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Bob Hope Biography

For the past 80 years, Bob hope has been entertaining everyone, from people in the war to even the President. When Bob Hope is not entertaining his fans he is usually off at the golf court for either fun or for charities. With Bobs help he has been able to raise millions of dollars for charities in the desert area. Among Bobs acheivments is setting a world record for having “The longest running contract with a signal network lasting 61 years”. One of Bob Hopes many contributions to America was to go around the world to entertain the ervice men and women that off in other countries stationed in other countries.

During World War II in 1943, he and a small USO troupe would visit our military bases in England, Africa, Sicily, and Ireland. After WWII when the world was at peace, he still went around and visited military bases and hospitals. (B Hope Book 5) While his career started he changed his named from Leslie Townes Hope, for professional reasons, to Bob Hope. The beginning of Bobs career began after highschool when he took lessons from entertainer Rastus Brown and Johnny Root.

Later he was able to team up with George Byrne and formed the name “two diamonds in the rough”, they created an act and soon were playing at different houses in New York including Keith’s Flushing. (Bob Hope Pixel 11) Bob was first seen in the Broadway production “Ballyhoo” and “Roberta”. His personal life was changed forever when one of his co-performers introduced him to a young singer named Dolores Reade. After a brief time they were married in February of 1934. Today they have four children: Linda, Anthony, Nora, and Kelly, and also four grandchildren.

Bob Hope was first herd on the radio but when herd on it was able to make it in Hollywood. In 1950 Bob Hope made his first formal debut on NBC on Easter Sunday, but his first television appearance was in 1947 on CBS. After he was a guest on the Ed Sullivan show in 1949. Though he has not won any Oscars at the Academy of Motion Pictures has honored him five times, two honorary Oscars, two special awards and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. (Bob Hope NBC 4)(Hope Enterprise 2)

For more than half a century Bob Hope has been entertaining the presidents of the United States, tarting with President Roosevelt. Since then he has been invited to the White House for the last 11 presidents. The last appearance Bob made was the Bob Hope “Laughing With The Presidents. This was the 283 special Bob has had on NBC he was shown through his career with all of the famous Stars and Presidents he has met and entertained through his life. The presidents that have been honored by include, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush and Clinton.

President Kennedy presented Hope with the award of “America’s most prized ambassador of goodwill throughout the orld” Other specials that Hope has done on NBC include “Memories of World War II and “This is Bob on the Air”. (Bob Hope Laughing with The presidents 9) Bob has been giving his support to America for the past seven decades. Among which he has lifted the spirits of the troops at was and the WWI, WWII, and Vietnam war Veterans. Today Bob Hope is 94 years old and retired. Now he spends his free time playing golf every day he is able too and raising money for charities. Bob has a school named after him called the “Bob Hope Primary School” and a yearly golf tournament called “The bob Hope Classic”(Bob Hope Kennedy 4)

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