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Military Dog Importance Essay

Imagine having your best friend, someone who is always there for you and understands you, taken away. Dogs have been on the battlefield throughout history. They began by attacking enemies, to today where they are like detectors finding bombs. No doubt about it, that military dogs save human lives on the battlefield, if it is locating the wounded or guarding camps, they are there for you. Soldiers and dog make an excellent team and become very close, from the first day of training to helping them if they are wounded.

After risking their life for America, the veterans who worked with military dog should be able to adopt their best friend. To begin with, the military dog and the soldier created a special bond while working together, that should not be broken. To tear apart that companionship is like ruining a very close friendship. First, they have a special bonded because they worked together very close on the battlefield. The dog looks after the soldier like it is his little puppy. Because they work together for day in and day out they learn to connect with each other, and become an unstoppable team.

Like the text stated, “Zenit was a military working dog, specially trained to sniff out explosives. Together, Jose and Zenit formed an elite team- one of hundreds of such teams deployed by the U. S. military” (Paterniti 5). During hard times at war the dog is there for the human which creates a special friendship. Also, the dog and the soldier learn to love each other and look out for one another. While you are on the field there is tons of violence, since it is war and during these times even the toughest men, needs to be comforted. The dog is there for the soldier in the same way the soldier is there for the dog.

As a human, a puppy kiss could always make your day a little better. For the dog all he needs is a simple pet on the back or a little kiss. Finally, military dogs and soldiers have a special relationship because they trained for so long together. Each day of training made them become even closer with each other. Their training is like friends going to the mall; pure bonding time. Because they are so close, once the soldier left war the dog would not work at well with a new soldier. For a soldier to keep their mind off of war they train their dog and become very close with them.

As the text stated, “To keep his mind off the danger, he did what all military dog handlers do: “You train your dog, do your job, leave the rest to fate,” he says” (Paterniti 6). They do everything with the dog from grooming it to making sure it drank enough water. Overall the soldier and the military dog become very close and have a special bond together. In addition to having a close bond the military dogs they also, helps the soldiers when they are injured physically or emotionally. First of all, dogs can sense human depression or injuries. For example, I have a dog of my own, and if I am ill he never leaves my side.

He can feel that I am sick, and joins be will I rest in bed. If a soldier got hurt during war the dog would would do the same thing. The text explained what Zenit did to Jos when Jose steep on the bomb, “They stayed like that, dog and handler, until at last the helicopter arrived and whisked them both away” (Paterniti 8). One of the great things about dogs, is their ability to understand a human, without even having a conversation. In a way they are like a therapist that, can read minds. On top of dogs being able to sense human emotions, they also comfort and care their handler when hurt.

During the short narrative “Call of Duty”, Zenit was one of the first responders after his handler, Jose got injured. While Jose and Zenit were searching for IEDs Jose took the wrong step and the bomb blew up on him. Jose lost a lot of blood and the closest helicopter was two hours away. The whole two hours Zenit remained next to Jose and, even when the helicopter arrived Zenit went along with Jose. The text described it as, “Zenit lay beside his master, ears pinned to his head, chin resting on his paws. The dog knew something had gone terribly wrong” (Paterniti 8).

Finally, the dog can make the solider feel better and secure while injured. Just imagine being sick, no matter how sick the person is, seeing a dog and the cute puppy eyes will always make them feel better. If the soldier get hurts on the field, the dog comforts them until they get medical help. Thinking about the pain only makes it worse so my the dog distracting them from the pain helps. The soldier might be hurt or recovering after war, and in the same way the dog would be there for them, and keeping their mind off of things. In conclusion, military dogs help their soldier because they can sense emotion and physical injuries.

Last but not least, a military dog should be able to be adopted by a veteran because, the dog would help them to keep their spirits up and let them gain back responsibility. To start with, after a soldier goes through a devastating experience during war they need someone to keep their spirits increased. A dog is the perfect match for some going through a hard time. Keeping up a person’s physical health is equally important to their mental health. The happiness of a dog can spread to the veteran. Jose was so ecstatic just from the fact of seeing his dog again, “I couldn’t stop smiling,” says Jose. I’m still smiling. It felt like the beginning to this new life” (Paterniti 9).

Next a military dog would help the handler after war because it would allow the veterans mind to be off of war. Instead of remembering the terrible thoughts of war the dog would help them with happiness. The dog would help with the mental health by keeping the veteran busy. Once Jose finally got Zenit his military dog back, Zenit was sure to keep Jose mind of of war by playing catch with him, “Jose cocks his arm and releases the ball, which arcs into the darkening sky like some forlorn hope.

Before it takes a second bounce, Zenit has the ball in his mouth, joyously racing to return it to his master (Paterniti 9). Meanwhile the dog would also help the handler regain back responsibility. After war many veterans have trouble coming back into the “real world”. To connect them back, a dog would help by giving them the responsibility of feeding and walking the dog. Sometimes, a veteran needs just a simple accomplishment liking walking their dog to get them back into the swings of things. Life at war is way different for veterans than it is in the “normal world”.

Allowing the handler to adopt their dog after war would help them keep their spirits up and get back into regular society. In conclusion, the least we can do for someone who served in the army, is let them adopt their military dog that they worked with. They should be able to have their best friend back because there was a special bond created, they help the soldier feel better, and it would lifts their spirit up. I just wanted to talk the time to thank you for reading my letter. I appreciate you considering my ideas and thoughts.

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