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Computer hardware Essay Examples

Computer hardware

Stand Alone/Network: Network
Platform: Tang computers platform
System Units: 128mb memory, Intel Celeron 850mhz,
Input: Keyboard and mouse
Output: Printer, monitor 15
Storage: 10gb hard drive, ram, flash memory, floppy, cd rom
Communications: Network card (internet, Intranet)

Windows 2000 Professional
MS Office 2000, other programs

Social Ethical Concerns:
Inoculate IT Virus Scanner
Server Backup, Fire wall
Power Protection for Server
Code Of Conduct:
No Disks unless virus scanned
No Explicit Downloads

Recommendations For change:
I have not done an absolutely new system as it would be costly and worthless. Most of the computers have good enough specs to run the software it needs to. Although here are some highly recommended changes.
Optical Mice:
This would greatly help as the ball mouses we have now get clogged up with dust and are need to be cleaned. Students cannot clean the mice themselves as they are locked so students dont steal the balls. If optical mice were bought for the computers they would never need to be serviced and would brake rarely.

DVD ROMS Would be great for the school as they are a big storage medium so students will be able to hold all their Assignments on just one disk. Also educational video DVDs could be watched all around the school.

Wireless LAN:
Wireless LAN would be a great bound into the future as computers could be moved anywhere in school grounds without the hassle of network cables. Also students could bring in laptops and be able to log in to access their H: drive and Internet.

Detailing the proposed system:

Network vs. Stand Alone

People can access their files from any computer in the network
People can share their files easily
Internet Sharing

Viruss can spread through network
Costly to set up
Timely to set up

Stand Alones System:

Cheap to setup
Viruses cannot spread
Fewer problems.

Have to use same computers to access work.
Have to have modem for each computer and multiple phone lines.
Expensive for Internet.
Slower internet.
Cant send files to others.

Definitely A network is a must. We already have network slots positioned all around the school and there would be no point in not using them because there advantages are multiple. The advantages of having a network speak for themselves. Possibly in the future we could upgrade the network to a wireless one!

Input Devices:

Ball MouseThe ball mouse is commonly used in modern society. They are very cheap and easy to find. They can either have a cord or be cordless. They do need to be cleaned occasionally.
TrackballTrackballs are commonly used on laptops built onto the keyboard because they do not take to much space and dont need a flat surface to be used on. They are not used much for PCs.
Optical MouseOptical mouse have come of popularity in recent years. Now with most new computers an optical mouse will be included. They are not very expensive and are low maintenance.
Graphic TabletTablets are Mostly used in PDFs which are a very modern small computer which fits in your palm. With tablets you use a special pen to select things and also to write. This type of device is costly.
As said before, I think the optical mouse would be the most appropriate device because it is cheap and low maintenance.

Output Devices:

Dot MatrixA dot matrix is an old kind of printer. It prints in only black and white and the quality is not all that good. Finding the printer and the cartridges would be very hard.
Bubble JetPrinter commonly used these days. These printers print in both black and white and colour. Bubble Jet printers are reasonable quality and are fairly cheap to buy.
Laser JetA highly priced printer of a very high standard. These printers are used mainly in places where there is much printing. The printers are very fast and are ideal for a network.
Pen PlottersAnother very old device, which is rarely used these days. The printer and its ink would be impossible to find and the quality would be of low standard.
Projection PanelsUseful for all sorts of presentations. Something from a computer or from TV can be projected on a large screen viewable for all to see.

Both a Laser printer and a projection panel would be useful devices for the school. The laser jet because it can print out many things in good quality at a fast rate that is needed. The projection panel because it is a useful attribute which makes presentations more interactive.

