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“Why don’t I just get an abortion? ” Maria asked her husband. “You absolutely won’t, I won’t let you kill my child. We’ll work this out; we’ll make the payments to the hospital little by little,” replied Daniel in disbelief. Maria was contemplating getting an abortion because she and Daniel had virtually no money. Daniel felt they could work through It. Abortion Is the worst route to take when It comes down to a choice. Abortion Is a provoked termination, or annihilation. Of a pregnancy and the removal of an embryo or fetus.

Not only is it a termination of an embryo but it is also harmful o the woman, one harmful aspect is that it increases the chance of breast cancer; and most of all abortion is the killing of a child, whether born or not, and therefore should be illegal. The law should not determine what Is right and what Is wrong. Just because abortion Is legal, doesn’t mean It’s right. As P. Ramsey stated, “Not everything that is legal Is right… And nothing that is right is right because it is legal” (Day 55). Abortion should also not be considered right because it has been determined legal.

Dean Stein, the father of four, and a pro-life advocate explained his beliefs on abortion (Day 79). He states, “My father was born and raised in Romania, and when Hitler came in in the Holocaust, there were Christians who risked their lives to smuggle him [my father] and his family out of Romania when It was legal to kill him Just because he was a Jew,” he goes on, “… in the same way the Jews were killed just for being Jews, now babies are killed just for being babies” (Day 79). Just because abortion is “painless” to the baby, doesn’t mean it’s right.

In the united States, we don’t allow people to kill innocent human beings, even if the death or killing is painless or not known by the cacti (Day 80). Abortion should not be considered anything less than murder. Murder stops a beating heart. Abortion stops a beating heart and stops one 4000 times a day (Day 82). Religion ties Into all of this because people arrested for protesting believe that they are obeying a higher law, the law of God. Not that of man (Day 77). However, becoming pregnant is not the end for those who think there Is no hope.

There are crawls centers or large organizations to go to for help and support (“Serving CAP Organizations”). Adoption Is yet another alternative rather than abortion. There re between one and two million couples that still want to adopt a child and are unable to (Day 105). “Abortion does not solve any problems, though it may temporarily relieve them. A poor woman does not cease to be poor because she aborts her child. A professional woman will not achieve equality of treatment by becoming unapparent” (“Pro Woman, Pro Life”).

The health of this woman would certainly not be Improved either. Are created. There is a drug out there called RIG 486, which “has injured and even killed women” (Roller 149). Why don’t the makers of this pill think of the health of the Oman before they create an abortion promoter? They don’t really care about the choice of a woman, but the money they make. Women who take the drug often have these side-affects: severe pain, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, excessive thirst, and heavy bleeding (Roller 151).

The promoters of RIG 486 only go as far as to admit the common side-affects, but say that the bleeding, pain, and nausea are similar to a heavy period (Roller 151). Not only does this drug play a factor in the health of a woman, but abortion itself. During the first trimester of a pregnancy, certain hormones of a Oman are produced to maintain the pregnancy and other needs (Roller 158). An abortion causes an overdose of hormones due to the fact that they would not be counter-balanced by other hormones late in the pregnancy which increases the risk of breast cancer (Roller 159).

From 1977 to 1987 there were 124 deaths caused by legal abortions; however, the government stopped collecting these statistics due to the lack of accurate reporting of deaths from legal abortions (“Maternal Deaths”). No matter what the argument, life begins from the time of conception, and the conceited person could not be considered as anything else but a human being. The one eliminated by the murder is a human being at the very beginning of life (Roller 18). One metaphor that is often used for security “as safe as a child in its mother’s womb,” is widely accepted and sadly, no longer true (Roller 19).

Why, in this metaphor, is a “fetus” considered a child when so many people believe that this same “fetus” is not a child, and yet still endorsed? At conception, a life is begun which is neither that of the father or the mother, but a new living human being, and it would not be morally or ethically right to take that life away (Roller 20). Furthermore, there isn’t a choice allowed for committing murder, and there shouldn’t be for abortion as well. There aren’t any excuses for murder, whether a person had a motive or a reason, that person is still convicted of it.

Motive or reason should also not be allowed for abortion, whether it be rape or incest, or for the safety of a mother, which is not made safe through abortion either. The financial situation of a single or parent should also not be a reason or “Justification” for abortion. There are clinics available as well as financial aids, and there are many adoption agencies around. One of God’s ten commandment’s is “You shall not kill,” which extends to even the cell in the womb of a mother (Roller 21).

The safety of the mother should not be valid at all because then every mother who wants an abortion could try to argue that the pregnancy is a threat to her health (Roller 20). The mother, as a result, should not be allowed that type of right Just to destroy a young child. Neither the Bill of Rights nor the Constitution gives a person the right to an abortion. There is a right to marriage but there is no “right to an abortion if you have sex fore marriage” or “right to an abortion if you can’t afford the baby” (Roller 67).

Murder, however, is outlawed, and abortion was easily proven as murder earlier. And bill of rights give you rights and freedom of choice doesn’t mean it says you can murder, rape, steal, mob, etc. Any other human being. Daniel and Maria kept their child; they worked through the payments and through the hardship and raised their child. I’d feel much better if I knew there were laws to protect from abortion because Daniel and Maria are my parents. If someone killed me now it would be considered murder, so why wouldn’t it be considered murder room the very time of my conception?

The facts will always be the same no matter how men and women may try to change it. If someone felt they had a “Justified” reason to commit murder and committed it, they’d still be convicted and sentenced. Abortion is murder, however you want to view abortion, whether as needed or not, justified or unjustified.

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