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Cleopatra had excellent military back-up at the beginning of her life. First of all, Cleopatra was a Ptolemy and the Ptolemies had ruled for over 200 years! How? The answer to that is power. The Ptolemies started with Alexander the Great the person that Alexandria was named after. While Alexander was dying, he muttered To the strongest,(He meant Egypt goes to the strongest. ) or maybe he didnt say that, but the generals said that he did. Each of the generals boasted about how strong they were, all wanting to rule Egypt, the richest country in the world at that time.

The generals were Ptolemy, Seleucus, and Antigonus. Ptolemy was a rich spoiled brat from Macedonia (It was also rumored that he was a half brother to Alexander. Ptolemy probably started the rumor to give him a better chance to get Egypt. ) As soon as Alexander died, Ptolemy stole the throne from his fellow generals saying that it was rightfully his and that is how the Ptolemies became rulers of Egypt.! Now back to Cleopatra, who was the last pharaoh of Egypt before the Romans took over. Cleopatra had a little of Ptolemy I in her blood maybe more than her father (Ptolemy XI Auletes).

When Cleopatra was 17- 8 years old her father died leaving the throne to his son Ptolemy XIII and his daughter Cleopatra VII. He wrote in his will that they would be married and rule Egypt hand in hand. They despised that, but still they got married. Ptolemy XIII exiled Cleopatra from Egypt, so he could rule Egypt all alone. He through her out in the desert and said that she was dead. Caesar thought it was fishy, so he went out to see if Cleopatra had really died. On the night of his arrival, Cleopatra had a friend, Apollodorus, from Sicily carry her in a carpet to meet Caesar.

Caesar saw that she was alive and restored her to her throne. Ptolemy XIII thought that Caesar could not just restore her to the thrown so Ptolemy became enraged and started a war against Cleopatra and Caesar.! Of course Caesar and Cleopatra won because of the military back-up Caesar had with his Roman soldiers, the best army in the world. The Romans then started to hate Cleopatra and her exotic ways and charms. Cleopatra was powerful. She was optimistic, high-spirited, always a winner using skill or just plain cheating, popular, a queen, and a loyal friend.

Now, if youre thinking Cleopatra is too flirtatious and a slut, youre wrong. Cleopatra also was very mart. She knew eleven languages. She knew Egyptian, Parathion, Ethiopian, Arabic, Hebrew, Troglodytian, Syrian, Latin, Median, Macedonian, and Greek. She was taught by the smartest people in the world (the Romans). She also had skills that most women in Egypt did not have. They were political and intellectual skills. She was also talented. She could impress anyone with her wit and money. She impressed Caesar by meeting him in a carpet when everyone thought she was dead.

There, now you know about this powerful and smart queen, thats not all she was. In addition she was dramatically unique. Cleopatra, amazing but true, had no Egyptian blood in her at all. She had Macedonian and Greek blood. Cleopatras father was also a little bizarre. He was a follower of Dionysus, he LOVED wine. He believed in playing the flute like Pan. He did not believe in ruling. Egypt rejected him for that. All day no work, but play was most likely her fathers motto. Cleopatra was also a beliver in the gods similar to her father.

She worshipped Dionysus, Apollo, Pan, Athena, Aphrodite, and mother earth. She had a sense of humor. She was also praised by Egypt for her strength and intelligence. Another nique fact is that Cleopatra played a game like chess. She probably cheated too. Cleopatra had a large family, larger than most families are today. She had two older sisters ( Cleopatra VI and Berenice IV), one younger half sister (Arsinoe, two! younger half brothers (Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV). Her father was Ptolemy Auletes XII. Cleopatras mother died shortly after her birth and nobody really knew who she was.

After her mothers death, her father remarried. Cleopatra never really liked her step-mother. Now, the queen whom people thought was too flirtatious, was also powerful, smart, and unique, but there s even more to her sad enchanting life as queen of a lost rich country. She was glamorous, dazzling on the inside and out. Cleopatra was also known as extremely breathtakingly beautiful. She had long henna- brown hair, deep and full body, olive-tan skin, smooth and without wrinkles. She had a long graceful neck that was so elegant and straight. She had a round slim chin.

Even though people say that Cleopatras nose was Egyptian, it couldnt have been Egyptian because Cleopatra had no Egyptian blood in her at all. Then youre probably wondering what background her nose came from. The answer is that her nose was ither Jewish or Arabic. She had well chiseled lips, very indented and engraved. Her voice was supposedly sweet and gentle, like a canary. Cleopatra could have been blond, pale skinned, and blue eyed but the coins with her picture strongly suggest t! hat she was dark haired, dark-skinned, and dark-eyed. She was also very thin boned.

She was tall, thin, slim, and slender because she wanted to attract young men. As shown in many drawings and coins Cleopatra had her ears pierced. Cleopatra always loved to be beautiful. She never let her hair go down plain because it wasnt elegant enough. Cleopatra had put her hair in ringlets, a bun, in a braid, in a crown, or something that was not plain down. Cleopatra wore globs of make-up. She probably wore some sort of a foundation to make her skin clear of all freckles and sun marks. She wore a cream that made her wrinkles go away. She wore dark eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara (brown, black, or green).

Her nails were henna red from the manicure she had every single morning. She dyed her lips red for royalty. Cleopatra not only looked nice but smelled nice too. Her servants rubbed lotions, oils, and incense on her morning after morning. The smells were of jasmine, sanda! wood, vanilla, and a papyrus smell. Cleopatra had a busy morning. First, she would wake up and get out silk covers in all kinds of pastel colors. Her bed was made of gold. Second, she would get her manicure in red henna nail polish. She did not get the nail polish from K-mart. She bought it from a make-up shop.

