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We don ‘t like anybody… Nobody is hat good for her! Mr.. Mouse: That’s right. One mouse has a large tail…. Another one doses ‘t have teeth… Another one is too fat. We can’t let her marry any of them. They are so ugly! Mrs.. Mouse: She must marry the most powerful in the world. Mr.. Mouse: The most powerful is the Sun! (A cardboard sun enters stage) Mrs.. Mouse: (kindly) Mr.. Sun! We have a beautiful daughter. She is the prettiest girl in the world, and you are the most powerful. You deserve her! Mr.. Mouse and Mrs.. Mouse: We want you to marry her! Sun: I’m not the most powerful.

The most powerful is the Cloud. Mr.. Mouse and Mrs.. Mouse: The Cloud? Sun: Yes. The Cloud covers me. (A cardboard cloud enters stage and covers the sun. The sun disappears) feel alone? Cloud: No. I cry so that plants can grow. Mrs.. Mouse: You are the most powerful, and you deserve to marry our daughter. Mr.. Mouse: She is the most beautiful mouse on earth! Cloud: No, I’m not the most powerful. The most powerful is the wind. Mr.. Mouse and Mrs.. Mouse: The Wind? Cloud: Yes. The Wind blows me . (the whistling of the wind is heard) Listen! Here it comes! Oh, it’s pushing me! (A cardboard wind enters stage.

The cloud disappears. The wind walks around the stage and the mice follow it) Mr.. ND Mrs.. Mouse: Mr.. Wind! Mr.. Wind! Stop! (The wind stops blowing) Wind: What do you want. I’m in a hurry! Mr.. Mouse: Would you like to marry our daughter? She is the most beautiful mouse in the world! Mrs.. Mouse: You are the most powerful. You deserve her! Wind: I am not the most powerful. The most powerful is the wall. Wind: Yes. The wall stops me. The wall doesn’t let me go through. (The wind leaves stage whistling trying to destroy the wall. Mr.. And Mrs.. Mouse fall down because of the wind force). Mr..

Mouse: (getting up) We have to talk to the wall. Mr.. Mouse: Yes, we have to! (Mr.. And Mrs.. Mouse approach the wall) Mr.. Mouse: Mr.. Wall! Mr.. Wall! Mrs.. Mouse: He doses ‘t hear you. He is old and deaf. Mr.. And Mrs.. Mouse: Mr.. Wall! Mr.. Wall! Wall: What ! Mr.. Mouse: (yelling) Would you like to marry the most beautiful girl in the world? Wall: That I’m wrong? I’m too old. Mrs.. Mouse: No! No! Would like to marry our daughter! Wall: Who, me? Why? Mr.. Mouse: Because you are the most powerful. The mouse who made them. Mr.. And Mrs.. Mouse: The Mouse? (Mr.. And Mr.. Mouse look at each other and seem ashamed.

A young boy mouse enters from behind the wall) Young boy mouse: You are the parents of the most beautiful girl in the world. I want o marry her. We have been in love for a very long time. Mr.. Mouse: Oh, but where are you going to live? Young Boy Mouse: In this old wall. I have bee building a house with many rooms. It has a living room, a dinning room, and a kitchen. It is very comfortable. Mr.. Mouse: Yes! Yes! You will marry our daughter because you are the most powerful in the world. Mrs.. Mouse: Most powerful than the sun, the cloud, the wind, and the wall. (The girl mouse enters and hugs and kisses the young boy mouse.

The gossipy mice enter). Gossipy mice: We wish you the best! (They hug the happy couple. They sing and dance) The End The Spirit Inside The Bottle Son Spirit Narrator: A long time ago there was a woodcutter who had only one son. One day he said. Father: I have decided to use all my savings to give you a good education, so that you can have a decent and honest Job which will help us survive when I can no longer work. Boy: Thank you father. I will study hard and you will be proud of me. Father: You will leave next week. Narrator: The young boy went to the university where he spent there three years.

One day the boy received a letter from his father. Boy: (thinking) My father doses ‘t have any money and I can ‘t stay here anymore. I have to go back. Narrator: When he arrived home his father said. Father: I don ‘t know what are we going to do. With the money I earned cutting wood, we can hardly survive. Boy: Don ‘t worry father, I will go with you to the forest and I will help you. Father: It’s hard work, and you ‘re not used to it. Besides, we only have one ax and we don ‘t have money to buy another one. Boy: Why don ‘t you ask our neighbor to lend you his ax? Father: That’s a good idea… ND we will buy another one when we have enough money. Narrator: Next day, their neighbor lent them an ax, and so they went to the forest to work. After lunch, the boy said. Father: Don ‘t take too long, we still have a lot of work to do. Boy: I won ‘t. Narrator: When he was in the deep woods, he saw an enormous oak tree. Then he heard a voice calling him. Spirit: Help! Help! Let me out of here! I want to go out! Narrator: As the boy was walking, he saw a bottle in the ground with a little creature inside. Carefully, he picked up the bottle. Boy: What a strange little bottle… And the voice is coming from inside.

