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Los Angeles Research Paper

Los Angeles, the home of warm summers and mild winters. May has come around again. It’s not too hot to the point where you just want to lay in a freezer for a while. Although it’s not too cold where you want to go home and bundled up in warm clothing and fuzzy blankets. It was the ideal weather; neutral. It was a Sunday afternoon after all, and I didn’t feel like getting out of the bed. The weekends are my treat of relaxation from a long week at school. I deserve the relaxation for all the hard work I put in during school.

I did eventually end up getting out of bed though. After all, the climate was nice out and if you actually knew me, you would know I don’t go out often. But when I do, I enjoy the hell out of it. Everyone always seems to be mesmerized when coming to Los Angeles. It’s the big LA, they are fascinated by how so many famous stars live here. They always seem to think famous people stroll around Hollywood. Let me tell you about that, I’ve lived here about my whole life and I have never come in contact with anyone famous. Los Angeles is nice, I mean I like it.

Although, so many people have so many high expectations for it. We have in-n-out and beautiful beaches, I’ll give you that. I heard in other places like Virginia, you have to drive 2 hours just to get to a beach. I’m lucky, it takes me about 20 minutes. I was blasting my music in my ears, staring outside the window. I glanced at the people walking on the sidewalk, they looked so serious or mad even irritated. Maybe that was just their faces’. You can’t genuinely tell what people are thinking about or how they are feeling just by their facial expression. I mean, can you?

People could just have an angry face, you know when people look mad and mean all the time, but in reality that’s just how their face is. People always think I’m over thinking about something particular, although that’s not always the case. I could just be daydreaming about tacos. I was so deep into my thoughts, I didn’t hear my mom howling my name, till she actually tapped me. “What? ” I responded by taking my earphones off. “You’re going to go deaf, having that thing blasted in your ear. ” She advised me. She went on and on how technology would be the end of us.

The thing about parents is that they’re not a big fan of technology. I know my mom isn’t. I could tell her I have a headache or I’m ill and she would blame the phone for it. I love my mom with all my heart, trust me I do. She’s like my best friend. But when it comes to anything about technology, you will not hear the end of how my phone, or laptop will corrupt my mind. It’s pretty amusing because, she does the same thing too. When she has the chance she will be on her phone finding ways to entertain herself. Parents, man. I was almost at my destination.

You could see the blue vast horizon, with the blue tide’s coming in and out. I love the beach, especially Venice beach. My mother and I come here all the time. It was in the summer when I came continuously for a whole two weeks. The beach is perfect if you just want to clear your mind and just relax. I stepped out of the car and immediately I could feel the sun glistening down on me. The golden sand beneath my feet, the shimmering sunlight, making it look like millions of diamonds. The waves crashing against the shore. Children and adults were enjoying themselves, as the sun was glistening down upon them.

You could hear the fainting calls of the seagulls screeching in the distance. The shops were preparing to open up, excited for their new customers to come in. The sky above was like a cloudless blue crystal. I walked to the edge of the shore, I stood mesmerized by the ocean. It was incredibly beautiful. It was like a reflection of the sky. The water stretched to as far as you can see, to the horizon. It was like ripples and waves coming towards you. The water crashed into my feet, making me jump back. The water was freezing cold, it was like an electric shock.

Goosebumps slithered all over my body. The water made a calming noise as the rippling waves retreated back. It was like a gentle hush. The air smelled of sea salt. I walked back to where my mom was sitting and laid down on the warm gritty sand. I looked at the kids and adults playing in the water. It surprised me that children that looked about 6 or 7 weren’t afraid of the ocean. As to why, they were deep in the end. They weren’t in the deep ends where you can’t feel the ocean floor, although they weren’t in the shallow part. It amazed me, kids don’t have a care in the world.

The ocean is a big mysterious place, well for me. The ocean is a dark and deep. Scientist don’t even know much about it, you do not know what is underneath the ocean, there’s too many undiscovered things. The mind of a child doesn’t really care, unless they’re having fun. That’s the good thing about kids, they’re free. They’re free of problems, stress, and worries. A well-meaning heart with a fragile heart, that hasn’t experienced the badness of the world. Maybe they weren’t worried about the ocean because their parents were there. It still made me slightly smiled.

I don’t know about you, but seeing people happy makes me happy. I love the beach, not because of how beautiful it is, but of how so many people come here to have an enjoyable time with their families or friends. I glanced around, I saw so many people with their friends or families. There were a few people here and there, who were alone enjoying the sight. I believed that they just wanted to get out and enjoy the peace and quiet. Next to me, a girl had her earphones on, reading a book. She seemed to be really into it, since she was here for about two hours.

She was like in her own universe. That’s the thing about books and such, when you really like a book, you can never put the book down. I know I can’t. I get attached to the characters, even though they are fictional. If there was something terrible that happens to my favorite character, I would get so invested into it. I just would wish I can protect them at all costs. Maybe I’m just lame like that, I don’t know. I decided to stroll around Venice boardwalk. Kids ran around, others were eating ice cream. Adults seemed to chat and laugh away. It was packed, although it’s the weekend.

Maybe people just wanted to enjoy their Sunday having fun before waking up early to go to work or school on Mondays. I dread Mondays. Because after having fun on the weekends, I have to go back to waking up early. It really is dreadful. I believe that school should start later on in the day, just because I love my sleep. What I found interesting as I started walking around, glancing around is that everyone was happy. You did not see anyone at all, frowning or crying. Everyone was always cheerful. Even the shops that were open, although some owners look bored waiting for customers. They all chatted and laughed so carefully.

Everyone was genuinely happy. There was music playing, some people was dancing. They didn’t seem to care who was watching them, they were just enjoying themselves. I love people like that, because they don’t do things to please others, they do it because they want to make themselves happy. The sun started to descend down as I started walking to the beach. The sky started to become an array of different colors: purple, pink, orange and yellow. The clouds stretched along the sky. The clouds looked like a flock of sheep. I always loved the sunset. It reminds me every now and then how the world truly is beautiful .

Especially at the beach, I’m lucky enough to even have a beach near me. The rays of glimmering light descended into dark clouds. The sunny rays of lights were replaced with by the pale moon, while the stars scattered around the dark night. It was truly breathtaking. As I was headed back home, I realized Los Angeles isn’t so bad. I can see why LA captivates people’s attention. It’s beautiful and it’s home to many beaches. People are always happy as well. Los Angeles isn’t just home to mild winters and warm summers, it’s home too many things. The beach just happened to be one of the best things yet.

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