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Do Vaccines Matter

Do Vaccines Matter? Most people have gone to the pediatricians since they were a week old and would not remember the total amount of shots they got and the possible pain endorsed. Parents can recall more than 30 shots that had occurred before their child has gone to kindergarten. In the past few years the debate on vaccines has become a popular topic. The anti-vaccine believers have their own impressions of the vaccines once being put into the body, but don’t always understand the benefits of these vaccines. Vaccinations should be mandatory because modernizations of the vaccines and possibly stop of harmful and deadly diseases.

Vaccines have been tracked to China around 1000 CE later practiced in Africa,Turkey, Europe and America which makes them older than what most think. Early pioneers commonly talked about when it comes to vaccines include Jenner, Pasteur, and other European scientists. Edward Jenner created the vaccine for smallpox by the use of cowpox material in 1796. Then in 1885 Louis Pasteur’s rabies vaccine impacted on human disease followed by vaccines to fight against anthrax, diphtheria, cholera, plague, tetanus, typhoid, tuberculosis, and more developed through the 19th century.

The 20th century was the time period of vaccine research and development that led to rapid discoveries and innovations to find cures for common diseases. Innovative techniques, including DNA technology and the human genome project, allowed scientists to be able to research in many different directions; to focus on non-infectious conditions like allergies and move to more complex and difficult conditions. Procon. com backed the idea of vaccines can save lives but it is your decision to die or live stated ? The American Academy of Pediatrics stated the following in their handout: Vaccine Safety: The Facts,”: “Vaccines save lives and protect against the spread of disease. If you decide not to immunize your child, you put your child at risk. Your child could catch a disease that is dangerous or deadly. Getting vaccinated is much better than getting the disease… Vaccines work. They have kept children healthy and have saved millions of lives for more than 50 years. ”(procon. org)

Because of the developing solutions to deathly diseases most childhood vaccines are 90% to 99% effective in prevention (aap. rg) and safer than they have ever been before shown by an another quote by Procion. org stating that “All vaccines must be tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA will not let a vaccine be given unless it has been proven to be safe and to work well in children… Vaccines are necessary… in many parts of the world many vaccine-preventable diseases are still common. ” (procon. org). The FDA is a certified group whose facts impact basically everything that can be put into a mouth.

Disagreeing with vaccines certified by FDA is like the FDA taking your favorite bag of chips and making you and everyone else sick. Vaccines have modernized in both legal and medically ways. Vaccines have been brought up in a court of law but many people believe that it is a right of parent and oneself to choose whether or not to put these vaccines into the body. Many believe that vaccines are against the first amendment rights and feel it’s unconstitutional for vaccines to become a law. Making vaccines a law is a sticky situation because every roadway has a block.

In the 18th century lawmaker came up with a law defined as “The Vaccination Act of 1898 removed penalties and included a ‘conscientious objector’ clause, so that parents who did not believe in vaccinations safety or efficacy could obtain an exemption certificate”(National Foundation For Infectious Diseases). The laws tried to make it easy for parent, but it didn’t help because later it was changed by 1898 and 1907 Acts whose principles were not the same as the Act of 1898. Vaccines will definitely be regulated for laws and more acts mostly sometime in the 20th century because of the safety well developed and modernized vaccines.

A Representative of Colorado’s Health, Environment, Welfare and Institutions committee, Marcy Morrison says about vaccines “All states require that children use seat belts or car seats to prevent injuries even though there are certainly instances when wearing a seat belt actually causes more serious injuries or even death. In making decisions about public health issues such as seat belt laws or immunizations, we as policymakers must constantly weigh the public benefits against individual freedoms combined with the newest research to ensure that the policies are providing the largest benefit to the largest group.

Immunizations for children clearly fall into this same category… Above all, we must make decisions that protect the public health”(Vaccinations Under Scrutiny: An Overview). The law makers really need to take into consideration what Marcy Morrison states about vaccines and seat belts it’s a matter of life and death in this the vaccines situation. The spread of most diseases have stopped being a threat to society, but it does not mean they are not capable to catch. The history of epidemics consisting of vaccinable diseases like plague, measles, and smallpox dating back to prior 15th century.