Spirit: Let me out! Let me out! Boy: I will open it! Narrator: As soon as the boy opened the bottle, the little creature started to grow, ND grow, and grow, until it became a huge giant. Spirit: Prepare yourself! I’m going to eat you! I have been here for a long time, and I am very hungry! Boy: Wait, wait… Before you do, I have to be sure that it was you who was inside the bottle… Then you can eat me. Spirit: But it was me! You saw me! Boy: Prove it! Spirit: How? Boy: Get smaller again! Spirit: Very well… Then I will eat you! Narrator: Then the giant got smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and the boy closed Spirit: Let me out!

If you do, I will do whatever you want me to do! Let me out! I will make you rich! I’m telling you the truth! Let me out of here! Boy: You have to promise that you will not eat me! Spirit: I promise. Narrator: The boy opened the bottle, and the little creature started to grow, until it became a huge giant once again. Spirit: Thank you! Boy: How can you help me? Spirit: Take this handkerchief. When you suffer an injury, cover it with the handkerchief, and it will heal instantly. And when you cover a metal object with it, the metal will turn into silver. Boy: Go now… You are free!

Narrator: As soon as the giant left, the boy returned to where his father was. Father: Where have you been? It’s getting dark and we haven ‘t finished. Boy: Don ‘t worry father. I’ll do all the work. Narrator: The boy took the ax and cleaned it with the handkerchief, and suddenly the ax turned into silver, and broke. Father: You broke the ax! Now we have to pay for it, and we don ‘t have any money! Narrator: The boy took the broken ax and saw that it had turned into silver. Boy: Don ‘t worry father… I have something to tell you. Father: What is it? Boy: Look at it, father… This is not an ordinary ax.

Father: What do you mean? What’s this? Boy: It’s silver. Narrator: Then the boy told his father about the giant. Boy: We have to sell it, father. Father: Let’s go to town right away! Narrator: They sold the ax almost immediately, and bought a new one for their neighbor. Father: Let’s go give him this new ax. Boy: And with all this money I can go back to the university, where I will become a doctor. Father: What about the handkerchief? Boy: With this handkerchief I will heal all my patients. Father: I am proud of you!. By Grimm Brothers Adapted by KIDS INCH The good man and his son Father Man Mrs..

Liz Old Man Girl ACT I – On the Countryside (father, his son, and a donkey enter stage) Son: Yes, father, I did. Where are we going so early? Father: We’re going to town to do some shopping. Come on, hurry up, it’s getting late. (they walk a little. A man enters stage) Man: Good morning… Where are you going so early? Father: We’re going to SST. James. Man: Forgive me for asking, why are you going on foot if you can ride your donkey? Son: That’s right, father! Tell me why? Father: I appreciate your advice… And good bye, it’s getting late. (the man leaves stage) Who ‘s going to ride the donkey? Son: You are, father.

I can walk. (the man gets on the donkey and walk a little. A woman carrying a basket enters take) Father: Good morning, Mrs.. Liz. Mrs.. Liz: Good Morning (she stops and watches them). I know that this is none of my business… But, why is this poor, little and sweet boy walking? And why is this strong man riding the donkey? Son: (thinking) Mrs.. Liz is right. Don ‘t you think so father? Father: k, I’ll get off the donkey… And you get on. (the farmer gets off the donkey and his son gets on. They walk a little. An old man enters stage). Old Man: Good morning… (he stops and watches them) Farmer: Good morning… Old Man: Oh my!

When I was young these things never happened! Why is a young ND healthy boy riding the donkey, and his poor father is walking? This is so disrespectful! Oh, my! (the old man leaves the stage whispering) Father: What do you think about what the old man said? Son: I think he’s right. It would be better if you too ride the donkey. (the farmer gets on the donkey, now both are riding the donkey, and walk a little. A girl enters stage running). Girl: (approaches the donkey) What a sweet donkey! What’s his name? Son: His name is Snoopy Girl: Oh, poor Snoopy! Look at his tired face. Why are you both riding this poor donkey. She leaves stage whispering)… Poor donkey! Father: (a little impatient) And now, what are we going to do, my son? Son: I think that the girl is right, father. Snoopy looks tired, let ‘s carry the donkey ourselves and nobody will criticize us. Father: k, lets see what happens. (both get off the donkey and carry him. They can hardly walk. The man, Mrs.. Liz, the old man, and the girl enter stage) Man: (laughing) What’s this! I’ve never seen anything like this! Mrs.. Liz: (laughing) What a pair of fools! Old Man: How funny you look carrying a donkey… (they leave stage) Father: (angry) And now, what are we going to do, my son?

Son: To tell you the truth. I don ;t know, father. We did what they told us to do, but we could ;t please them. Everybody criticized us, and now they laugh at us. Farmer: Look, my son. I wanted you to see with your own eyes that there are many different opinions and that it’s not possible to please everybody. Son: I can see that, father. They laughed at us because we tried to please them, but what are we going to do now? Father: Well, you must think right and decide what you think it’s better. Son: Even if not everybody agrees. I know what to do!

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