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Preserve and Enhance the American Future

To help young Americans become effective young productive adults in service to something that has been defined as a way of life. I propose a plan that will keep our military at full strength and provide direction and a skill to our future leaders of tomorrow. Most European countries require all young men after reaching a certain age to enlist in the military for a period of 2 years or more. After this time is completed they can quit, continue, or go to college and then reenter as an officer, if they choose to do so.

In the United States most high school graduates have no idea as to what they want to do with the rest of their lives after graduation. Our government is faced with a problem every year as to how to deal with military manning shortages due to people separating and increased military operations on foreign and domestic soil. The choices are few for most young adults, because they lack vital things that most employers are looking for in an employee: formal education, experience, or a skill. So this limits them even further to low paying blue collar jobs or they can apply for entry into a college, if they have the money and the grades to do so.

My plan is to have each man and woman upon graduation serve in the Armed Forces for a period of at least two years. After the two years have been completed they have two options; one is to quit, but will remain in the reserves for a period of one year or they can continue service where they will enter in the status of career military member. The military has obvious benefits. The first being for those interested in a college education. A college fund will be established and upon completion of the required service, money will be given for a college education.

While you are serving on active duty the military will pay 75 percent of your tuition. There are different plans to provide a chance for a military member to get a college education. Secondly, each member will take an aptitude test, which is used as a guide as to what area or profession is best suited for entry. Choices may be many or just a few, but a choice is given. Along with learning a profession, courses will be provided to help make a well-rounded person in the areas of leadership, communication, and teamwork. These people skills are desired by most employees and advantageous to anyone entering the civilian work force.

Thirdly, a key thing that most employees look for, which in some cases is better than education, is work experience. Some employers equate work experience to a degree. How many people graduate from college and can’t find a job, due to lack of experience? I have friends who started out in the military and are now in the private civilian sector earning high five to six figure incomes with no formal college education. Their sole foundation came from on the job training provided by the military. Fourthly, there is an opportunity to travel and visit exotic places.

I have visited numerous countries throughout Europe, because I had a job that allowed me to travel to a different country every month. I was able to learn another language and make some lasting relationships. My experiences abroad have had a profound impact on the person I am today. Finally, although this reason should be first and foremost is service to your country out of a sense of pride. To be able to have all Americans walk the walk, and talk the talk, and say, “service to my country before service to myself. ” To join a team that keeps us free and ensures the democracy light keeps burning.

To take an active stand against those who would oppose it. To work hand in hand with different races and different nations to hopefully ensure a better, brighter tomorrow. At this moment, I can think of a few immortal words that were spoken by John F. Kennedy to sum it all up. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country. ” I feel I must point out some things to those who would oppose me. I have two goals in mind. The first is to make sure that the freedom that we practice is preserved. The freedom that most of us take for granted.

Second, to offer a means of starting young adults on the right path by giving them professional and personal training, education, work experience, a skill, and a career if they decided to continue in the military. Ask yourself this question. How much is my freedom worth to me? Most of us cannot fathom such a question, because we have always enjoyed living in a Democratic state. I imagine that two years of everyone’s time is nothing compared to possibly the rest of your life under a dictatorship. You cannot disagree with me when I say, “let’s make the military the first stop coming out of high school. “

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