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Communism in Hong Kong

Why would a communist country want to have a capitalist country? Well I think it is because Hong Kong has a lot of money, because they are one of the major trade centers of the world. Another reason is that Hong Kong was a part of China until 1842 when the British defeated China in the first Opium War and took possession of Hong Kong. In this report I will be talking about how the Communist Chinese government regained possession of Hong Kong, a capitalist Colony, after 156 years of British rule.

I also will be talking about the history and living conditions of the people of Hong Kong. I will be discussing the Hong Kong government before and after the take over. Another point that I will be talking about is how the economy was impacted by the takeover. I will be discussing the religions of Hong Kong and the affect the takeover will have on them. Another thing that I will be talking about is how the balance of power in the world will be effected, what overall effect might be, and what global changes may occur.

Hong Kong was originally part of China, but was taken and colonized by the British in the first Opium War in 1842. Later, in 1856-1860, the British won the Kowloon peninsula in the second Opium War. About 90 years later, communist took control of the Chinese government. Many people in China did not like this, so they fled to Hong Kong. As a result of so many people relocating to Hong Kong, the colony became a low-income manufacturing colony. As years went by, the manufacturing industry became larger and larger.

By 1980 the Hong Kong colony had become the largest trading center in Southeast Asia. In 1982, I guess Great Britain decided to be nice and promised to return the island to China when the 99 year lease on the new territories ran out. But Britain wasnt just going to let the colony go that easily. They had China sign a joint Declaration, which stated that Hong Kong would have the same basic laws and freedoms for at least 50 years, which would be 2047. Before the take over of Hong Kong, it was like a big party. Every week there were many parades with lots of dragons.

The celebrations mainly occurring for the tourist that came to this island. Hong Kong is a heavily populated city. In Hong Kong, taxis are the best mode of travel for the short-term visitors. For the long-term visitors and citizens of Hong Kong trains, sub ways and buses are the best way to get around. Hong Kong has very good living conditions with a very low homeless rate because their economy is so good. The stores in Hong Kong have very good bargains, since it is one of the major trading centers of the world. Most of the Hong Kongs stores are outside markets.

The citizens have their freedoms for now, so they can own property and their businesses and stores. But when the fifty-years of the treaty that the British government had the Chinese sign in 1984 is up, whom knows what will happen? The treaty says that Hong Kong would stay the same for the fifty years after the takeover. Hong Kong has a good economy, money wise, productive wise, and trade wise. But Hong Kong also has some problems with police corruption, heavy crime, drug problems such as heroin addiction, and gangs.

So overall I would say that Hong Kong has a pretty good economy, with good living conditions. Before the takeover, the government of Hong Kong was a Capitalist system. But they were taken over by China, a Communist Government. Fortunately for the people of Hong Kong, the British made the Chinese government sign that treaty in 1984, so the people Hong Kong will have their freedoms for the next fifty years. The Chinese government, although a communist government, allows them to have private property.

The people of Hong Kong were also able to keep their religious beliefs. But theres no telling what the Chinese government will do when the fifty years are over. I think the Chinese will force Communism on the people of Hong Kong and they may end up having a revolution against China. Since Hong Kong is a major trading center of the world. The world will eventually be affected by changes in Hong Kong, but that has not yet happened because Hong Kong isnt totally a part of China yet, because of the joint Declaration the British had the Chinese government sign.

The Chinese government owns the land that the Hong Kong people live on, but the people still live by the freedoms of Hong Kong. I think that the world will be affected when the Chinese government gets a hold of the Hong Kong trade center in 2047. So there hasnt really been an overall effect yet. I would have to say that the only thing thats really happened is the transferring of the land from Great Britain to China. So once again I ask why would a communist country want to have a capitalist country?

Well, I think it is because Hong Kong has a lot of money, because they are one of the major trade centers of the world. Hong Kong was a part of China before the British took possession of Hong Kong in 1842 after defeating China in the first opium war. During the 156 years of British control, the Chinese looked at it as a period of disgrace. But I think the real question is who would be better for the sake of the people of Hong Kong, for the sake of the world and one of the biggest trading centers in it. So if you were Hong Kong, who would you want controlling your country, China or Great Britain?

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