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Anabolic Steroids Essay

In the world of sports it’s not rare to see athletes give their all for the love of the game. From sunrise to sundown they practice everyday to perfect their game. Then there are those who take an alternative route, call it cheating. These athletes are taking performance enhancers such as creatine, androstenedione and worst of all, anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are chemicals that act like hormones (substances in your body that regulate bodily functions). Anabolic steroids are the ones that are abused to build muscle mass or to make your workout longer, or make incredible strength gains.

They are chemicals of artificial testosterone and ones that create testosterone, which is a male hormone for responsible for gains in performance. With higher testosterone from Anabolic steroids you can have a more better looking physique, increase in strength and longer endurance in sports, but with that comes risks that can be irreversible and regrettable. Why take steroids if you already know that it is not good for you? Most of the steroid users are injecting for better performance and strength for their sports, but other users are simply juicing to build more muscle mass or to look better, physically.

Some take steroids for emotional purposes also. By having a better looking body they feel better about themselves and compliments help also, but what they forget is that its only a temporary gain unless abused all the time. What people don’t think about is that with their bodies they are actually ruining themselves inside and out. You could have severe acne, genital shrinkage, water retention, yellowing eyes and skin, increase in balding, and most feared of all, Gyno better known as Bitch tits. Its not only your appearance that could be at risk but you can also get other health problems.

There are coronary artery diseases, ligament injuries, high blood pressure, changes in your cholesterol level, sterility, and liver disease. For males you can get breast development, kidney disease, headaches, muscle cramps, abdominal pains, and bone pains. For females you could get male patterned baldness, smaller breasts, deeper voices, hairy bodies and menstrual irregularities. What I don’t understand is why women take steroids to look better. Would you be attracted to a woman who is just like one of the guys? And girls, would you want someone who has yellow skin with acne all over his face?

I know I wouldn’t. Physical problems are just the first step, steroids also give you psychological problems. This would be known as ‘roid rage. When the user gets very angry and they could possibly swing punches aggressively at anyone within striking distance without clear head. The other mental problem is addiction. Even though the user has an already built body he or she thinks that steroids are still necessary to use so they can perform better or look better than where they are. Some users also experience depression during parts of the cycles when taking the drug.

Anabolic steroids are also highly illegal; steroids are being brought into the U. S. all the time through smuggling. The most popular area for smuggled steroids origins are Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Getting caught with steroids can either lead you to several months in jail or an extremely high fine for possession. Another risk from steroids is its authenticity. You can spend up to 1000 dollars on an Anabolic steroid that turns out to be completely fake and can never get a refund or return it. Can steroids create an incredible gains in strength and physique?

Yes, but at what life risking threat is worth it; liver failure, kidney failure, increased blood pressure? Besides life threatening causes, the side effects is something also to worry about; balding, testicle shrinkage, bitch tits for men and for women deepening of the voice, facial hair, and rough skin. Steroids are also not cheap and the effects of them usually aren’t permanent. In the end I believe steroids should not be used for physicality increases but used for purposes that can help an individual with a certain handicapped that can only be helped with the use of steroids.

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