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Bad Memories Research Paper

I believe that memories are not important and you want to know why? To me, there is a lot more bad memories, than there is good. For example, there is death and betrayal, heartbreak, war, rape, racism, sexism, homophobia, sacrifice, mugging, robbing and that is not even a quarter of them. There is more than anyone can comprehend. If these things could be stopped then it would have already happened a long time ago, such as war. If war could have been stopped, if death could be stopped, if crime, grief, and pain could be stopped it would have happened by now.

Yet there is still pain and suffering around the world and memories of the fallen and the sacrifices that were made to keep people safe haunts people that their loved ones have died, or have been raped or mauled. There are memories of first nations being slaughtered for their land because of the Europeans. We are responsible for a lot more deaths of plants and animals then what we know and most of us don’t even have the memory of some of these animals or the memories of people who have been killed.

Those who do have these memories are in pain, that their loved ones died and left them. There are memories of the holocaust, of World War I and World War II, there is a lot of death and pain that comes with those memories. Then there is the American revolution there was a lot of death on both sides and most people fighting had no choice in the matter if they wanted to fight or not. There was people taken away from their families and never returned and their families were devastated. There are more memories of starvation and drought that brought more pain and more death.

Betrayal is very common when it comes to government or friendship or alliances eventually it will end nothing lasts orever. Some people may have ‘good’ memories but some of those same memories are bad memories for others. I believe that memories are not something to be proud of, not something to cherish, not something to hold so close to your heart that you can never forget it. For there are consequences for keeping some memories such as remembering someone you loved that died, you will cling onto them and never let go which is not healthy for you.

Memories of being abused or bullied are not things people want to keep with them in their heads, for some people that have those memories could not let o of them and they could no longer take and they killed themselves. Even good memories could hurt you in the future because you could miss those moments and want them back even you know that it is not possible to do so. There are people that are in pain because of memories of people dying or just being taken away or just them getting hurt physically or mentally.

Torture is another memory that most people do not recover from, mental torture is almost unbearable because it burns the memory into your mind, most people are so scared they go mad. Physical torture burns the memory of all the pain nd suffering that comes with torture, rarely do they leave alive. With all these bad memories some people can’t even live their own lives after they experienced a loss of someone or if you were beaten or bullied. Then there are the people that have a short-term memory, they can not remember anything from the other day.

Such as the movie 50 First Dates, the movie is about Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) and Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) Lucy has short-term memory loss because of a car accident and each and every day her dad, her brother, and everyone at the diner knows about her memory problem. They never tell her that months has passed but they told her that it was Saturday every day. Her dad bought hundreds of copies of the same newspaper and she did the same thing every day until she ran into a new guy in town a guy named Henry Roth.

Henry ran into her by accident in the diner and every day after he found out he tried to flirt with her hang with her and tried to help her. So memory is a huge problem for if you loved someone that you had to get them to love you, again and again, every day would be tiring. If all the problems in the world were gone what would happen? If the memories of death and pain and war were gone what would happen? There would be peace. Just as simple as that there would be peace if society had no more robberies no more scams nothing that could possibly hurt anyone if guns had no use for us if tanks had no use for us?

There could be peace. If there were no wars there would be no use of bombs or any weapon of any sort! If this was to happen, well the there would be harmony and we could have a better chance to save the world from pollution, of poaching, of extinction. Extinction, a thing we could have prevented, we were the number one eason that animals and plants went extinct such as buffalo, mammoths, Bananas are not yet extinct but they are not doing good because of the high demand and pollution.

If no one remembers war then no one would be able to hurt anyone anymore, no one could be heartbroken if they didn’t know about love or heartbreak. If no one knew about races, gay or lesbian people then there could not be racists or homophobes. Then there could not be conflict, if there was no feminism then everyone would be happy, if everyone had the same power and the same rights then there would be no jealousy or hatred. There would be no high egos because of their high power or high paying jobs, there would be no bullies or victims.

It would be peaceful. There would be no more terrorists, there would be no need for police or armies. Such as the movie and the book The Giver; there is no color or smells, nor are there choices of what they wear or if they go to school. People do not get sick in The Giver, there are no feelings either. For all these things can end up harming the community, but Jonas in the book and the movie The Giver stops taking his daily pill/injection and ends up feeling emotions hat he had never felt.

Jonas had memories that he did not want such as death and he had no choice but to have them, The Receiver Rosemary that was before Jonas was given a memory of loss. A memory of a mother losing her daughter, after receiving the memory she asked the community of elders if she could be released because she could not stand the suffering. way to show that memories can end up breaking you or Another making you stronger. In conclusion, I do not believe that memories are important because of all the pain and suffering that comes with all of hem.

Even if the memory was good at first, then if you move on or you are not friends anymore and you made memories with them then you will feel sorrow and you will miss them. There are too many bad memories of dictators and of terrorists, death, and war. If some people could get rid of all memories then they most likely would. History also does not help with the memories of pain. If people didn’t have to remember heartbreak or death wouldn’t they? I sure would! Why would you live with the pain if you didn’t have to? If you could only live without memories.

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