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A Research Paper On Eminem

“I wish I had a camera as a kid to show people what I went through. ” [“Eminem” 1] As a child, Eminem went through difficult times, and believes that people don’t understand the extent of how ruthless it was. Stemming from Detroit in 1999 Eminem rose to fame quite quickly thanks to his rap career. Despite growing up in a tough environment, Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem has become an icon in the music and film industries. Marshall Mathers was born October 17, 1972 in Saint Joseph, Mo to Debbie Mathers. [“Biography” 1]

As a child, Eminem experienced several obstacles due to his parents divorce and getting bullied to the point of having to have surgery. Eminem was born October 17, 1972 in Saint Joseph, Mo to mother Debbie Mathers. His Dad left before he became old enough to develop a bond. During his childhood they moved between Michigan and Missouri, rarely staying in a house for more than a year. During his youth, Eminem dealt with bullies almost every day of school. One occurrence of bullying he was beaten so horribly that he was in a coma for a week and it took a team of twelve doctors to restore him to health. Biography” 2]

The difficulties in Eminem’s childhood contributed to his drive to be successful. Throughout Eminem’s adolescent years he had many positive and negative influences. Eminem’s mother was one of his biggest influences, from the constant moving, to her prescription drug abuse whether or not her influence on him was beneficial or unfavorable could be agrued upon. When Eminem was a baby, his father left him and went to California to start a new life. [“Eminem Biography” 3] Ice T was one of the first rappers that Eminem heard, and instantly Eminem knew what he wanted to do.

Eesham and L. L also influenced his career as he picked up a lot of his style from them. [“Biography”] His influences helped him hone his rapping style to earn a major record deal. His career sky rocketed him from him being on welfare to a world famous millionaire seemingly overnight. Eminem’s first album infinite released in 1996 and did not receive the attention of big record labels. [“Eminem Biography” 2] Eminem’s first big “gig” was the rap olympics in California, which although he lost, gained him attention from Dr. Dre one of the most prominent rappers of the time.

With help from Dr. Dre Eminem released his first hit album “The Slim Shady LP” which went triple platinum. Eminem’s Sudden rise to fame meant a very rapid change in Eminem’s quality of life. [“Eminem” 2]His success didn’t stop there he went to acting in box office releases. His acting career especially in his autobiographical film 8 Mile is robust. Currently he has played a role in 19 different movies. In the Movie The Wash Eminem played chris a vengeful psychopath. His Major and most prominent role was in the movie 8 Mile in which he played B-Rabbit aspiring white rapper.

During the middle of his career Eminem took a break with his next film appearance being in The Interview in 2014. Eminem has appeared on Late night shows multiple times during his career most of the time doing a skit. [“Biography”] All the sudden popularity took a took on Marshall Mathers and he turned to pain killers. Throughout his early adulthood, Eminem struggled with a prescription drug addiction. Eminem revealed that at one point he was taking 60 valium and 30 vicodin a day. In 2007 Eminem overdosed on methadone reported taking the equivalent of 4 bags of heroin.

Eminem was rushed to the hospital for drug overdose. When he got to the hospital he was told without care he would have been dead in 2 hours. [“Eminem Biography” 1] After Eminem’s Best friend Proof was killed after a heated argument over a game of pool he fell into a deep depression. Eminem realizing that drugs were killing him went into rehab and began running up to 27 Km a day on the treadmill. Although he struggled with various issues related to his drug abuse, he was rehabilitated, and his career progressed in a positive manner. [“Eminem” 2]

During the middle of his career, he quit holding back emotions in his music. Eminem’s Record label Shady Records helped dozens of artist on their way to becoming artist. [“Eminem” 1] Curtain calls: The Hits was released december 6th, 2005 and many believe it to be his last album. With Eminem’s release of Relapse fans rejoiced at the fact that Eminem’s career was not over. [“Biography”] His 7th studio album Recovery was a hit album with multiple grammy nominations and wins. During the middle of his career, he had less time for his family which led to conflict.

Eminem has one biological daughter, but eventually adopted his brother, his ex-wife kim’s daughter and her sisters daughter, whitney and alaina. Hailie Mathers is Eminem’s only biological daughter whom he had with ex wife Kimberly Scott. [“Eminem Biography” 2] Whitney and Alaina are Eminem’s ex wife’s daughter and twin sister’s daughter Eminem has been involved in numerous scandals some involving his rapid rise to fame. Eminem’s ex wife Kim Scott sued Eminem for $10 million due to his song “Kim”. At the 2002 VMA’s Eminem and Moby had tensions between them due to Eminem’s dissing of him.

Eminem’s mother sued him for $10 Million for slandering her name in his songs. [Kenyatta 78] A feud broke out between Eminem and Christina Aguilera after she had a laugh about Eminem and Kim supposedly being back together. Eminem retaliated by dissing her in his track The Real Slim Shady saying “Yo Sh*t, Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs, so I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst, and hear ’em argue over who she gave head to first.

Little b*tch, put me on blast on MTV, yeah, he’s cute, but I think he’s married to Kim, hee-hee! His Scandals which gained him vast amounts of media attention and fans also helped him get Grammy nominations. [“Eminem” 2] Eminem has achieved great success; he has received a total of 15 Grammy’s with 43 Nominations. In the year 2000 Eminem received 3 nominations and won 2 of them. From 2003-2005 Eminem got 11 nominations and of those were wins. In 2010 Eminem won the MTV award for best international artist. Also during 2010 Eminem received 3 nominations and won 2 of them. Between 2013-2014 Eminem won 4 nominations and 2 awards.

Biography] Eminem’s awards helped put him in the position he is in today. Currently, Eminem’s Career has lulled some, but he is expected to release and album this year. His new album will come out in 2016. Currently he has no concerts planned but will most likely tour his new album. Eminem’s Career although non vibrant currently has none the less helped him become an American icon. [“Eminem Biography” 1] Eminem is an American icon because he is a exceedingly influential person in the USA providing inspiration for millions of americans.

Hundreds of thousands of adolescents listen to Eminem’s music either for enjoyment or when they have a bad day. Slim Shady wanna be’s are prominent figures in the rap culture either they rap or are just look alike. Among the younger generations Eminem has become a huge figure head of the rap industry. [Eminem 1] Young adults are a huge part of his sales some say it accounts for almost 50% of all sales. Eminem helps people get through their personal struggles through his music. [“Eminem Biography” 3]

Eminem’s music and film careers have made him an icon despite a tough childhood. Eminem has had a strong career since the beginning but not without struggles. Currently Eminem has done almost everything in the entertainment industry from acting to songs for video games. Although his career is currently down and non-prosperous it is expected to pick up with the release of his newest album. Eminem is an American icon because he is a very influential person in the USA affecting millions of people. Eminem wasn’t always as somebody in fact he was just like us.

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