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El Patron Analysis Essay

16:01 El Patron Analysis El Patron Analysis By The climax of the story is when Matt finds out the purpose clones serve. This is the climax because it is the major problem in this story. If El Patron needs an organ, then Matt is the person for El Patron to turn to even if Matt doesn’t want to donate. Shortly after Matt finds out, El Patron passes out at Emilia and Steven’s wedding and needs an organ from Matt. Celia tells El Patron that when he had a heart attack a while ago, Celia poisoned Matt just enough so that his heart wouldn’t be stable enough to implant.

El Patron, shocked, dies a few minutes later. Mr. Alacran tells Matt that they have no use for him and orders for Matt to be killed. Matt then finds a way to escape from the help of Tam Lin. I think that the author had an effective ending. It ends by having Matt take El Patron’s place. It is by law that if there are two of the same people in this world at the same time, one must be named non-human. When El Patron died, Matt automatically takes the place of El Patron in addition to everything El Patron owned.

Matt tells what his plans are for the future with El Patron’s power. He wants to help all the children, from the orphanage he was in, find their parents and figure out a way to reverse eejits. This has the reader wanting to read more by causing the reader to have questions. The reader may wonder if Matt can reverse eejits and what would happen to the children at the orphanage. I think that this would only be an effective ending if this story had more than one book.

This story has two books about it, but if there were only one book, this ending would not be effective because the story ends right after a new beginning 1 OF 3 I think that if the story was told from a different character’s point of view, the reader would think that what is now thought of evil is normal. From Matt’s point of view, we see that it is wrong for El Patron to use Matt just for organs like the other clones are used for.

However, if the point of view was from a different character, for example, El Patron, the reader might think it is perfectly normal for Matt to be used just for organs. El Patron believes he deserves to have the lives that his siblings have lost and that he also gives the clones a better life than they deserve by educating them and treating them like his own children instead of blunting their brains when they are harvested. In El Patron’s point of view, the reader may think that Matt is being ungrateful.

If the reader read the part regarding Celia poisoning Matt just enough so that El Patron could not use his organs in El Patron’s point of view, they feel that El Patron has been betrayed while in Matt’s point of view, the reader may think that it is actually something very heroic that Celia did. An example of being biased for who represents the villain of the story is when you are watching a documentary. For example, if you were watching a documentary about a certain predator and they were hunting prey, you would most likely be on the predator’s side, hoping it could catch its prey.

If it were the prey being chased by the predator, you would most likely be on the prey’s side, hoping the prey could escape. The main idea of the story is about El Patron using Matt for organs. In the beginning, Matt thinks that he was harvested as a child for El Patron. Matt is unsure of why other clones brains are blunted at birth just to be kept in a cell. For the first 13 years in his life, he struggled to be accepted, not thinking what the purpose is of him being cloned.

Most people who know he is a clone still do not accept him, but when Matt found out that clones are used for organs, he needed to save himself. I think that the main idea of this story is that you shouldn’t ruin other people’s lives to make yours better. El Patron has thousands of people working for him while around half of them are made into eejits. That means people who were once normal humans, had a computer chip inserted into their brain, causing them to act like robots, meaning that they only perform actions of what their master asks them.

El Patron also has clones that are given normal human life just to be used as organs for himself when he needs it. He has lived longer than he needs to and having the power to make anyone an eejit, people end up betraying him and faking to be his friend. Any friend or family member never treated El Patron normally after he took the life of his first clone and was never very happy after that. Therefore, he was self-centered and everyone ended up betraying him.

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