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Myself and the Media

Media is everywhere, all around us, everyday, all the time. Television, movies, newspapers, magazines, and especially the Internet call out as though they are chasing us down in hopes of persuading our minds with their never-ceasing messages. I think that the media has greatly influenced my thinking and attitudes towards the products I purchase, the music I listen and the clothing I buy. Television and radio commercials and magazine ads are constantly harping consumers much like myself to buy their product, to give their product a chance.

Often, like many others, I find myself with a desire to go out and try a new brand of nail polish, face wash or perfume. Seeing a website banner advertising a new and improved type of Discman or DVD Player makes everyone want to buy it. Im not even a soda drinker, but the little Pepsi girl with the cute voices would make anyone indulge in a little caffeine. Recent local radio ads show the new Sunchase Apartments as the place to live this fall, with a pool, all new furniture and 24-hour gym.

The thing about this type of media is that it makes the consumer feel like they need this product. The media also has influenced the types of music to which I listen. Some artists, like Michael Jackson, have received bad publicity from the media, and subconsciencely, makes me not want to listen to their music any longer. On the flip-side, the Dave Matthews Band and N*Sync are widely publicized with national tours and free-giveaways that once a consumers foot is in the door with a free CD or t-shirt, they may begin to listen to the music and become a fan of the artist.

Sugar Rays lead singer, Mark McGraths, good looks have, needless to say, helped the band out with record sales. I know all of my friends have the CD, but mostly for the disc jacket, which is taped up to the back of their bedroom doors, so they can see his clear blue eyes and smiling face at their every convenience. Back to advertisements, clothing chains like the GAP and Old Navy have cute catchy commercials calling out to consumers buy me. GAP has recently become known for their renditions of many classic songs by Generation Yers GAP clothing, showing that it is cool to wear GAP.

Old Navy, as well, has annoyingly addictive music by groups like the Jackson 5 and Fatboy Slim, along with Magic, the old Navy dog. No one on this Earth can tell me what the Jackson 5 and a dog have to do with buying Old Navy clothing, but Ill be darned if Im going to miss my $11. 99 tees. Abercrombie and Fitch even received some heat in recent years for their scandalous in-store posters and catalog shots showing young men and women riding horses not only bare-backed, but bare-naked as well.

These ads have nothing to do with the companys product, however the attention the company receives only draws impressionable minds like my own closer until their cute salesmen can move in for the sale, or should I say, kill. I dont want to sound like a disappointment to my generation or anything, but I get sucked in all the time by all of the influences surrounding me everyday. I think that almost everyone of my age has very impressionable minds right now, and with this knowledge, the media targets us as a consumer group.

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