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Decade of Computer Technology

This decade is the decade of computers. There are so many advancements and improvements because of them. Computers have made everyday life convenient. Everyone needs to be computer literate to function in the world today. Kids in elementary schools are using computers everyday. All the new opportunity that computers give makes it more convenient for people. Thanks to people such as David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo! We can search the world at our fingertips. People can work from home, order food, clothes, plane tickets, prescriptions and a number of things without stepping foot outside.

Bank accounts are accessible and paying bills online are another few things that makes our life a little more convenient. Even online dating has become a trend, meeting hundreds of people in one day sending pictures to family and potential mates over the internet without leaving your home. David Filo, one of the founders of Yahoo. com was raised in Moss Bluff, Louisiana and attended Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana (David Filo). He is significant because he is a millionaire from the local area.

While working on a University project together Filo and Yang came up with an idea to provide kind of a road map for online users. They designed some crude software that organized pages into topics and that could be used immediately to link to those pages. In early 1994, Jerry and Davids Guide to the World Wide Web was born. The two provided service free to all Stanford users. Later that summer, the system was dubbed Yahoo! Or Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle (David Filo). By the summer of 1995, Yahoo! was rapidly establishing itself in the online world.

Netscape Navigator directory button on their interface which linked users to Yahoo! Yahoo! Also scored points when it developed a personalized page called My Yahoo! , which allows users to customize the Yahoo! Page with all the links that interest them the most. A popular culture aficionado, for example, could design a page with links to movies and music data and reviews, celebrity sites, online magazines and more, while a business executive may want to pull up business periodicals and other relevant news sources, stock quotes and competitors home pages.

Early in 1996, they later added a get local option, which included sites containing information specific to certain cities in the United States (David Filo). In 1999, the companys revenues more than doubled to $589 million and Yahoo! Posted a profit of $61 million that year. Yahoo! Had grown from 386 employees in 1997 to 803 in 1998 and then to 1,992 in 1999. It had by that time established local operations in 15 countries, and its web site was getting five times as many daily visitors as AOL subscribers. By March 2000, with a personal worth in excess of $7. illion, Filo was definitely in the dough (The Yahoo Story).

David Filo, a very important figure in this computer decade. He has made an impact in many people lives. If there was no David Filo, then there would be no Yahoo! Makes you wonder where society would be without the invention of Yahoo! Computer Criminals There are always disadvantages to things as well as the advantages. When it comes to computers viruses and hackers are the disadvantages. Hackers are able to break into computer files and steal valuable information and sell to other countries or companies.

Criminals flood your system with viruses through your email to destroy files on computers so companies and civilians can not use their computer or access certain company accounts. Computer owners have gotten smart to viruses by making sure they have an anti-virus program on their system. Everyday anti-virus programmers are coming up with new programs to keep up with the new viruses that come out everyday. Although computers have been a great asset to our society, I still think we should come up with a back up plan.

There is too much important information that computers hold to put all our faith in them. It makes us to vulnerable. It is ashamed that there are people out there that just love to cause disasters such as this. This generation is so in tune with all the new technology of computers that kids as young as fifteen years old have been arrested for hacking in government files. Regardless of the age computer hacking is a crime and consequences still apply. Computer companies such as Microsoft are also taking action against these hackers by updating new virus protection programs to safe guard computers.

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