The death counts varied from 50,000 people to millions of people. The development of vaccines have gotten the death count down to a few thousand. Around the world millions die from preventable diseases because they do not the vaccines needed to save their lives, UXL Encyclopedia of Science states “Millions of people, mostly children, die needlessly every year from preventable diseases. Worldwide each year, measles kills 140,000 children, whooping cough kills 195,000, tetanus kills 200,000, and yellow fever kills 30,000. ”(UXL Encyclopedia of Science).

Not to mention the diseases that are almost incurable death rates are lower that preventable diseases: “In the US, vaccine-preventable infections kill more individuals annually than HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, or traffic accidents. Approximately 50,000 adults die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases in the US. ”(National Foundation For Infectious Diseases). It’s insane that the death rate of preventable diseases is so high because with one shot those who have died could be living right now causing epidemics to still happen today.

Epidemics need to be stopped and vaccines could do it over time. Anti-vaccination believers believe it’s against religions, components of vaccines and the negative history of them give the anti-vaccination bieber’s ammo to back up their beliefs. When a patient goes to the doctor’s office and gets medicine they get an ingredient label telling the the patient about everything that is in the medicine but when a patient gets a shot a doctor never comes in and gives a patient the ingredient label for a vaccine, the article Anti-Vaccination Movement states information on some ingredients of vaccines, Many vaccine opponents allege that certain ingredients in vaccine formulations, such as mercury-containing compounds used as preservatives, are toxic factors responsible for causing diseases and disabilities.

Some vaccine opponents also charge that vaccines contain ingredients derived from aborted human fetuses, and that aborted fetuses are regularly used to make vaccines. ”(Smuskiewicz). Aborted children go into some vaccines and that is put into a living human body; That is crazy.

Citizens have no clue what goes into the vaccine it could be plasma or something that helps the body recover it is not like doctor kill children to use them for the vaccine the fetuses are aborted. The other problem with began with Edward Jenner and a case of smallpox story in Opposition to Vaccines Has Existed as Long as Vaccination Itself states “Widespread smallpox vaccination began in the early 1800s, following Edward Jenner’s cowpox experiments, in which he showed that he could protect a child from smallpox if he infected him or her with lymph from a cowpox blister.

Jenner’s ideas were novel for his time, however, and they were met with immediate public criticism. The rationale for this criticism varied, and included sanitary, religious, scientific, and political objections. ”(Opposition to Vaccines Has Existed as Long as Vaccination Itself). Edward Jenner’s novel states how society saw a case of children smallpox had so much criticism because of the vaccines were totally against religion, and other beliefs of people at that time.

That happened in the 18th century it is the 20th century now and vaccines have gone a long way and are not like the 18th century vaccines anymore then are better and more reliable. The times have changed and society also states that they do not want to get vaccines because it causes Autism. Autism is referred to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences according to Autism Speaks (Autism Speaks).

Parents blame vaccines for issues with their children because their child’s speaking is stopped or slowed or deteriorating behavior. A. J Smuskiewicz states in defense of vaccines ” Public health experts note that all reliable scientific data shows that any side effects and complications that might occur with vaccines are usually minor and within acceptable risk limits”(Smuskiewicz). He defends vaccines through an unstated study about how vaccines usually have small implications and autism is a large implication and autism may not be related to vaccines.

Another study done in 2001 states that there isn’t enough information to say vaccines cause Autism and they have not found a connection between them yet stated in the Vaccinations Under Scrutiny: An Overview, “In 2001, The Institute of Medicine’s Immunization Safety Review Committee issued a report concluding that there was not enough evidence to prove or disprove claims that thimerosal in childhood vaccines causes autism, attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder, or speech or language delay.

A more recent report by the committee “favors rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism. ” Even with this finding, some researchers continue to study the possible links between thimerosal and autism” (Vaccinations Under Scrutiny: An Overview). Parents should not blame vaccines for their child’s Autism there is not nearly enough information to back up these assumptions. Vaccines have advantages that can save the people around the world from surrage and death but can have some implications that can not help from happening.

Vaccinations should be mandatory because modernizations of the vaccines and possible stop of harmful and deadly diseases. Vaccines have been a being impact to the health to day and knowing these two sides without a doubt I would support vaccines because they might not have the most appealing things going into it but it’s the choice on whether to die or not. It’s a decision everyone face now or in the future. What will you decide to do?

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