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The Elements of a Real Athletes

When you think of an athlete, what comes to mind? The first things that probably come to mind are sports, entertainment, and physical abilities. If these are the first things you think of, then how would athletes significant? If you look at athletes from a different perspective, their significance can be seen. From this point of view one can see that athletes are significant because they provide role models, contribute to our business world, bring countries or groups of people together, and they provide sources of inspriration. Their prominence, which is enhanced by the media, can cause them to have a greater effect in these types of roles.

Athletes are a big part of the business community. The media exposure athletes receives cause them to be perceived more as celebrities. It causes them to have a greater impact in the marketing and selling of products. For instance, the tremendous amount of media coverage that Michael Jordan received gave him a prominent role in the business world. Athletic companies and various kinds of businesses wanted him to endorse their products. Now, because of his Nike endorsement, the athletic apparel and shoe industries are a big part of the American economy. Through endorsements companies now look upon athletes to strengthen their products.

In most cases, this method is usually successful. This gives an overall boost to the economy, hence fortifying athletes significance. With their function as role models, athletes demonstrate their significance in our society. Because athletes are so prominent, the are looked upon more than anyone else to play these types of roles. Many young children look up to their favorite athlete and try to be like them. As it is in many cases, athletes take advantage of their position. Many visit schools, childrens hospitals, hold sports clinics, and start charities.

This gives children a positive impression and inspires them to be positive role models when they grow up. Adults also are affected by this. They can be encouraged to participate in charities and community service. This makes our society stronger and better overall. Out side of contributing to business and providing role models, athletes also have the ability to bring countries together. A group of athletes can have this effect. The Olympic Games is a perfect demonstration of this sense of togetherness. If a country is at a time of war or poverty, participation in these events demonstrates great heart and country pride.

Seeing athletes compete in times of chaos, hardships, and suffering can strengthen their countrys spirit and help bond the people. This has a tremendous effect and can help a struggling nation get back on its feet. Groups of people can also be effected because of athletes. If a group sees a person of their own race or someone of their stereotype performing something that is not expected from their faction, this particular group can be strengthen. Jesse Owens, for instance, is a perfect example of this. His participation in the Olympics in Germany showed his great will and his strong character.

Because he was an African American participating in a racist country, blacks looked towards him for inspiration. During this time of oppression, his will and great fortitude is exactly what they needed for inspiration. Another example of this is Muhammad Ali. His strong belief for his religion brought Muslims closer. When he refused to join the army he showed great strength in his beliefs and it reflected on all Muslims and the Muslim religion. The great will and heart of athletes can cause them to be looked towards for great sources of inspiration. They inspire many different types of people, countries, and other athletes themselves.

Deprived children, people living in poverty, and sick people are the ones who are inspired the most. An athlete who was once poor can inspire a poor, underprivileged youth to get to were they are. The youth may not end up to be rich, but they can be successful in their life journey. This can also be the case for those in poverty. The cases of sick people working themselves to be healthy are the best cases of inspiration. An ill person can be inspired by an athlete who was also sick. A great example of this is Lance Armstrong. His battle with cancer can give hope to those who have no desire to fight the disease.

This is the greatest factor in athletes being significant. An athletes significance has many elements. They strengthen our society and economy overall. Because they are such prominent figures, their impact is felt more than any other group of people. Their positive actions provide society with great role models. The media coverage they receive gives them the role as prominent business figure. And their great will, heart, and determination bring people together and provides a great source for inspiration. Through all these factors, an athletes significance can be felt.

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