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Marley Trinkle: A Short Story Essay

Marley Trinkle had a great time at the Opal Casino celebrating her 28th birthday with her mom, Glory. Now that they were done celebrating they were walking through an alley on their way home. All of a sudden Glory thought she heard something crying, then Marley said that she heard it too. As they roamed down the alley they followed the noise until it lead them to a dumpster. As they approached the dumpster they saw what had caused the noise. Sitting beside the dumpster, in a torn blue car seat was a baby girl bundled in dirty blankets. Glory immediately unbuckled it and scooped up the baby. The baby had black curly hair, green eyes, and caramel colored skin. Marley got her phone out to call the police.
As soon as the police arrived Marley and Glory explained how they had found the baby. They took her…

Would you like to explain that,” asked the officer.
“You don’t understand, I love her so much but I had to do what was right for her. I’m embarrassed to say this but, my family is so racist and I had to hide my relationship from them because of it. I panicked when I gave birth and knew I couldn’t hide her skin color from my family so I left her. I didn’t even name her because I didn’t want to get too attached,” said Emily as she cried.
“Well, Emily Ranger you’re under arrest for child abuse,” said the officer firmly.
The officer slapped handcuffs on Emily’s wrists and walked her to the cop car. After putting her in the car he went in the house and found Emily’s parents in the living room. He explained everything about Emily and her baby to them. They were appalled and didn’t want anything to do with the baby or their daughter. As she heard this news Marley wondered what would happen to the baby. Marley talked her plan over with Glory and the officer and decided to adopt the baby. After a few weeks of finalizing it Marley was finally the legal parent of her new baby girl,…

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