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Essay On Columbine High School Shooting

Columbine High School, is home to students who dare to reach the beyond and succeed. However, behind the walls of Columbine High School something far more alarming was occurring. Two students caused Columbine High School to become known for something that was way beyond the understanding of Americans across the Nation. Columbine High School would be the home of the worst high school shooting in U. S history. The “Columbine Massacre” could have been restrained if the students, parents and school had taken reasonability in becoming more actively engaged in each students life both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

As a father and mother theirs to a role to not make’em feel ignore and left alone. According to Trent, “Police believe the boys made bombs in their garage and sawed off shotgun and incriminating diary found in Eric’s room”. There is probable cause and mounting evidence that leads authorities to believe that Eric’s parents must have known their son was in trouble. (Trent). Therefore Brown,Brooks and Rob merritt said “It’s a world where parents, both of whom are working outside the home and wrapped in their own lives”. (Brown and Merritt. pg. 19).

Agreeable but not understandable, is truth that both of whom heads of the house is to leave the house and provide the basic needs in a family, but not to lead out their responsibility and avoid parental involvement at home. At moments no one would think about dangered accepts. The youth’s seek for attention to the unknown to be reveal and become a victim of their own actions. That being the case to Brown and Merritt, the parents are leaving their kids childhood to public schools society, to teachers who are unready both emotionally and logistically . Brown and Merritt,pg. 19).

Parent’s does not need the feel to rely on someone who does not have the same access background knowledge that themselves as parents can provide in closed or open doors, they are the key and guide to make a certain a bright future ahead. Parent’s need to be known as the youth’s first teacher, not the so call teacher in public schools. That being said does not mean their is no place for a school teachers, if not a much more manageable balance attachment within them.

On that account to Brown and Merritt the youth in today’s world are building up in mind taking the directions were is said “the blind leading the blind”. ( Brown and Merritt],14). Some kids tend to know better than others, Some convinced others to follow them in peer pressure. This is where the parent’s role is place to test in having a strong relationship, a agreeable bond within the youth. When religion within public schools is asked to be enforced not everyone agrees with the concept provided among them.

For this reason to Brown and Merritt, were we as a whole are taught from the things we come see and hear among us, and this being gain shapes our beliefs. (Brown and Merritt, pg. 19). School is based on evolution were kids think ahead for themselves and around nature. Were bringing religion to kids is not only to think ahead but embrace themselves appreciating their positions. Teaching them real leadership and satisfaction of the society diversity. Because of this to G. H. Duggan, the leading cause that affected the Columbine High School made America learn by it spiteful experience. (Duggan).

Having this not contribute in public life, is not provoking compassion to others. A little by little blackout to forget and creating forever lasting disruption. That being the situation to Duggan, if the up above if you wanna believe is god if not least a “good” does not exist and there is no further future life, then everything is collapsing without a restrain. (Duggan). Religion to the public school not only it will build up usefulness to students in schools but also affect them in on the long run life time. Respect within each and every other individual is the key to comprehend one another.

Dylan also whom was involved with Eric on The Columbine Massacre were victims of others own violations. As a result to Brown and Merritt, Eric had a dark side that had a violent strain that was build up by the injustice he would see. (Brown and Merritt,pg. 20). Providing one another with respect constructs an environment where the youth would feel setting forth in life, maybe expressing themselves among the rest. Because of that to Brown and Merritt, the youth today are in a place where they are taught that life is harsh, cruel that the people around them are to mean-spirited bullies. Brown and Merritt pg. 20 ).

Having these obstacles around will cramp an individual and will try to seek their way out for satisfaction. Were to this situation respect has no longer itself trusted meaning if not a cover to the wicked mind itself. That being the case to Brown and Merritt, the two whom were involved in provoking the massacre they were frustrated by the rest, like every other young in the world both saw a bitter future for our generation that we now look back at. (Brown and Merritt pg. 0).

This targets the youth ability to enforce themselves in to attack toward one another. The youth will come face to face within their confederation. For all that theirs many problem to come through and observe and analysis for solutions. Parents, schools and companion students are to help one another to get through the obstacles among us, to prevent another dreadful behavior and the stabbing heart of a family. The youth needs its guiding path to go on with and not driven down to a massacre end.

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