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Into the Twisted minds we go into the thoughts of horror writes minds we go don’t look back its to late now, your stuck in this sick and twisted minds hope a bottle of Bravery for what your about to see will SHOCK you.

The low down on King, Stine, and Preston the one thing I have seen that they have incomin is they where all born up north, King in Maine, Stine in Ohio, Preston in Massachusetts, they all married some with links to publishing companies, they all started writing for magazines and would send in there works and read comics that there parents found stupid or in appropriate they all married and where teachers at one point, except Preston he never was a teacher.

How I came to choose King, Stine, and Preston when I heard about this paper King and Stine instantly popped into my head, Preston I had to search I saw him listed several times on websites for horror on his new novel The Cobra Event so I debated and thought well I can learn some thing new about some I will never meet or get to know personally, I new King had a lot of stuff about him and Stine is more a keep the personally stuff to himself kinda guy I have found it rather difficult to dig up stuff on him but what can you expect he writes for children why would they care about his life, Preston he puts stuff out there that gives a vague idea of what his life was like.

A brief description of gothic style writings “Often criticized for its sensationalism, melodramatic qualities, and its play on the supernatural, the Gothic novel dominated English literature from its conception in 1764 with the publication of The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole to its ‘supposed’ demise in 1820. The genre drew many of its intense images from the graveyard poets intermingling a landscape of vast dark forest with vegetation that bordered on excessive, concealed ruins with horrific rooms, monasteries and a forlorn character who excels at the melancholy. A fabled spectre or perhaps a bleeding Nun were images often sought after by those who fell victim to the supernatural influences of these books.

Gothic literature as a movement was a disappointment to the idealistic romantic poets for the sentimental character idealized by Ann Radcliffe could not transcend into reality. The modern critical view of the Gothic canon limits it to a set of high reaching artistic achievements: Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto (1764), Ann Radcliffe’s The Italian; or, The Confessional of the Black Penitents (1797), Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus (1818) and Charles Maturin’s Melmoth the Wanderer (1820) are cited as the defining parameters of the genre. Although the Gothic novel influenced many of the emerging genres, like romanticism, the outpouring of Gothic novels started to ease by 1815 and with the publication of Charles Maturin’s Melmoth the Wanderer in 1820 ,the genre began to fade.

The Gothic novel had come full circle, from rebellion to the Age of Reasons order, to its encompassing and incorporation of Reason as derived from terror. The influence of the Gothic novel is felt today in the portrayal of the alluring antagonist, whose evil characteristics appeal to ones sense of awe, or the melodramatic aspects of romance, or more specifically in the Gothic motif of a persecuted maiden forced apart from a true love. The Gothic genre today has remained an elusive minor literary upheaval that has had immense influence on genres today. Literary critics though, have been slow to accept Gothic literature as a valuable genre. The first critics to examine the Gothic, approached it reverently with historical interest. They tried to rescue it, to revive the dead and obscure genre.

These critics looked at the presence of the text by examining it within a historical context. The original critical approach of historical interpretation allowed the text to validate the text, as it was a reaction to the age of reason, order, and politics of Eighteenth century England. The development of the Gothic Novel from the melancholy overtures of sentimental literature to the rise of the sublime in the graveyard poets had a profound impact on the budding Romantic movement from Wordsworth to Shelley. The astounding features and use of the sublime and the overt use of the supernatural, profoundly influenced the style and material of the emerging romantics.

Gothic Novels such as The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole, The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom by Tobias Smollett, Longsword, Earl of Salisbury by Thomas Leland, The Old English Baron: A Gothic Story by Clara Reeve and Vathek: An Arabian Tale by William Beckford led Coleridge to write a Gothic drama, Shelley to write two Gothic Novels and Byron to write Manfred. The effects of the Gothic still reverberate though modern literature from Joyce Carol Oats to Ann Rice. The literary motifs set forth by Horace Walpole can be found scattered throughout all forms of literature, yet the Gothic Novel has been left to molder in libraries in obscurity and except in rare instances, the novel has all but vanished from the canon of western literature. ” – http://members. aol. com/franzpoet/intro. html

Everyone wonders where the other’ King was born King was born in Portland, Maine the youngest of two kids during his toddler years Kings parents had some problems, that got to be sooo bad they separated He then lived with his mother and older brother David in fort Wayne and other places then after moving around their mum brought them back to Durham, Maine where king would live until he finished school he went to the University of Maine and wrote for the school newspaper and also Men’s magazine company. King graduate in 1970 with a B. A English Degree qualified to teach on the high school level. He meet he future wife in Folgers library at the Maine University, They married in 1971 during these newly weds first few years it has a struggle the lived of student loans and Kings occasional bonus from a short story and his work as a laborer. The Year 1974 something BIG happened to the newly weds no not a baby but King got His first Novel OUT!

