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Rose Bush In The Scarlet Letter Essay

A Human Form of the Rose Bush

Pearl, in the Scarlet Letter is in many ways a human form of the rose bush introduced in chapter 1. Just like the rose bush, Pearl is wild and free. She does not listen to what others say about her, she does not care what others opinions are one her. Some people call her the devil’s child because she represents sin, but her mother considers her an angel. The rose bush has a representation of sin in the way that it grows outside of the prison and is a reminder of what the people have done, and in a way represents Pearl because it cannot be controlled.

Religion is a big deal to the Puritan people, when Hester has her daughter Pearl, to a man that is not her husband, it is considered to be a sin of all…

The rose bush in the Scarlet letter that is outside of the prison door, has a representation of sin like Pearl does. The rose bush pertains to the prisoner’s sins and crimes they have committed. Like Pearl, the rose bush is a live representation of someone’s sin. It has a personal meaning to everyone who sees it, but a different representation to each person. Pearl and the rose bush have the same qualities and characteristics as one…

They both represent sin; but also something beautiful. Like Pearl the


rose bush is not controlled nor tamed. Even though they are representing one’s sin, it still gives someone hope that something good will come out of all this bad. The rose bush and Pearl help people become stronger even after everyone judges them.The are both a gift to the Puritan
society and shows those people sinning does not take someone down, it only makes them stronger. People want to give up every time something bad happens, give up on something or someone, maybe even life itself. For some, life is the hardest thing to go through, life can be more scary than death. Everyone has something that keeps them going everyday, but when that thing is lost then what? Pearl helped Hester not give up and the rose bush helped all the prisoners not to give…

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