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” The countries borders are getting smaller the world is getting smaller.” Wow, is
the world really getting smaller?, you ask. No, the world is not getting smaller but it is
becoming so easy these days to communicate, all we have to do is pick up the phone or
tap a mouse on the internet. Transportation and communication are bringing countries
together. That also includes the United Nations and some global conflicts. But in the
world today technology is becoming so advanced yet simple to use. Also world wide
sports is growing. So now you can see how it seems that we are so far apart yet we are
starting to come together as a whole.

Transportation these days is becoming so high-tech. Even the average person can
get on an airplane and fly to almost anywhere. Or buy a car and have the ability to afford it
and maintain it for a long period of time. Scientist have also developed space shuttles that
people travel in all the way to the moon. It is kind of weird thinking about how mankind
taught themselves how to build and fly airplanes and space shuttles and how they
produced many cars that the average person can afford. Advanced transportation also has
its disadvantages. Millions of people die in car crashes every year, but believe it or not
there are less in airplanes. Traveling by airplane is the safest way to travel. But if
something goes wrong in an airplane it usually turns out pretty bad. Then again where
would airplanes be if they didn’t have communication.

They wouldn’t even be able to fly.
Luckily we have the technology to be able to talk from the airplane to the control tower
from hundreds of miles apart. Like when they send a space shuttle into space they always
say, ” Houston come in .”  That means that they are talking all the way from space to
Houston, Texas. We also have that kind of technology from our own homes. We can pick
up the phone and call almost anyone in the world. Or get on the internet and chat with
many different people. Also from the internet you can send letters or even shop, all
on-line. Today our whole society is based on communication. Without communication
factories couldn’t talk with other factories or an ambulance couldn’t call a helicopter for
life support.

The United Nations, the peace keeping group of the world. The United Nations helps
bring our world closer together. They make policy by committee and they have a
representative from each country. Without the United Nations it would almost be an
anarchy world. Not only does the United Nations discuss peace keeping but also business.
For example, the United States doesn’t produce everything needed to survive in our own
country. So we rely on other countries to give us what resources we need. Such as rice
from Japan, oil from Saudi Arabia, rubber from the rain forest of South America and most
natural elements from the southern part of Africa like gold, silver, platinum, diamonds,
uranium, coal and natural gases.

Sometimes disagreements between the United Nations
can bring on global conflicts which can cause a war. When Kosovo decided to break away
from Yugoslavia the government would not allow it and that led to a civil war. The United
States went into Kosovo as the United Nations to help break up the war. Luckily the
United Nations broke up the war quickly so that no high powered missiles would be
launched. With the technology these days one missile could destroy half of the United

Technology is one of the worlds biggest improvements. It allows us to put satellites
in space so that we can get signals from other satellites. But technology has managed to
make an affordable computer with the internet that the average person can afford.
Technology has also put people out of jobs because scientist have developed and
programmed robots to do the same thing and for alot cheaper. Scientist have also
developed the internet, where you can research almost anything that has ever existed. You
can even buy clothes or equipment from certain sites on the internet. Technology has also
enabled France and England to build a tunnel under water for travelers and the public to
travel from country to country.

The tunnel could also be used to enable sports teams to
travel back and forth. Global sports are becoming more and more popular. Even in the
North Pole they have a human polar bear swim where crazy people dig a pit in the middle
of the snow and they jump in and swim. In Australia, they have invented the game rugby.
Two teams gather and go head to head contact without any pads. The Olympics still
attract the most attention, bringing people from all over the world to see the best athletes
represent their country.

In the world today there are so many different ideas, cultures, and beliefs that we have
to honor. That’s why there are so many riots and deaths every year. As the world keeps
advancing in communication, transportation, technology and global sports the world is
starting to come together as a whole. We have realized that we can go so much farther
when we work together with other countries throughout the world. So you see that if the
world comes together then everybody will live a happier life.

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