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The premise r evolves around collaboration among artists, both professional and amateur, from a variety of tedium who are submitting work, related to a specific project idea, which is then produced an d aired to the public via cable television. It’s distinctive are its inclusively, which allows anyone to s vomit and participate, as well as the collaborative nature which results in a variety of con tent and a unique online community of creators.

Whiteboard is relying on the everyday artist, insist dead of massive media corporations, which gives viewers the ability to relate and take owners hip of the finished product in a unique way. Whiteboard has significance to our present culture, be cause it reflects the shift in our systems to independent productions over large corporations and t he use of technology to produce quality media. Through the rise of social media websites such as Backbone, Twitter, Instars m, Youth and Vine, increased value has been placed on the idea of independent count .NET production.

More value is being placed on viewer control and input by the general public. Hitter cord on TV provides a way for people, who may have no connection to large production c impasses, to shift from being a consumer and bystander to an active participant and contributor o art, with an ability to follow the process as the work is formed and ideas are refined. This collaborative variety show combines the homespun genuineness of an endearing Youth s rise, with the focus and production quality of a larger broadcasting company.

That combined with the broad array of talents from many contributors provides distinctively individual artistic pieces that resonate with viewers. Technology has had a significant effect on the possibility of even producing a show such as Whiteboard on TV. Artists are recognizing that creativity no longer is confine d to being shared n art clubs and museums, but instead online artistic communities are growing g and becoming vibrant. Because of increased access to internet and the rise of video sharing the current generation is realizing that they now have more say, more control and more i input into what is broadcast and what is produced.

Publishers are now printing books that are written by internet celebrities with large followings. Humans of New York is a great example of the is, the popular photo blob on Backbone has garnered a following of millions, which has result De in a New York Times Bestseller book. Whiteboard is unique, an article in the Boston Globe des scribes it as a “Streakier for creative” where all the profits are split ” 5050 with contributors”. (Mutter) The ” tally of “Whiteboard” collaborators on the story is 1,440. ” For its first episode De which aired on January 18, 2014.

Previously, there has not been an avenue for such a great t capacity of creative to collaborate, be paid, and shared their art with such a large audience The idea of open collaborative art pieces, reflects a slow shift in the desire of our culture to be able to participate in the television and media we consume. Whiteboard o n TV allows ewers to be captured not only by the work itself, but by the story of the piece e, and how it came to be. There is a amiable quality of a piece, when you know it was created by r jugular people who very possibly created this art in their own homes.

Similar to the success of You tube channels, that garner millions of subscribers and intense fan followings, simply off of ho museum videos, we recognize that there is more of a platform and a desire for less manipulate d media. The heavily produced, full of advertising, large corporation controlled media that my own generation has grown up on is becoming less desirable. People have more desire to be apart of what is being shared and created in m Edie, and this is now spilling over into television, through Whiteboard on TV’ where previously it was primarily through social platforms like Youth.

The benefit Of this being on television r ether than only the internet, is that the production value can be increased and more polished, me Aiding the homespun feeling of sites like Youth with the production quality and polished feel of r jugular cable television. The Rolling stone reflects that ” the amateurishness is essential to the shows charm and part fatwa makes the idea of contributing to the show seem so access bible” Viewers are deciding that they would sacrifice the top quality production and high pap d acting, for something they feel they could participate in themselves.

Whiteboard on BRI nags together deposited actors and creative, like Joseph Gerontologist and Ell Fanning, or c median Mindy Killing, with people like me and you who simply resonate with the them e of the episode, and use our creative gifting to contribute. The show acts as an equals zero, where privilege,higher training, or connections, do not necessarily indicate our success AS, it is edged instead by content quality, shifting the focus back to the art itself, not j just the star power behind it.

The premise of Whiteboard on TV, should motivate us as Christians to recognize e the opportunities collaboration provides, in art and ministry and community. Self essences is a necessary quality to use collaboration in our Christian lives. By collaborating i ideas, it requires individuals to not be so focused on their specific vision, but instead o n how the different contributions fit together collectively. When the body of Christ does t his we can focus solely on Christ and following him, and the unessential details pertaining nomination or worship style become less of a hang up.

Collaboration also r fleets diversity, because each person has a unique perspective and skill set to offer. This can greatly benefit the body Of Christ as we seek grow in our siftings and Our relate unships with Christ and with each other in Christian community. Whiteboard on TV also has a strong sense of inclusively, where anyone can be a contributor. This should be manifesting itself in the way we live as the body of Christ. We ought not to only surround ourselves with people like ourselves, or exclude people from the Body of Christ, but insist ad it must remain open to all.

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