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From the early beginnings of my high school career, I have dreamed of attending a private university on the East Coast. Upon learning about New York University, it seems to fit perfectly. NYU offers the education and facility for me to achieve my dream of becoming a business leader in addition to having a solid foundation in the liberal arts. The Leonard N. Stern School of Business at NYU is ranked among the top 10 in the nation. New York City is an international center of finance, commerce, culture and law, as well as home to countless major industries and corporations.

At Stern I can develop the cognitive and practical skills essential for becoming a business leader and simultaneously develop my talents and potential. This opportunity will allow me to experience times of great change, challenge, and excitement. Just recently, the landmark trade deal signed by U. S. -China offers U. S. companies unprecedented access to Chinas 1. 2 billion consumers. From farmers to filmmakers, American businesses are expected to benefit from the new opening markets.

Chinas ascension to the World Trade Organization (WTO) is a guarantee to the rest of the world that they can expect certain things from Chinas economic and commercial behavior. The WTO agreement will lead to an eventual boom to the U. S. economy and a spur to Chinese economic reforms, with estimates that it could lead to a doubling of Chinas global trade to $600 billion by 2005. By tying China to a set of rules that make foreign investors more comfortable, the agreement also sets the stage for a greater inflow of foreign capital, desperately needed to help employ the growing armies of the unemployed.

The 21st century business landscape will be challenging and competitive on an international scale. The curriculum at NYU will provide me the necessary foundation to personify creativity and innovation. With the accession of China into the WTO, the future of business and trade will surely create a new horizon and give many new opportunities to a new generation of students and aspiring business leaders, such as myself.

Along with a substantive grounding in the social and cultural context of all business activity and interpersonal and communications skills essential to a successful business career, I am also Chinese. As a native to Taiwan, my fluency in Mandarin Chinese will further allow me to rise above the rest and thrive in a culture I am greatly familiar with. My unique blend of multiculturalism, in particular the American and Chinese language and culture, will be especially helpful in our ever-changing global economy. I have so much that I can learn from Stern at NYU, but I also have so much to offer.

My different experiences, drive and desire to learn will further enhance me academically and will allow me to use what I learn to make the business field better for our future generations. I would like to see the continuance of my education at NYU as a part of that future. To learn from all that it has to offer, I can later take what I have learned from NYU to share and give back to others. Acceptance is, for me, a chance of a lifetime. The knowledge and experience I could gain will truly help me see my goals turn into a prosperous and promising reality.

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