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Essay On History Alive

A fought between the Allied and Axis powers, World War II involved almost all nations. It was known as the “largest and most destructive conflict fought in human history”. No other war has had a higher death rate than World War II. World War II all started with what is known as the Great Depression an time period that swept across the world and wiped many out of work. Industrial Production was cut nearly in half and even Germans exports fell , banks failed and could no longer make loans, many farmers even lost their farm which led to food storage.

A leader named Adolf Hitler then took advantage which started to stir. He and the Nazis promised to impose order , promote their racial politics and create a more profitable Germany. But what was happening was him and others were using military forces to gain territory which began World War II. This should be remembered as an catastrophe that killed and destroyed many people and many things. Referred as Pearl Harbor a surprise attack that was launched by Japan to attack America. This left There was an trade going on but the problem was America and it’s navy stood in the was.

This attack that happened on December 7, 1941 was an deadly and destructive attack that killed over 2, 400 American and destroyed over 347 aircraft leaving many speechless. According to the book “History Alive” the section World War II gives many examples on how and why this war happened. President Franklin said “Yesterday a date which will live in infamy the U. S of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the empire of Japan”. This conveys dying and killing what’s the point that day we can look back and say innocent lives were lost things were destroyed.

Moreover the text “Pearl Harbor” that gives an brief setback if what all happened states “Pearl Harbor remain a symbol of a time and place when the country ignored an all to present danger”. This shows this was the day that the great tragedy of Pearl Harbor happened, this was a day in history that could have and should have been avoided deserved this misfortune might have been prevented and many innocent lives spared. During World War II concentration camps was a major disaster the things that happened would of made you miserable.

Over named the holocaust which began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany on April 1, 1933, the Nazis instigated their first action against German Jews by announcing a boycott of all Jewish-run businesses. After years of the Nazi in charge Jews were consistently persecuted. Hitler’s “final solution” known as the holocaust came to actualization under the cover of world War II. With mass killing centers constructed in the concentration camps of occupied Poland. In the article “Why do we oppose Jews” which is an outline of the natures of Nazi and anti- semitism.

It states “The os the cause and beneficiary of our slavery” but truly the Nazis are. They treated the jews like rats they would usually lie to cover up but life within Nazi concentration camps was on a different level. Prisoners were forced to do hard physical labor and yet given tiny rations. Prisoners slept three or more people per crowded wooden bunk (no mattress or pillow). Torture within the concentration camps was common and deaths were frequent. Based on another text “Concentration camp liberation narrative” which gives examples on people’s narrative surviving these camps.

David Selznick and survivor says “ i watched as they took children to the tip floor of a building and dropped them out the window to a guard who stood on the street, he then picked them up and knocked their heads against the wall”. Kids young or old was being victimize estimated about 1. 6 million kids died during this time period either directly or as a direct consequence of Nazis ations. If they do this to kids then what about middle and old age people wasn’t it worst it was worst for all. Leastly the atomic bomb the death of thousands in a moment, this was the power of the weapon the United States held in their title.

It was nearly the end of World War II only the axis power of Japan stood in the way of the end of the World War. Worried about Nazi Germany’s technological advances earlier in the war, the United States began to research atomic energy and the chance of creating an atomic bomb . When the bombs were created, the arguments for and against the use of it were repellent, tedious, and all comprehensible in some way. In terms of death tolls and destruction Not all of the people in Japan were guilty. Some were innocent, and weren’t even involved.

It just wasn’t very fair to the citizens in Japan. Enola Gay the pilot who flew the bomb to drop over Hiroshima said “I don’t believe anyone ever expected to look at a sight quite like that where we had seen a clear city two minutes before, we could now no longer see the city. We could see smoke and fires creeping up the sides of the mountain. ” Imagine this a bomb dropping wiping out mostly half of the city that was filled with explosives tnt. in an second article “Arguments against the bomb”an objective overview of the decision to use the atomic bomb.

It says “ Hundreds of thousands of civilians including women and children, were vaporized, turned into charred blobs of carbon, horrifically burned, buried in rubble, speared by flying debris, and saturated with radiation”. This has become a huge threat to world peace and had the U. S not played the “Atomic Bomb card”, no one would be facing things like these. Many think and say World War II was a success because economically many people before the war were having a tough time making ends meet.

Once the U. S. ntered the war in 1941 the economy swiftly grew and put many people to work. If Japan wasn’t so selfish and didn’t launched an attack then things wouldn’t of lead up to this. Many men, women and children lost their lives innocent one and even the allies. A quote from Harold Ward stated “It’s not like the movies”. How would you feel if someone you loved died either from pearl harbor, in the holocaust or from the atomic bomb what if that was you. The deaths incurred in World War II make it the bloodiest conflict, as well as the largest war, in history.

If wars were good that means killing is perfectly fine. everyone has mentioned “solving your problems with violence will get you no more than more problems to deal with”. War doesn’t end unless we eliminate all of our enemies which, is not literal. If war was in our home land we all would have much different views on this matter. Killing is never the right answer especially if it’s of the innocent. We are in major debt due to war for god’s sake so obviously we need to find different ways to handle the mess we’ve created.

All in all as you can see the war had many battle that affected all walks of life. There was no real “winner” in any of these battle. Both sides suffered tremendous casualties and in some cases tremendous casualties from just one bomb. World War II will always be considered a dark time in history. the world was changed forever by World War II the war and its ending also brought about enormous population movements. Countries faced massive reconstruction, the defeated had reparations to pay, and war criminals had to be dealt with.

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