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Essay on The Robot Invasion Analysis

The word invasion is often defined as the unwanted intrusion of ones personal space. The story “The Robot Invasion” written by Charlie Gillis is about how technology today is immensely strong and intricate that the evolution of robots is increasing as the years move forward. One of the ways technology is invading ones personal space is the use of EZ pass, for many years people would give the money to a person in a toll booth, today whenever someone goes through a toll there is a machine that takes money straight from that persons account without the need for human interaction.

The author Gillis has written a very effective article that uses many emotional appeals that help inform the reader on the use of robots that are affecting people today and how the world could change in the years to come. This is one step on the invasion of robots and the invasion of personal space between people. “ The Robot Invasion”, is about how technology is growing stronger and becoming a threat to human interaction. The use of robots in the workplace is a good thing and also a bad thing.

For example robots are now being used in factories or grocery stores, etc. The good thing about this is that robots will help make the job faster and more efficient due to the computers lack of mistake. The bad thing about technology being used in the workplace is that in the years to come, jobs that are usually run by humans are being taken over by robots, this I happening worldwide wherever technology is used robots are sure to be there. This downfall affects the economic situation between individuals and the interaction between people.

The author’s choice of emotional appeal has helped the article, for example American futurist Thomas Frey predicted that two billion jobs would fall to robots by 2030; that is almost half the employment of the United States. The tone of the article is instructive, because the author is showing the reader the benefits and downfalls of using robots in everyday life. Gillis, (2012) states “ Will need to train people in the skills for the new world to come” (pg. 490).

This reflects back to the tone because it shows that since robots are beginning to take over the world and a lot of the jobs in the United States are going to be lost to robots this forces people to be trained on the new jobs that are going to evolve with the use of robots. Gillis (2012) states “ Robots retain the capacity to stoke out our most atavistic fears”(pg. 490). An inference that can be drawn from that would that humans have flaws and the use of robots can help make up for what humans lack.

For xample if someone had to wash windows on a skyscraper and they were afraid of heights that person wouldn’t do it, but with the use of robots the job will not only be completed but the robot would make sure that the job is taken care of in a very efficient manner. A major downfall of the article is that the author is bias towards one side and that side is supporting the use of robots. For example the only downfall that the author uses is that two billion jobs will be lost with the use of robots. This affects many individuals that are in the workforce, which leads into the intended audience.

The intended audience that this story is written for would be everyday people that are exposed to the new technologies and the author’s word choice makes the reading a lot more understandable to not just adults but some adolescents as well. An example for the intended audience would be that people may see robots being used everywhere and just fail to notice, robots are currently being used in places such as self-checkout, EZ pass, factories, newer cars etc. Also employed individuals would be affected because with the fall of jobs around the U.

S people will lose their jobs and be forced to conform to a life with robots. In terms of word choice the author uses phrases that are hopeful, for example Gillis (2012), states “If flying robots can raise a six – meter tower, why not a skyscraper? ” This phrase is letting the reader know that with the rise of technologies anything is soon to be possible. The word choice that helps the reader understand this is “why not”. The overall feeling the reader gets from the article is that there are endless possibilities in the world of technology.

Robots are invading one’s personal space and taking over the way humans go about their daily lives. There are different types of technology that not only show how far humans have come in the world of technology, but it shows that there are endless possibilities in the technology world. Everyone should read this article because it changes the way one thinks about the evolution of technology and it helps people to understand what really is happening in the world and what the result could be with the use of robots in everyday life.

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