Third, she would put on her lotions,oils, and incence. The smells were Egyptian or imported from Italy. Fourth, her servants would do her make-up. The make-up was always perfect; not a line curved, not a curve straight. Fifth, she would be dressed by servants in her silks and clothes. They were scented too, just like herself. Sixth, her maids would do her hair (normally in ringlets or a bun). Seventh, her maids would put on her three pounds made of gold earrings. Eighth, she would eat her breakfast. It would probably be fish, wine, quail eggs, pheasant, caviar, fruit, vegetables, and tea from China.

Cleopatra was really spoiled. She was so spoiled that if she were walking down the streets of Alexandria with her bodyguards and maids and she saw something she liked , she would just take it. She went on shopping sprees all the time. I think that she must have spent all of Egypts money. She threw parties and receptions all the time. She was addicted to spending money like people are addicted to smoking. She loved to spend money. She was a party animal. Cleopatra lived in one of the most luxurious places in the world. She lived in Alexandria, the capital of Egypt, the main center of trade in the Mediterranean Sea.

She lived on the limestone island of Pharos. From Cleopatras balcony she could see the lighthouse, Pharos, one of the seven wonders of the world. Underneath her balcony were gardens, with all kinds of colorful flowers. While traveling, Cleopatra lived in a large cruise ship, full of luxury. Most likely in Rome, she lived in one of the nicest penth! ouses in Rome. But her palace on the lonely island of Pharos is where Cleopatra spent most of her years. The lighthouse on Pharos, as I mentioned, is where Cleopatra lived. The lighthouse is considered one of the seven wonders of the world.

It was to guide traders and people coming in from the Mediterranean Sea. It made sure the ships did not crash into the island of Pharos. On the island of Pharos there was a library near to where Cleopatra lived. It was maybe 1/10 of a mile from Cleopatras palace. She could walk there in five minutes. The library had over 40,000 scrolls. The scrolls were contracts, history, birth dates, death dates, burial ceremonies, things about Rome, things about their civilization, novels, special dates, time lines, newspapers, clay tablets, and a whole lot more! Its name is the library of Alexandria.

The writings there were probably written in Greek, Roman, Latin, Hieroglyphics, Hebrew, and a lot more most likely. Cleopatra was very romantic. Cleopatra was married to two people, Ptolemy XIII and Mark Antony. Cleopatra had affairs with two people, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Cleopatra had four children, Caesarion ( with Caesar), Cleopatra Selene, Alexander Helois, and Ptolemy Philadelphos ( all three of them she had with Antony). Cleopatra and Alexander were twins. Cleopatras best friend could have been Apollodorus from Sicily who carried her in a carpet to meet Caesar.

Her best friend could have been either Iras or Charmion. Both of them were her favorite maids who ever so faithfully died with her. Cleopatra and Antony loved each other. He was Cleopatras lover than husband. Antony was known as Osiris and Cleopatra was known as the New Isis. Antony went to Cleopatra for supplies and food. Cleopatra went to Antony for military support. Antony thought of Cleopatra as more than a mistress. Cleopatra had Antonys twins, Cleopatra Selene and Alexander Helois. She also ha! d Ptolemy Philadelphos for him. In 30 B. C. , the Egyptian army led by Antony lost to the Roman army.

Antony then died in Cleopatras arms. Mourning by his grave, the lonely Cleopatra committed suicide. But before meeting Antony, Cleopatra met Caesar and liked him a lot, but Caesar only liked Cleopatras riches and gold. Cleopatra did have Caesarion with him, but Caesar still didnt want to marry her. But Cleopatra thought he actually did like her. He did not. So, when Caesar was murdered, Cleopatra was superbly sad. Their dream was to rule the world together. But Caesar never really loved her so if they ever would have gotten the world, Caesar would not have given her a fair share.

Cleopatra had wanted to get on Caesars good side so, she killed Pompey because Caesar was against him. She chopped his head off. But the saddest love story isnt about her and Caesar. Its about her and her brother. Now that is sad! Cleopatra married her younger brother, Ptolemy XIII, because it is a tradition that she either marry her son or brother, but Cleopatra didnt have a son yet so she had to marry her brother. One trait of Cleopatras romantic ways was that she was a use! r. She could walk over anyone and still get a good nights sleep.

She was very flirtatious. She would do anything to get her way. Cleopatra died when she was very young. She was 39 years old. She died on August 12 in 30 B. C. She died in Antonys tomb. They died in the same year. She committed suicide so she did not have to go through the embarrassment of walking through the streets of Rome in chains, being laughed at and humiliated. Rumor has it that Cleopatra asked a servant to put a poisonous snake (an asp or Egyptian obra) in a basket of ripe figs, the asp because it is painless and it is a sign for royalty.

It bit her and ran away. People could not find tracks of the snake in Antonys tomb but found them on a beach near by. Along with Cleopatra were her servants Charmion and Iras who also died with her, cause unknown. a Cleopatra VII Cleopatra was the last queen of Egypt. She was born in 69 BC and died in 30 BC by committing suicide. She had two husbands, Ptolemy XIII and Mark Antony. She also had an affair with Caesar. In spite of all her love affairs and the wars during her reign, some people still think Cleopatra was the best queen of Egypt.

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