Secondary Storage:
DVDDVD Holds a few gigs of data which is a great deal of storage for anything. Anything from thousands of documents to 2 movies can hold on these disks. Compared to a floppy disk which holds only a few picture less documents, this is by far better.
FloppyA very old technology which really serves little use at all. Holds a word document or two, maybe not one if the document has photos. The disks easily break.
Zip DiskA removable storage which holds up to 250mb. Quite useful for storing large presentations and small media files. Disks are quite pricey though compared to a CDR disk. Very quick and efficient to access.
Hard DiskThe next best form of storage after high priced memory such as ram. Very cost effective per mb. Much faster than any form of removable storage but with ought the convenience of traveling with it.
I would say that both the hard drive and the DVD rom are the best solution for the school. The DVD because it is the highest quality removable storage and the hard drive because it is cost effective.

System Unit:

Two Possible platforms would be PC or Mac but because Mac is very expensive and PCs are more commonly used by students the PC would be the definite choice.

The two kinds of processors used today are AMDs and Intels.
AMD Athlon XPLower priced than Pentium 4s but its performance is just as good. Speeds for the AMD get anything up to 3200mhz. This processor is know to get hotter than the Pentium 4 but this shouldnt affect it.
Intel Pentium 4A more reliable processor than the AMD. Does not get as hot. Intel almost always are at the forefront of top processing speeds. Chances are if you buy a Pentium 4 there will be no problems.

Generally 256mb of ram is needed to fulfill the requirements of all software currently out. There are two types of ram that are in date at present DDR Ram and RDRAM. DDR is generally preferred as it is cheaper and most motherboards accept it. RD RAM is another form of RAM, RD is a very expensive RAM that is used by people who need as much power in their PC as possible because they use complex software.

ROM is a memory which is used in hardware to store firmware which is required to run the hardware.

The main ports and connectors needed are USB, Ethernet, Serial (for old hardware) and PS2.

Operating System:

Single User
An operating system only required to be used by one user or one users configurations.

Multi Tasking
Operating System that can undergo multiple tasks at once.

An Operating System that can handle many processes  at any time.

The Operating systems key task is to provide an environment where the user can interact with the computer.

The Mac OS Operating system was created to be used on the apple Mac series of computers.
For apple Mac users this OS is their only choice, as no other OS has made venture into the Mac industry.
The Mac OS has a very colourful GUI (Graphical User Interface)
The GUI is remotely similar to both windows and Linux GUI’s.
Most first time users find this OS very user friendly.
The OS has many built in features including movie players, music players, Internet browser etc.
Popular OS for many different types of designers.
Fairly reliable OS.

➔Microsoft Windows was started by a geek called Bill Gates in the 70’s.
➔Bill gates is now a major share holder in Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world.
➔Windows is by far the most popular OS, both in business and for the home user.
➔Like Mac OS it features a colourful GUI and stacks of media software, such as the popular Windows media player.
➔One of the things that makes this OS so popular is compatibility with most software.
➔Windows has both a home and pro version of their OS.
➔Almost all computers bought from the shop are preinstalled with a version of windows.
➢ The windows OS is popular for its start menu which neatly sorts                               shortcuts to software.
➔ Microsoft the makers of windows have a habit of suing anyone for                            having an idea remotely close to theirs.
➔Windows is the only OS that has full compatibility with the latest games.
➢Linux was started by a University student named Linus in the early 90’s.
➢His idea was to have an operating System that was absolutely free.
➢The OS is open source. This means users have access to the OS’s source code and they are free to make changes to it as long as it was not sold and the changes were made available to others.
➢The idea of Linux was actually made possible by the Internet, and the ability to download and upload software.
➢Over the years programmers have customized Linux to suit their needs, this is what has brought about the birth of the different distributions of Linux.
➢Of the many distributions available red hat and mandrake are the most popular.
➢Linux distributions come with tones of free open source software, including equivalents to MS Office software. The operating system can literally save u thousands.
➢Because of these major cost savings and lynxs rebound stability more and more businesses are turning to Linux.
➢Linux has multiple GUI’s to use.
➢No disks
No un educational sites
No improper use of computers
No changing computer settings
No installations

By Justin Giudici.

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