The novels title Carrie about a telepathic girl growing up and going threw life and all her problems. King got this story by taking a normal girl and throwing in a twist The book that caught the public’s eye. Was Undoughtedly, and Opened the doors to kings success was Carrie once King got his first Check he paid off all his debt had enough to go buy a new house in Maine which is good because around this time King was fixing to be come a dad. Now that king has more money then he knows what to do with him and his wife Tabitha give out scholarships to local high school students and donate to many charities and orphanages Richard Preston Where he was born and what some of his life was like.

Preston was born in Cambridge, MA he got his Interest in reading when he was in the forth grade and shortly he became addicted to books and just like my grandpa be came a paper addict, where any paper with readable writing the person picks up and reads and if its take able the person then takes and keeps and cant put in the trash/recycle for fear it might die like shooting a animal. He also would get into fights his younger years and once he knocked his little brothers two front teeth out, but lucky they where baby teeth. In high school Preston had a horrible disaplane record he had assult for attacking a teacher he claims to have pushed the man, and for these reason he got DENIED at every collage he applied to even the one he would come to graduate from, Pomona collage, it had been his life long goal to go there so one day “I called the dean collect and asked him Do you guys have a policy, like, where you can sometimes change your mind? he dean replied we have no such policy so Preston called collect so the dean would have to pay and keep asking him if they changed there policy after a few weeks of this calling he was admitted to Pomona in the winter part of the year and came to graduate as one of the top in his class. “Mr. Preston’s writings career After getting my Ph. D. , in 1983, I got an advance from a publisher for my first book, First Light, which is a nonfiction book about astronomy. It was published in 1987, was excerpted in The New Yorker, and won the American Institute of Physics Award. It is still in print and is considered to be a sort of cult classic about science.

I then wrote a nonfiction book about the building of a steel mill, American Steel . This book also won awards and ran in The New Yorker. Around 1992, I became interested in Ebola virus and emerging infectious diseases. The result was a New Yorker article, ” Crisis in the Hot Zone,” which later become my book, The Hot Zone. It ended up a # 1 bestseller, and has now been published in more than 30 languages. It also inspired the movie “Outbreak,” with Dustin Hoffman and Renee Russo. Then I wrote a fact-based thriller, The Cobra Event, which describes a fictional bioterrorism event in New York City. A copy of The Cobra Event ended up in President Bill Clinton’s hands, and it reportedly scared the daylights out of him.

He called a national security meeting to discuss the book, and the White House eventually authorized billions of dollars in funds to beef up preparedness for bioterrorism, should it ever occur. The Cobra Event also upset various government intelligence officials. At the time, many people in the U. S. government felt that there should not be any public discussion of bioterrorism. However, when the 2001 anthrax bioterrorism event happened, bioterrorism suddenly became reality, not just a matter of fiction. The Cobra Event is now seen as prescient, scary, and entertaining. When the anthrax terror event occurred, I decided to write a nonfiction book about it and about smallpox virus (which is thought to be the most dangerous bio-weapon on the planet; more threatening than Ebola, because it’s far more contagious.

The Demon in the Freezer was published in 2002; it is currently being made into a television movie for TNT. I’m working on the movie as a co-executive producer. My three books about viruses (The Hot Zone, The Cobra Event, and The Demon in the Freezer) are a trio titled “Dark Biology. ” In 2003, I published The Boat of Dreams: A Christmas Story. There are no viruses in The Boat of Dreams! (Though you do meet Santa Claus in a lobster boat. I can promise you a happy ending and that Santa doesn’t get a bloody nose anywhere the story! )” – http://www. richardpreston. net/about. html The book that caught one particular persons eye, THE Cobra Event ended up in Mr.

President Bill Clinton’s hands since this was about bio-terror and what could happen Bill passed a budget on counter-measures against bio-terror and public Officials preferred the public not talk about it and then in 2001, yup you remember it the terror attacks against us and the Anthrax attack against regular Americans that have no importance to or society politically that so his fiction quickly became a fiction. Things Preston likes to do, Preston his a skilled tree climber by his definition that by mine he is a wanna be he uses ropes and pulleys already set up instead of climbing barehanded he camps out in the tree tops with his sons some times in tree boats you hang on the limbs and go to sleep and pray the ropes or tree limb doesn’t brake in the middle of the night.

R. L. Stine was born up north just like King and Preston, in Columbus Ohio, his dad a shipping manager his mom stayed at home, he grew up with out any to little trouble and came to, Jane Waldron the own and manager of Parachute Press, I would image this is how Stine got his contacts in the publishing business I would all think he post story’s in Parachute Press, newsletters. Stine’s first book was How to Be Funny published by scholastic books for young adults to kids, from my extensive collection of Goosebumps’s I have never know Stine to have other books I have never heard of the man until I got my first Goosebumps’s, and every one new Stine as the author of Goosebumps’s I remember we would Argue about the books and be like HAAH I got this book before you ha-ha.

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