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Caesar Augustus the nephew of Julius Caesar

Caesar Augustus the nephew of Julius Caesar became the sole emperor of Rome, after Juliuss assassination and now he is going to take over Rome but the only problem is that Romes power was divided between three people Julius Caesar and Marc Antony and Lepidus. Now Octavian has a real difficult task ahead of him he now has turn Rome back to the way it was with out offending anyone. The government of Rome stands as t is with out political say so. Octavian is going to turn Rome back into a political form of government in which was a tradition in Rome where the senate held the power in Rome.

The Romans claimed that the gods gave ther form of government to them. Then the authority was passed on to the senate and they would make decisions based on the gods. Ocatavian is now going to redirect the Roman government. Augustus worked with senate to try and regain Romes government. Octavian new he has not go to earn the respect of the senate and s he shows that he can be in control and not take advantage of the power that is given to him. He was favored in the eyes of the senate and they appointed him commander-in-chief of the army, and gave him control of the many outlaying provinces.

What theses providences did was that furnished grain supplies to the people of Rome as well as all the soldiers and the senate Saw, all of what was going on and they are liking Octavian more and more. Then the senate decides to to give him the Title of Priceps The Romans thought the after Rome had been taken over by a new form of government that the gods have left, and now that Otavian has taken over the gods have returned meaning that the gods approve of Octavian being Romes ruler.

Octavian helps rebuild most of Rome by starting to rebuild the roads and the routes of transportation as well. He used propaganda as a way of helping Rome get back to where it needs to be by making Rome strong and independent. Where they can take over people or places that they wanted to control and Octavian changed the cultural and the religion of Rome and as he was doing this the people did not mind but they thought that it was for the better of Rome.

He changed their beliefs and their religion and they all trusted him b/c they knew that the gods where on Octavians side and thats how he won those battles Octavian was a more successful leader than Caesar Augustus because the power was given him to rebuild Romes government and he did just that. In religious areas, Augustus did built temples to gain the favor of the people of Rome. In 12 B. C. , He named himself “pontifix maximus”, or supreme priest of Rome. By building the temples and naming himself high priest Augustus laid the foundations of the growth of the ruler cult that defied the later rulers of Rome and himself.

Which was closely linked with the patriotic loyalty of Rome. Augustus was one of the most talented and energetic and skill full administrators that the world has ever known. The work of reorganization and rehabilitation, which he undertook in every branch of his vast empire. He created a new roman peace, also won genuine popular support by hosting games, erecting new buildings, and by other measures to the general good. He understood that his personal standing and security would be strengthened by governing in the public interest, Augustus was no great military leader, but had the good sense to recognize the fact.

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