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Fake In The Truman Show Research Paper

Many things in life are said to be true or false by the viewpoint of the individual. They may be pre-determined due to religious beliefs or may be by the way they were taught by observations throughout their life. In 1998, director Peter Weir released his film, The Truman Show, which revolves around a non-fictional character within a fictional world. In The Truman Show, Truman, which is portrayed by Jim Carrey, lives in a normal world, or so he thinks. Truman was born into a reality TV show. From the moment that he was born, his life has been televised.

Everyone in his world from his mom and dad, to even his wife and best friend, are actors. The set takes place in a super-sized dome right above the Hollywood Hills. The creator of this world, Christof, is able to follow Truman’s every step by having over five thousand cameras installed on set. They can be from anywhere to the side of garbage cans and light poles, to even his bathroom mirror and wedding ring. Even though Christof controls most of the actions that Truman encounters through situational set ups, he still has the ability to make his own choices.

This movie raises many questions surrounding the subjects of determinism and free will. Truman, oblivious to the world that he lives in, is a thirty-yearold insurance salesman that lives in the fictional city of Seahaven. He was chosen out of five newborn babies whose mothers couldn’t take care of them. Christof created the set and has constantly been airing Truman’s life since his birth. The concept that he wanted to bring to the viewers was a reality show, which presented a completely unscripted and authentic person, along side with a community of characters. Nothing is fake in Truman’s world, rather controlled.

Chistof is viewed in this film as if he were the God of Truman. He shapes his world through fear and love, but Truman still has the ability to think freely. He lives a normal life as many would see. He has friends, neighbors, collogues, parents, and a wife. He goes to work everyday and lives in what a typical neighborhood would look like. There is one thing that sticks out early in the film, Truman only knows about the town in which he lives in, well, and Fiji. In the opening scene of this film, Truman is stunned to have, what it seems to be a foreign object fall out of the sky and land by his driveway.

To the viewers, you can tell that this object is a stage light if you’ve ever seen one, but Truman has no clue what it is. On his way to work following it, a radio announcer comes on and explains that the object had fallen from an aircraft. This begins to spark suspicion to Truman, about if there is such a world outside of Seahaven. Christof has a way of trying to manipulate what Truman thinks or believes in, through creating such instances during Truman’s everyday life.

During an interview in the film, Christof is asked, “Why do you think Truman has never come close to discovering the true nature of his world? and he responds with the statement, ‘We accept the reality of the world with which is presented”. This spoke volumes to me. How do you know what is actually real life? How do you know that the life that you are living is completely real? How do you know that you’re life isn’t actually a television show? Of course you can’t jump to conclusions about what you are or what the outside world is like along with if you even have a body or that you’re even human (Irwin and Johnson 53). All you know is what you’ve been taught and what you believe.

As the film goes on, more discoveries and flashbacks keep his mind busy. An old high school fling that he had, had never left his mind. He was very attracted to her, but she couldn’t keep the secret from Truman after the guilt approached her. In the process of her revealing to Truman what was really happening, Christof sent in her on-screen dad to stop her from exploiting the truth. When she was being taken away, her dad reassures Truman that he will never see her again because they are moving to Fiji. That was one instance in where Christof controlled the outcome of he situation.

He figured Truman would never reach her in Fiji, because he would never in his life get the chance to get out of Seahaven. But Christof could never fully be in control of Truman’s mind, and that turned out to be an obstacle for him. The set of this eutopia that Christof has created is filled with many stereotypical living conditions that some might be familiar with today. Truman has a beautiful blonde wife and a best friend in which he could hangout with and share beers over conversations. Peter Weir does a great job at relating Truman’s life to a typical person.

He lives in a normal home and does everyday things such as wake up, eat breakfast, and go to work. Most of the society is within the middle class and the environment is filled with sunny days and rainy nights. This concept of his life helps the viewers relate to themselves, and makes them think, your life may also be a television show. A show in which God is the director and you are his star pupil. Your life is shaped by the path that God has set out for you.

Determinism is defined by philosophical view that all physical events are caused but mental processes are uncaused (Philosophy. ander. edu). God gives you the free will to make choices that can lead you to a good or maybe even a bad situation. At the climax of the film, Christof is in the process of presenting the first on screen conception, but Truman has not yet come to an agreement with his wife to do the deed. As much as Christof tries to construct ways to get him to do it, Truman’s free will still stands in the way.

According to Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy “Free will as the capacity unique to persons that allows them to control their actions. In Truman’s case, he does not feel right about it at the time and is starting to lose connection with his wife. The conception never happens and they eventually separate. Christof tries to pursue Truman to go after another girl, but Sylvia, Truman’s high school crush, has continued to stay on his mind. At this point he is extremely determined to find her, even if he has to face his worst fear of all, the ocean. He believes there is a world outside of his and he will not be stopped until he finds it. Treally enjoyed this movie, even though at first glance it did not seem appealing.

Peter Weir does an incredible job by implementing free will and determinism through Truman’s life. Even though Christof has already chosen a path for him, Truman still has the opportunity of decision-making and possible changes in life course. He shows that in physical terms that his life can be manipulated, but mentally speaking cannot be pre determined. I strongly recommend you to watch this film and I think it will definitely be worth your time. It opens up your mind to many possibilities and shows another side to Jim Carrey’s career besides his normal comedic characters. How is it going to end?

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