to become furious, mostly because Hester has waited so long to tell him. He then he is later depicted as sad, because he “was wearing a fierce frown”.

Then Dimmesdale begins to mourn, and collapses nto the floor due to his decision to not listen to his gut feeling of his initial impression of Chillingworth. e. How does Hester transform herself during the encounter with Dimmesdale? During the encounter with Dimmesdale, Hester transforms herself by freeing herself, in some sense. Hester decides to remove the scarlet letter from her chest and take off her cap, releasing her long hair onto her shoulders. And she becomes overwhelmed with the feeling of joy. It is almost as if she has lifted a burden off her shoulders.

f. What suggestion does Hester make to Dimmesdale to relieve his misery? Hester suggests Dimmesdale to move to a large European city and to change his identity to relieve his misery. g. Describe Pearl’s reaction when she sees Hester with Dimmesdale. When Pearl sees Hester with Dimmesdale, she begins to reject him. She believes that he does not deserve to have a relationship with her and since he has not publicly made their relationship official, Pearl will not accept him. OveralI, she did not like him and was very jealous of him for taking her away and stealing her attention and affection/ First Thoughts

Having now seen Hester and the minister in a more intimate etting, what is your prediction for their success as a couple? Having now seen Hester and the minister in a more intimate setting, I can not see them being a serious and committed relationship. I really, do not understand how they got together in the first place. I do not believe that they can have a successful relationship. Shaping Interpretations 2. “The scarlet letter had not done its office. ” This statement appears near the end of Chapter 13. Review the paragraphs that precede it. What is Hester’s state of mind? What do you think Hawthorne means by that statement?

Hester’s state of mind oes not seem healthy. She has transformed into a very negative and bitter person. The section that most grabbed my attention is when she ponders whether or not it was a good occurrence that Pearl was born. When Hawthorne says, “The scarlet letter had not done its office”, I believe that he is trying to say that the Scarlet Letter has not reached its full potential or purpose. 3. Provide 3 examples from these chapters of Pearl’s insightful observations or questions that indicate an awareness of the connection between her mother and both the Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth.

Some examples that indicate an awareness of the connection between Pearl’s mother and both the Reverend Mr. Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth: When Pearl meets Dimmesdale, she held her arms up to him, and when Roger Chillingworth spots her, she bursts out in tears. Neither of the men claim her and Chillingworth uses her as he figures out who Hester has committed her sin with. Pearl says that the light hides from her mother because of the scarlet letter. When Pearl questions why Dimmesdale is always holding his chest. 4. How is the forest with its many elements-sunlight, brook, and windblown trees symbolic of the lives of Hester and Pearl?

I believe that the sunlight represents the virtue and goodness in each person. I am not quite sure about the windblown trees, but maybe it could symbolize the tormenting that Hester and Pearl have gone through, especially Hester in the town square, when she was forced to wear her Scarlet letter, and Pearl being ostracized for “being the product of a sin”. 5. Dimmesdale says, “Of penance, I have had enough! Of penitence, there has been none! ” Explain how penance and penitence are different. What penance has the minister undergone? Penance- is self- unishment to show sorrow for having committed a sin.

Penitence is regret or sorrow for having committed sin. The penance that the minister has undergone has to do with his night vigils and when he inflicts physical pain on himself. 6. Chapter 17 provides readers with their first glimpse into the couple’s perspective on their indiscretion. How do they view it after 7 years? After 7 years, I feel that Dimmesdale and Hester know that they did was wrong, but they do not regret their indiscretion because they are now together, and it gave them a reason to be together. 7. Why do you think that Pearl is so pset to find that Hester has removed the scarlet letter from her dress?

I feel that Pearl is upset that Hester has removed the scarlet letter from her dress because that is what she grew up with, and it was apart of her mother’s identity. Without the scarlet letter, Pearl feels that Hester is not herself and can’t be the person she once was without it. 8. What effect does putting the scarlet letter back on her dress have on Hester? When Hester has to put the scarlet letter back on her dress, she felt as if she brought back all of the burdens that came along with the scarlet letter. She placed the scarlet letter back on her dress for her daughter, to comfort her.

Extending the Text 9. Hawthorne paints a pessimistic picture of the role of women in Puritan society. Does he strike you as an advocate of women’s rights? In your opinion, have enough changes occurred so that today women are “allowed to assume what seems a fair and suitable position? ” Personally, I feel that Hawthorne is an advocate of women’s rights. I believe that throughout the novel he has his heart set on defending Hester. Even though she has committed a sin, he sets out to prove that Hester is a strong oman, who will learn and grow from her situation.

He proves that Hester’s situation does not define who she is, and she can always better herself. I feel that this can apply to our society today. Women have come a very long way since that time. Women have more rights and equality. But on the other hand, we still haven’t reached full equality. I truly think prejudices will always be apart of our society. Today, women are able to hold high positions in many different fields, but since we do not have full equality between men and women, I believe that women are not “allowed to assume what seems a fair and suitable position? “.

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