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Lauren Jauregui Short Story

“Hello, ladies. ” Said the woman of the hour herself. That voice didn’t need an introduction. It was impossible not to know the voice of this woman, Lauren Jauregui. Who, might you ask? Only the reason for women’s boxing becoming the most watched sport on television, everyone knew her name and almost everyone loved her. But, how could they not? There was no way to describe Lauren Jauregui except… intriguing. Who wouldn’t be intrigued? Everything about Lauren was alarming, the raven colored hair that cascaded down her back, the bright green eyes that wooed women into her arms with a simple glare, she was a vision of beauty.

Wherever she went someone was completely flustered by the woman, not that she didn’t fucking love it. A simple “Hello” came from the shortest girl’s lips and Lauren knew as soon as soon as the blush had settled on the brown haired girl’s cheeks that she’d found project of the night. “I’m Lauren. ” Lauren said introducing herself to the group of women before her, her gaze never quite leaving the shortest of the group. “Ally. ” The girl replied, smiling down at the drink in hand.

Lauren had always admired shy girls, the slight tint of pink coming to their cheeks whenever she spoke to them, the nervous giggles, the look of innocence in their eyes. “Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. ” Lauren complimented, ignoring the rest of the women surrounding her. At the moment none of them mattered except the girl who she’d be fucking tonight, Ally. Ally simply blushed at the comment, she was usually quite confident, but, when it came to this particular woman she was at a loss for words. Lauren smirked smugly, the woman’s once pink cheeks becoming a burning red.

Why don’t you come dance with me, pretty girl? ” She asked, not bothering to wait for a response before pulling the girl onto the dance floor. Lauren wasn’t one to take no for an answer. Not that it mattered. Ally knew any girl would die to be in her place, so she went along without saying a word. Lauren’s arms were wrapped firmly around Ally’s waist, looking directly into her eyes. Lauren wasn’t stupid. She knew exactly the effect she had on women and men alike and she fucking loved it. She loved knowing she could get her hands on any woman she wanted.

It didn’t exactly appease her girlfriend but, who said she had to know anything? Within the hour, Ally found herself under Lauren’s complete spell. a familiar pool of heat gathered in her panties and she had absolutely no idea what Lauren was doing to her. “What do you say we get out of here, baby? ” Lauren asked bluntly, her lips brushing against the nape of her neck just gently. “I’ll give you the night of your life. ” The pale woman said, cupping Ally’s cheeks in her hands. She was hesitant at first. She couldn’t just go to a woman’s house that she just met, right?

No matter how hot she was or how wet her panties were or how badly she wanted Lauren’s tongue on her clit, right? Fuck it. She thought to herself, nodding at Lauren and waving over to her friends. Most of them had been quite pissed at her for getting a chance with Lauren but, she couldn’t care less. The drive to Lauren’s apartment was much shorter than Ally had expected but, maybe that was because she spent the entire limo ride with Lauren’s tongue down her throat. Lauren wasn’t much for wasting time, by the time they’d stumbled into her apartment she’d already unbuckled her jeans.

Her hands ran through the shorter woman’s hair, pulling her closer desperately. “You’re mine for the night, got that? Just for tonight you’re my little pri-,” The boxer said before being interrupted by a much too familiar voice. “Laur? ” Her girlfriend of four months, Normani called out. They’d made plans for the night and as usual Lauren forgot and went to a club instead. She mumbled a few curse words, looking around frantically for anywhere to hide Ally. “Who was that? ” whispered a confused Ally, cocking an eyebrow up at the celebrity.

My girlfriend. ” She mumbled, taking Ally’s hand and rushing her out the door. “I’m sorry, princess, maybe another time. ” She shrugged, slamming the door in her face. Ally was in shock. She’d spent the entire night being seduced by a taken woman. “Yeah, I’m here. ” Lauren said, knowing her girlfriend was probably pissed at her for missing their dinner – once again. Normani was a singer, a successful one at that and they didn’t see each other enough as it was but Lauren didn’t seem to care which drove Normani absolutely insane.

It wasn’t that Lauren didn’t care about her girlfriend, she tried putting as much effort as she could into the relationship but, four months in and it was clear they weren’t right for each other. What’s the point in trying? Lauren woke up to her publicist bitching at her for once again giving the public a reason to hate her. “God, Demi do you ever give it a fucking rest? ” She groaned at the older woman, standing up from the couch and running a hand through her hair. She’d gotten into yet another argument with Normani for missing their date and she made Lauren sleep on the couch. I’ll give it a rest when you stop cheating on your girlfriend!

Do you realize that Normani is one of the biggest pop stars in the world? Every time you bring another girl home your reputation gets just a little bit more damaged! ” Demi whisper-yelled just to make sure Normani wouldn’t hear. “Those pictures don’t mean anything. I never get caught doing anything with them for all anyone knows they’re just my friends. Normani doesn’t even suspect anything. ” Lauren shrugged, raiding her fridge for something to eat. Demi sighed angrily, pushing the refrigerator door shut. You’re fooling yourself if you think you can keep your image up and take random girls home every night. ”

Lauren simply rolled her eyes. She knew Demi was right and sooner or later she’d have to end things with Normani or quit cheating on her but until it came necessary she pushed it out of her mind. “Do I have a match tonight? ” Lauren asked in a desperate attempt to change the subject. Demi wasn’t planning on letting go of the issue but she answered regardless, “Yes. You’re up against Cara. ” A smile immediately crept onto Lauren’s face, she’d spent nights on top of nights with Ms.

Delevingne. She and Cara had several matches in the past and they always had a habit of making bets. Lauren always won and Cara ended up doing whatever she wanted. Demi knew what that little look of mischief meant and she knew she had to put a stop to it. “No, no, no, I’m not letting you do this again! ” She protested, already scheduling damage control for the media mess this was going to be. “I’m going to go meet up with a friend and go shopping, you’re welcome to stay here and worry about my career while I’m gone. ” Lauren called, shuffling up the stairs to change.

Lauren kissed a sleeping Normani on the cheek and rushed out the door with only one thing on her mind, Zayn. She and Zayn had been friends for a while, they’d first met in high school and Zayn hadn’t changed much. He still smoked most of his days away and watched porn until three in the morning, now he just had money to buy better weed. “Hey fatass. ” Lauren said, walking into his house without knocking. It was rare that Zayn got visitors, the only people who regularly visited him were his clients, his dealer, or Lauren and they’d all seen him jack off so he couldn’t care less.

Kill yourself, I’m working. ” Zayn groaned typing away on his computer. “Scamming guys on tinder into giving you money isn’t working, dumbass. ” Lauren teased, smacking him on the head and sitting next to him. “Oh, really? You call me when you’re getting paid a quarter of a million dollars for twenty minutes of dirty talk and a dick pic. ” Zayn teased, wrapping his arm around Lauren’s shoulder and kissing her cheek. She gasped, “only a quarter of a million? You’re selling pictures of your body to perverts online and only getting 250 grand? Sad. The boxer teased, smirking over at him.

Zayn was truly the only one who really understood her. They could talk to each other like this because they were one and the same. “You’ll never guess who’s in LA, Cam-” Zayn managed to get out before being interrupted by a seemingly uninterested Lauren Jauregui. “We’ve got to get to the store before I have to go. ” Lauren complained, pushing his laptop off of him. He sighed, standing up off of the couch. “Alright, alright. You’re paying, I only have a quarter of a million dollars in the bank you know. “

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