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The First Cloned Sheep

Many people have already heard about the first cloned sheep. It was a breakthrough to the whole world. Many scientists saw the benefits lying ahead for humankind. With this discovery, the possibility of human cloning was speculated. Many governments were eager to ban human cloning. To ban the research will just push it underground and into unscrupulous hands Human cloning and its technology are necessary and should be continued because the cures to diseases may be found, the infertility problem may be solved, and more geniuses may be produced.

First, high hopes in developing new cures treatments, and for serious, and unmet medical needs. Some diseases are inborn and cause permanent defects on an individual. This suffering may end soon if cloning is allowed. Parents worried about their child being born deformed can be rest assured that cloning is actually genetically safer than normal sexual reproduction because it bypasses the most common form of birth defect having the wrong number of chromosomes. In Addition, hundreds of people die all over the world, because it is impossible to find a transplant donor wit matching tissue.

Human cloning would solve the problem of finding a transplant donor whose organ or tissue is an acceptable match and would eliminate or drastically reduce the risk of transplant rejection from the host. The benefits of human cloning and its technology are necessary and should be continue. Secondly, In vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, embryo manipulation, surrogate motherhood, and more were once strongly opposed to but we have grown accustomed to them and have accepted them as forms of reproduction.

Cloning is one of many high-technology methods of reproduction. For example, those who are attracted to the idea of selective breeding will prefer cloning because it involves a smaller genetic gamble than does a combination of sperm and egg of even highly desirable strangers. In addition, it is a chance for some people to have what they thought they never could have, a child of their own. Banning human cloning is an equivalent to disallowing life. Cloning technology, once perfected, will allow the conceiving of a genetically related child using any cell from the body.

Another example, Cloning will give to infertile or homosexual couple a chance to have a biological child. Therefore, we should continue the research on human cloning and not ban it so quickly. Finally, Clones will have their own soul and identity like any other human being. They will be a distinct individual not a replica of another person. Each clone would be like an identical twin, very similar in intelligence, manners, and alike. The clone will never be a duplicate in personality.

The importance of the environment with respect to any individual is a major factor affecting ones behavior and character. Genes are another essential factor, which greatly affect an individual. For example, social identity and social ties of relationship and responsibility are widely connected. Many people still think that cloning Hitler will also mean repeating what he did. Scientists reassure to the public that this is not possible, as for such historical events to be repeated, all the circumstances that allowed Hitler to be what he was would have been repeated as well.

If Hitler was cloned and brought up in a well-to-do, happy family which he enjoyed being in, this clone will not follow the footsteps Hitler as his background is no longer the same. However, he might become one who can speak incredibly well and eventually become a well-respected leader. Still, human cloning and its technology have their benefits and research work should be continued. In conclusion, many terminally ill patients in hospitals are waiting for a solution to end their suffering. Leukemia patients need a healthy bone marrow that matches their bodies, or they will die.

AIDS and other diseases are still incurable. Many doctors and scientists see cloning as a very conceivable way of solving these problems and freeing these suffering people soon. All research and technology will someday cure diseases, prevent the deaths of people who wait unceasingly for an organ for transplant, give hope to people who otherwise cannot have their own child, and allow more people with extraordinary traits to be born into this world. Thus, the continuation of human cloning and its technology are major benefits to the human race. Human cloning is a possibility in playing a big role in our future.

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