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Much Ado About Nothing is one of William Shakespeare’s many comedy plays. Much Ado About Nothing differs from most of the other comedies in that it has “naturalized” the romantic materials. There are not any fairy kingdoms, as in Midsummer to help the story flow better. Even the language does not have the quality of Shakespeare’s other writings. It is closer to ordinary speech. William Shakespeare was very well know for his for his poetry from about 1587 up to the present date. Many of his writings are being interpreted into movies today.

Claudio, Don Pedro, Bene*censored*, Hero and Beatrice are the five main characters in Much Ado About Nothing. Throughout this whole play everyone in the story is trying to accomplish something without telling others all the In this romantic comedy two sets of lovers share the spotlight. Most of the plot’s action is devoted to Claudio and Hero, who eventually come together despite the different problems. In the first part of this play, Claudio’s best friend Don Pedro volunteers to bring Claudio to Hero’s attention, but before he has finished Don Pedro’s brother, Don John, spreads rumors that Don Pedro has made Hero fall for him.

Claudio finds out that he was only hearing rumors and Don Pedro brings Hero and Claudio together. Meanwhile, Beatrice and Bene*censored* amuse the others. Tricks are played on Beatrice and Bene*censored* so they think that they like each other. Later one of Don John’s friends pretends to make love with Hero while Don Pedro and Claudio witness from a hiding place. Claudio and Hero arrive at their wedding and before they are married Claudio denounces Hero as unfaithful. Hero’s father believes this false information and curses her.

She swears to him that is ntrue and the Friar gives advice to say that Hero died of grief and, then, to hope the truth will come out. Don John’s friend is captured and he admits to pretending to be with Hero that night. Claudio then finds out and tells Hero’s father that he will take the hand of his “niece” in marriage. This is where Claudio realizes his true love for Hero. He is full of sorrow and does not think anything could change the way he feels about Hero. He is deeply in love with her but it is too late because he has killed her.

The play ends with the return of Hero, masked as Hero’s father’s “niece. Hero and Claudio reunite. Bene*censored* and Beatrice also join hands. Don John is punished in the end for all of his problem causing. Claudio is introduced as a young lord of Florence, a soldier and a loyal friend. He is, however, one who is easily carried away by romantic ideas and tends to let his emotions be ruled by traditional attitudes. Shakespeare makes it seem that there is also something of a self-seeking protective character in his love affair. He has “love” of some sort for Hero yet he decides this only after seeing her.

He falls in love with the outside of her and ssumes that her personality is just as great as the outside. Claudio may seem bad but he also is a very remorseful man. He is truly sorry for his error, is willing to do anything for Hero’s father and sticks with his deal. Don Pedro, the Prince of Arragon, is a noble, frank, genial and a well-tempered man. He can be a bit hasty to jump to conclusions. He has been successful in putting down the rebellion acts of his brother and has graciously pardoned him. He is not only a lord but also a close friend to his followers Claudio and Bene*censored*.

He obviously wishes to enjoy his stay in Messina, and his offer to help Hero fall for Claudio seems to be encouraged by the pleasure of amusing and challenging him to help his friend. He welcomes the opportunity to bringing Bene*censored* and Beatrice together. This shows his love for different challenges. Bene*censored* is a young lord of Padua. He is confused by the how he should approach Beatrice with his feelings for her. After his friends play a trick on him and he finds out that Beatrice likes him he falls deeply in love with her. He expresses his love for her through a etter that Claudio steals from him and gives to Beatrice.

In the end of the story they represent ” the perfect match. ” Hero is the beautiful daughter of Leonato who is loved by Claudio. She is looked down on by him when he accuses her of being unfaithful. She suffers throughout the story because Claudio believed that she was unfaithful. She is the object of scorn, then pity, and finally affection in the actions of the play. Beatrice is the most significant character in the play. She is kind of dramatic natured. She shows how strong she is when she say that she was “born to speak all mirth and no matter.

She entertains everyone by her love for Bene*censored*. Although it is obvious she that she is in love with him, she dynes it throughout the book until the end. She shows a lot of compassion for her wronged cousin, Hero. She tells Bene*censored* to kill Claudio and then she will love him. Although he does not kill Claudio because the truth comes out, she still is in love with Bene*censored*. Throughout this play everyone is trying to accomplish something. They do not tell all of the correct information so everything gets mixed up. Much Ado About Nothing is a lot about nothing.

If everyone would be truthful and tell each other the full stories without trying to purposely let others hear yet pretend they are not, then the stories would be set straight in the first place and there would not be all of the confusion. The meaning of Much Ado About Nothing is that everyone is running around not telling the right people the right things. Much Ado About Nothing is about people doing nothing to the right people and telling the wrong information to the right people. In the end everything is resolved because all truth finally comes out. Much Ado About Nothing has it’s serious moments and its comically light ones.

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