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Cindy Jackson Self Concept Summary Essay

What does your critical analysis of the website reveal to you about Cindy Jackson’s sense of her social self, her self-concept, her self-esteem and her self-presentation? Based on what I have seen from the website, I am under the impression that Cindy Jackson had a very low self-esteem as she was growing up. It appears that she felt unattractive and when was at the age of six, dreamt of being like a Barbie doll and attaining Barbie’s figure and attractiveness. At some point in her childhood, a young boy approached her and criticized her smile and this has resulted in a negative effect on her self-concept as well as her self-esteem.

Self-concept refers to a set of perceptions and beliefs about one’s self. It is also refers to as identity and plays a key role in determining individual’s behavior. The formation of self-concept or identity is the most fundamental aspect of a child’s psychological development. Cindy Jackson can be presumed as having issues with her identity as a child. She did not like her physical appearance and could not give favorable descriptions of herself using observable characteristics. I believe that her relationship with other people was negatively affected as well.

She wanted to be recognized by the society so that she could attain selfcontentment and satisfaction. As she grew older, her selfconcept changed as well and she was willing to do all she could to make herself attractive. She definitely wanted to look better and believed that by transforming herself that she could perfectly fit into the society. Cindy Jackson had undergone so many plastic surgeries to attain what she perceived to be a perfect image. The numerous plastic surgeries have had a positive effect on her social self and her self-presentation.

How does the physical attractiveness stereotype of interpersonal attraction factor into your findings about Cindy Jackson ? I have the perception or the assumption that individuals who are physically attractive would also possess personality traits that are socially desirable. Research shows that people have a tendency to think that people who are generally more attractive are also outgoing, happier, kinder, and successful and possesses several other positive personality traits. This stereotype appears to be true at times.

Research studies have established positive correlation between attractiveness and traits such as social skills, self-confidence and personal income. A probable explanation is the view that people who are attractive are more valuable in the society and hence given preferential treatment (Myers, 2010). When Cindy Jackson was interviewed on how her life has changed following the multiple plastic surgeries, her response was that she now gets more male attention. Men find her to be physically attractive and desirable. Prior to the surgeries, she was not popular.

This means that her physical attractiveness after the surgeries contributed to her current popularity. This is a clear illustration of the physical attractiveness stereotype. The society tends to favor people who are physically attractive and such people are often associated with fame, success and general happiness. These are the character traits Cindy Jackson achieved after the multiple surgeries. With these traits, she now considers her life to be more valuable compared to the way it was during her childhood and teenage years.

At her current age of 56, she says that she feels young, beautiful and happy just like a teenager. How does the mass media influence Cindy Jackson’s lifeworld? I think the mass media’s influence is reflected in Barbie which is the biggest selling toy in history which was first released in 1959. All that children see from growing up ranging from media is the doll which is super-thin ideal figure that is unhealthy. Such media platforms often inspire girls to chase after the set ideals even to detriment of their mental, physical and psychological health.

The influence of this Barbie doll and media appeared to influence Cindy. Her 52 plastic surgeries have the sole objective of her looking like Barbie. As a matter of fact, when she was 6 years old, she looked at a Barbie doll and decided that how she wanted to look like. The Barbie doll figure is the ideal body type depicted in most advertisements is what the society would perceive as beautiful and attractive. What do you perceive that the theme of “manufacturing beauty” means? The theme manufacturing beauty means that beauty can be achieve even if you are not born with it.

It can be done with the use of tools and machine. A general definition given to manufacturing is the process of using tools, machine and manpower to produce goods. The same can be applied to cosmetic products, which are manufactured by beauty industries. People buy these products with the sole objective of attaining a certain degree of beauty dictated by the society. Some, like Cindy would go to extreme of spending tons of money to achieve and enhanced the way they look. This gives the notion that beautiful people are made rather than born, thus implies that beauty can be manufactured.

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