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Domestic Violence Research Paper

Domestic Violence is the maltreatment of a spouse or partner. Domestic Violence is usually associated with women, but can also be men and children. This type of abuse can happen in several different forms it can be physical, mental/emotional, financially, religious and even sexual. Physical abuse mostly consist of punching, kicking, slapping, even the act of forcing you spouse or partner to do drugs and controlling. On some of the more serious form include stabbing,shooting, and choking. Someone might ask if slapping is actually domestic violence.

The answer is yes if a man/women were to put their hands on the spouse or partner intentionally to hurt them it is domestic violence. Emotional abuse can be one of the harder ones to spot. It includes the destruction of the person self worth and is brought up by constit badgering, name calling,humiliation or criticism. Again some people might have speculations that saying these types of hurtful things is not domestic violence. Yes it is because it is a form of control which is an abusive behavior. Financial Abuse can also be one of the hardest to find.

Financial abuse it simply the act of the husband/wife preventing their spouse or partner to get an education and get a good job. Financial abuse is fairly common among newly wedded couples who have decided to join their accounts. Usually the victim is dependant on his or her partner for money. Sexual abuse is not that hard to spot. It is also one off the more common forms of domestic violence. It consist of Sexual assault, rape, harassment (Unwanted touching)and other degrading gestures or behavior. There are multiple cases of Domestic Violence against a significant other, partner or spouse and children.

It is a big issue facing the US today as well as all over the world. Being turn into a victim by someone who says they love you can lead to feelings of helplessness, and can even cause self doubt. Domestic violence can usually include sibling abuse elderly abuse , spousal abuse,and child abuse. Another form of domestic violence is child abuse. Child abuse, same as Domestic Abuse doesn’t necessarily have to be physical it can also be mental/emotional sexual, and even neglectful. 70 percent of children ages 2 and younger unfortunately died because child abuse. Another 80 percent were not even old enough to for kindergarten.

Physical abuse to a child consist of hitting, kicking,slapped or objects getting thrown at their head, or even the more serious ones include burning, choking,and even in the most severe cases even poisoning. 1 in every 4 children ( male and female) have been physically abused by a parent or guardian. 6,000 Children had been identified as needing protection from an abuser in the last year. Sexual abuse towards a child is and sexual act between and adult and a child, including rape,molestation,or forcing a child to kiss the abuser, making the child strip in a private room.

Sexual abuse towards a child can also be making the child watch or listen to sexual acts between to adults. 1 in in 3 and 1 in 5 boys will be or have been sexually abused by the time they are 18 years of age. Approximately 5 children die everyday due to be abused. 7. 2 million cases of child abuse are reported every year in the United States. 59 percent of more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28 percent more likely to get arrested as an adult, and 30 percent more likely to commit a violent crime.

Due to recent scanning in 3 different federal prison at least 14 percent off the men and 36 percent off the women were either phycical or sexually abuse as a child. Child Neglect is the act of not providing your child basic needs such as water, food, clothing, healthcare and educational needs. 75 percent have or are suffering from neglect. It is the most common form of abuse. Neglect isn’t always intentional it can be when the parent or guardian have lost the mental state to take care of there own basic need let alone a child’s due to depression or anxiety.

They could have also become physically unable to take care of the child due to a serious injury. Sibling abuse is the physical, emotional or sexual abuse of one sibling by another. 60 percent off children experience some form of sibling abuse. Physical sibling abuse includes Pushing and shoving, hitting, biting pincheing and even throwing items at a sibling’s head, to very violent behavior such as using weapons, is a serious form of sibling abuse Often parents don’t see the abuse for what it is, they typically see it as normal sibling fights.

Emotional sibling abuse includes Continued teasing, putting down, criticizing getting others to join in on making fun of the sibling is more than just bullying Parents tend to blame the one being abuse by telling them to quit be tattle tale. Sexual behavior between siblings that is not age appropriate. Some people refer to this type of abuse as incest. Studies show that 43 percent of siblings have or are experiencing incestive sexual abuse.

Incest was the first form of unappealing abuse, and it remains by far the most widespread. -4 girls and 5-7 boys have been or are being sexualky abused by an older sibling several states actually allow incest to be legal within to consensual adults, some including alabama, alaska, arizona,florida and many more. I personally believe incest is not right and that the percentage should be lower. The average percentage is 52 percent. ! percent off abortion are due to Rape and sexual abuse from a sibling or family member, the total number for woman to say it was rape or incest is 1,900.

For many kids they will always remain afraid of an older sibling because the parents are either too busy or not really observant of the child and plays it as rough housing or normal sibling rivalries. When in reality it can be so much more 1 percent of children who suffer from any type of sibling abuse typically feel like no one will be there to stop the abuse and commit suicide to try and escape the abuse feeling like that the only way to get the sibling to stop. 3 percent total survivors of Sibling abuse suffer from a serious case of PTSD.

Elder abuse is an intentional act by a caregiver or another person in a relationship usually involving an expectation of trust that causes or creates a risk of harm to an older adult An elder is considered anyone 60 years or older. Physical elder abuse is the intentional use of physical force that can usually results in chronic illness,serious injury, physical pain,distress, or even in serious cases death. forced or unwanted sexual interaction of any kind with an older adult. Mostly consist of touching. Emotional abuse to an elder includes verbal or nonverbal behavior that results in mental pain, fear, or distress.

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