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There are many people that do not believe in abortion and stand against it, and I am one of those people. Abortion is an unethical practice of terminating an unborn fetus and should be outlawed. There are several reasons as to why abortion should be outlawed, not only is it unethical and unmoral, but it is illegal to end human life. Another reason is that abortion is unsafe for several reasons. Adoption should be an option opposed to abortion. Abortion is the deliberate removal of a fetus from the womb of a human female, t the request of or through the agency of the mother, so as to result in the death of the fetus (Warren, death of fetus due to abortion cannot be Justified by the simple claim that it was the mother chose not to fulfill the pregnancy. According to a physician, abortion is murder. Through every abortion human life is taken. Physicians refer to unborn babies as “fetus”, “embryo’, or “zygote “in attempt to Justify the murder of human life.

A human is announced dead when the heart beat ceases: therefore a human should be announced living when the heart begins to beat (“A Physician Tells Why Abortion Is Murder,” n. D. ). Doctor Grant Clark is a former abortion Doctor and speaks about a horrific abortion case that he had. “The skin was burned, it was hard to look at, and hard to realize that I killed a near term baby… And the baby was born alive and lived for an hour’ (S. Terror, 2013). This baby was born and suffered a short life of pain. Abortion is brutal and extremely violent (S. Terror, 2013).

An estimation of about 19 million unsafe abortions occurs every year. That is 19 million women around the world who risk degradation, disease and death. 10,000 of hose 19 million women suffer fatality due to unsafe practices of abortion. When talking about unsafe abortion it’s not always referring to illegal practices. Many variables could result into an unsafe abortion. For example, in the article “Unsafe Abortion: the silent scourge” we educated that though the practice is legal, the abortion process may be unsafe due to the lack of skill in clinicians, facilities that fall to meet medical standards, or both (D.

Grimes,1999). Unsafe abortions are one ported and are classified of the 5 leading causes of maternal birth, The lack of dedication room the medical team can also lead to an unsafe abortion. If the staff is unsure of required treatment or aren’t emotional supportive it can put the women’s health at risk. Unsafe abortions often aren’t reported and are classified and concealed as miscarriages (D. Grimes,1999). “Approximately 10 % of women undergoing induced abortion suffer from immediate complication”(EL 1999).

Though, majority cases can take up to years before the complications develop. Some of the maternal deaths that occur with the wear of abortion are caused by hemorrhage, infection, and undiagnosed octopi pregnancies. Statistics show that the risk of death increases with each abortion. Lifelong consequences include; infertility, chronic pain, and genital trauma (D. Grimes,1999). The risk of having cervical cancer is raised 2. 3 times higher for women who have had an abortion than a woman with no history of abortion.

Risks are also elevated with ovarian and liver cancer. Abortion can cause damage to the cervical and uterine. This can complicate later pregnancies because the placenta may develop abnormally. This is the leading cause of handicapped newborns. Morally, people believe that murder is one of the worst crimes that could be omitted. We believe that killing is wrong because it strips a person of any potential future. It is believed that somewhere between 5-6 months of development the fetus can begin to experience pain. If killing fetus is permissible because they are not full-fledged members of the moral community then, by the same standards, killing newborns would be permissible as well” (M. Warren, 1973). When a baby is born a six- month “premature” it is no closer to being a human than a fetus at 6 months that was not born premature. When a woman becomes unexpectedly pregnant and is not fit to raise a child she s faced with two options; abortion or adoption. Before settling on a decision you must research and know the facts about both.

Adoption is a better and moral option when you’re unable to keep or raise the fetus developing inside of you. ““Adoption involves the process of placing a baby with someone to raise it as their own” (M. Brenna, 2013). In America alone, about 6 million people are adopted. Adoption is a positive option when women face unexpected pregnancies. Morally, adoption is the better decision rather than abortion (M. Brenna, 2013). Conclusion Though there is an endless list as to why abortion is a major issue with society today. I chose 3 reasons to support my beliefs that abortion is something that should be outlawed.

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