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Aristotle – a Greek philosopher, scientist, and educator

Aristotle is a Greek philosopher, scientist, and educator how lived from 384 to 322 B. C.. He was considered to be one of the greatest and most influential philosophers in Western culture. He was born in northern Greece on the Macedonia coast in a small town called Stagira. Aristotle came from an upper middle class were his father, Nichomachus, was a court physician to King Amanitas II of Macedonia. This is where Aristotle became associated with the Macedonian court, which influenced him greatly. When Aristotle was still a boy both his parents died. He was then raised by his legal guardian Proxenous, till he as seventeen.

At that age Aristotle left to Athens , the intellectual city of Greece. At the age eighteen he entered Platos Academy. Aristotle was recognized by Plato as being the brightest and most learned student out of anyone he ever taught. There for Plato called him Intelligence of the school and the Reader. He studied at the academy for twenty years until Platos death. After Platos death, Aristotle left the academy and joined some of Platos followers. He lived with Hermeias, who became ruler of two towns, Atarneus and Assos in Mysia. Aristotle stayed with him for about three years.

While there he married, Pythias, the adopted daughter of Hermeias. At the invitation of Philip the second, king of Macedonia he became the tutor of Alexander. He studied under Aristotle for about six years, till Alexanders dad died and Alexander took over as ruler of Macedonia. Alexander is now know as Alexander the Great since he conquered all of Greece and overthrew the Persian In 334 B. C. Aristotle went back to Athens and started a school called Lyceum. At his school Aristotle was called Peripatetic, which means walking around because Aristotle walked with his students while teaching.

When Alexander the Great died in 323 B. C. Aristotle was in trouble with the Athenians because he taught Alexander the Great the one who conquered the Athenians. He was charged with impiety. He went to Chalcis, where he died a year As far as books that Aristotle wrote. He wrote the first book on Psychology and he also wrote memorandas, popular writings, and treatises. Treatises is the biggest item out of them all. They are Aristotles lecture notes and books that were found at his school. They were for his students and his students only. Aristotle philosophy can be best described in five different parts.

Metaphysics, Philosophy of nature, Ethics, Logic, and Politics. Metaphysics is the basic principle of reality and knowledge. Aristotle called it the study of God. Philosophy of nature is the study of how things change over time. He taught his students that they needed to know what the difference is between form and mater to understand change. Aristotle described ethics as being ethically and morally correct. He believed the humans goal was to be happy. If then couldnt have ethics and morals they wouldnt be happy. Aristotle was the first person to ever investigate and analyze logic.

Aristotle taught that something can be true if other facts around it are true. Aristotle put politics into two ways: The state is a community and second, it is the highest of all communities. To put it together in a sentence. The community should be run by the people, and they all make laws and so on, but it should not be ruled by a king. Aristotle is connected to Plato in a big way. First off, Plato was Aristotles teacher. Aristotle learned almost everything from Plato. Therefore Plato and Aristotle have the same views on there theories. Edmond Burk, a English Patriot, is like Aristotle in some way.

They both believe in a people ruled society. Adam Smith was very Aristotle like. He was power for the people, and he wrote the Wealth of Nations. Smith was a capitalist and was big on economics. James Madison was for strong national government. He wrote the Federalist papers and was for democracy which is all against Aristotle. George Washington was also a federalist, General, and didnt like to shake hands with anyone below a president, so he bowed. He was the first leader of this country and Aristotle was against one That concludes my biography on Aristotle, what his theories were, and his.

Aristotle, in my opinion was a great, great philosopher. He had a love for knowledge. He had a love for teaching. The reason why I say that, is because he loved to wake around with his students and teach. He seemed to write and write about things he learned and discovered. He made the most of his opportunities, like going to study under Plato, tutoring King Philips son. Who became one of the great conquerors ever. He was very bright with so much knowledge in his mind he wanted to let out. Even though he lived in the B. C. period, his theories have been passed down to the present and we dont really even know it.

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