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An imaginative response to the song Ironic by Alanis Morisette

John woke up around eight in the morning, he looked out of his window as he lay there in his hospital bed. He had got used to the pain, the digging in his side, it was as if he was repeatedly being hit with a baseball bat. He would lye there staring out of the same window, looking at the same buildings, thinking the same things. His grand daughter and her son would visit him every Saturday. He enjoyed their company, apart from them the only people he had to talk to were the nurses that would come to see how he was and bring him his food.

Today was Saturday, John was 98 today, all the doctors and nurses had been saying how good he looked for his age. He had been waiting all day for his grand daughter and her son to arrive. Sure enough they did, His grand daughter brought him some flowers and his grandson, James who was six years old, bought him a box of chocolates. They both wished him Happy Birthday and sat down next to him. John thanked them both for the presents as he put them on the table next to his bed.

They talked about how James was getting on at school and how Johns grand daughter was doing at work. John remembered that he needed to get his lottery ticket, he asked his daughter to get it for him. They joked about it being a waste of money and even if they tried they would not be able to spend that much money. She left James talking to John as she went off to buy the ticket. John told James about the time he used to be a pilot in the RAF James was fascinated by these stories, He wanted to be a pilot too someday.

A short while later, Johns grand daughter arrived with his lottery ticket. She told him that she had recived a call on her mobile phone and she was needed at work. They told him that they would see him soon and they were sorry that they had to go so soon. So they both left, it was times like this when john felt lonely. It was as if he was in prison, he could not go anywhere or do anything. Hours passed as John watched the daytime T. V. in the ward.

He could never hear what was being said because of the noise from the kitchen and the other people in the ward talking. It was a quarter to eight and the national lottery had just started. Dale Winton was presenting the show, he introduced the various guests and then Mystic Meg made her predictions. John waited for the draw machine to start to move, He clenched onto his ticket and the numbers came out, one by one he crossed them of his ticket. He realised that he had all the numbers and had won the lottery.

He lay there thinking about all the extravagant things he would do with the money. He decided that he would be sensible and not splash out on expensive items, well not yet anyway. He put the ticket in his draw underneath his book. He would tell his daughter tomorrow. John fell asleep dreaming about his riches. When the morning came, the nurse came to Johns bed. She looked at him that she contacted the main office. They then phoned his daughter to tell her the bad news. John had died in his sleep.

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