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Persuasive Essay On Year Round Schools

Imagine you waking up during the summer seeing the sun shining bright, But you miss out on that because of school. Year-round schooling shouldn’t be in our districts. But some may say that year-round schooling is beneficial and should be in are school districts. But it causes stress on kids, It’s more expensive for schools. Lastly it interferes with after school activities Year-round schooling cause stress on students. How it cause stress on kids? Kids may have more homework than their use too; They can have more stress because the school may be pushing kids to have higher grades.

Can lead to too much homework for the students. This evidence proves that kids can have way too much homework, and they can’t handle it. In a article “Are we stressing out are kids? “. A middle school student from Utah sent a email to GreatSchools. “I have been really stressed because of the homework that is being assigned, In prealgebra, we get at least three pages of homework. In English, we get at least one page and a reading assignment, at least 30-50 pages in our books. Then there is science, five-six pages are assigned all days except Friday.

In Utah studies, we get one page with the option of extra credit, which is another page. In French, we have to do two to three pages of verbs in the French dictionaries. In Spanish, 80 flashcards are assigned two days before the test. As you can see, I don’t take any extra activities because I don’t have time! ” (Great kids). As you can see this Student has a lot of things he need to do. It causing stress on them because they don’t have time to finish their homework at home. My second reason is It’s more expensive on Schools.

Schools may have to spend more money on air conditioning, plumbing, electricity. This evidence proves that, year around schooling will double the price of what a normal school will have to pay. Also schools will have to pay teachers more because they will be working all year. Also some school districts won’t be able to keep paying for year-round schooling and may switch back to regular calendar.

In the article “My view: Year-round schooling doesn’t work, so district should abandon the idea”; written by Boyd Jensen told us this “Feb. the Salt Lake City School Board will again debate the issue of keeping six elementary schools on a year-round school calendar. The district superintendent suggests dropping the experiment as it’s not helping academically yet, costing the district more money in operational costs” (Boyd Jensen). Also The state of Texas tried year-round schooling in their districts, But failed to do so they lost 370 million dollars (Alex Rosenblatt). The last reason is it interferes with after school activities. Summer is a great time for your kids to get active and have fun.

But it’s difficult for your kids to enjoy their summer because they have school (Alex Rosenblatt). Many sports are start in the summer. Softball Volleyball, soccer, Swimming. Kids who do those sports aren’t going to be able to do the sports any more. With year-round schooling it’s a hard time for kids to find a way for their sports (Alex Rosenblatt). Most likely the students will be finishing their homework, or working on it. Many kids go on camps, Many of my friends are going to camp this summer 2016.

They may not be able to because of their school, Homework, projects etc. Some may not be able to spend vacation with their family; because they’re too busy with school. Some may say that Year-round schooling should be in our districts There are reasons that year-round schooling should be used. The National Summer Learning Association often cites decades of research that support the claim that students really do forget or unlearn things they have learned when too much time off is given between classroom sessions.

Also studies say that 27% of students lose what they have gained all year. “A long-time thorn in the side of K-12 educators has been the “summer slide,” or the theory that knowledge is lost when students get so much time off (like in the summer months) from academic pursuits” (Matthew Lynch). But, A sociologist at Ohio State University found that, over a full year, math and reading test scores improved about the same amount for children in year-round schools as they did for students whose schools followed a traditional nine-month calendar (Ohio state).

Also The problem with year-round schools may be that they don’t actually add more school days to the 180 typically required”, That is what Von Hippel said (ohio state). In conclusion year-round schooling shouldn’t be in our districts. My reasons explain why year-round schooling shouldn’t be in our districts. First it cause stress on kids, Secondly it’s expensive on schools. Lastly it interferes with after school activities. Many may believe that year-round schooling should be in our schools. But, would you want year-round schooling in your school? Would it fit your school’s schedule?.

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