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Summarys Of Books 1984

The book 1984 was very interesting to me because it was the firdt book i have ever read like it. The book takes palce in London England the state which the main characte rWinston Smith lives is callled Oceania. The Catse System for this country is the inter party is the highest, next comes the outer party, then the paroles are the lowest class. The setting of the book takes place in april. The main charater of the book is Winston Smith who worked in ther minisrter of ttruth which is a place where made lies and falsified the past.

Throughout the book the great majority of the people had telescreeens which traansmitted what of you did or were doing or saying as well as transmitting songs and other things of that nature. The prodominate party was the Party and there Slogans are war is peace and freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. There are many other ministers throughout the book which include minister of Love which maintain law and order alsoo there is the minister of peace which concerns themselves with war. Also the minister of Plenty which concerns themsselves with economic affairs.

In the the beginning of the book Winston dislike s the Party and the leader Big Brother because he doesn’t like how he treats the people who think differently from the Party. Winston beleived that the hope of over throwing the Party was in the paroles because they take up 85% of the country. But he thinks that they wont rebell until they become conscience of their own strength. Throughout the book Winston runs into a girl who he has been avoiding throughout the book he believes that she was a spy of the thought police and when they finally run into she gives him a note and it says I love you….. ey have many meetings and fall in love and hide from all the microscopes. The place they meet the most is above a shop in a little room with is without a telescreen they trust him very much. They meet there boss Obrien who they think is a rebel and part of a group called Brotherhood. O’Brien gets them to swear many different things for example You are prepared to gives your lives etc. etc. He gives them The Book which written by Emanuel Goldstein who is the leader of the Brotherhood.

Tehy begin to read the book and explain many theorys beyond what they beleive. The thought police come and take themn to the ministry of love. He sees many different people go in and out of room 101. O’Brein help torture Winston and he confessed everyone he did and even more. He begins to control Winston by torturing him and brainwashes him, For example he makes him see 5 instead of 4. Once they controlled his intelligence they control his emotions and take him to room 101 where they put him against his worst fear, rats.

The only thin that could save him from being eaten was saying that he hated his lover and they shoiuld do it to her and not him. After this they fianlly released him and he started believing whatever the Party said. He met his old lover Julia and all the feeling to rebel was go once again. In the end,the Big Brother,who he hated at the beginning,he began to love him. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Jules Verne was born in France in 1828 and always had a love for the sea. He once tried to be a sea captain on a boat but things did not work out.

Jules Verne has written many very famous books such as Journey To the Center of the Earth, Five Weeks in a balloon and Around the World in Eighty Days. I have written a review on one of his most famous books 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This book combines adventure, suspense and mystery throwing in a few pieces of information about life under the sea. The book begins with some great suspense, it begins with a boat chasing a giant monster that has destroyed some huge unsinkable ships.

Every time they get close to this monster a giant stream of water shoots hundreds of feet into the air, causing the boat to back off. Once in a while the monster will disappear from sight for hours. While reading this part of the book the reader feels like he is on the boat chasing the monster also. A lot of times the boat gets close enough to the monster to catch it and thoughts of what you think the monster could be run through your head like crazy. When they finally make an attempt to capture it, it disappears beneath the depths of the ocean.

One of the most suspenseful and mysterious parts of the book was when the characters were thrown into a big room inside the submarine that seemed to have no doors. At this point in the book the characters have no idea what was going on, neither does the reader. The only thing that happens during the time in this room is a man comes in and gives them some food, minutes later they all fell asleep. Why where they put to sleep, where is this room that seems to have no doors? This is just one of the hundreds of questions going through your head during these couple chapters of the book.

When they wake up all the lights in the room are off and the submarine is shaking. When they finally meet and become comfortable with the captain they get an invitation to go hunting 2 miles under the sea. They put on these huge underwater suits that can withstand the pressure two miles under the sea, then the cabin fills up with water and a door opens. Two miles under the sea, what adventures are down there waiting for them? What amazing sites are two miles under the sea? What dangerous are awaiting people in the depths of the sea?

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