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Comparing Two Advertisements

What makes commercials in the twenty-first century popular or successful? What are commercial demanding from us and what are we demanding from commercial? These are just a few questions commercial viewers should frequently be asking themselves. Most commercial produces in this century, use special techniques to attract certain viewer and their emotions. In this essay, the writer will compare and contrast two different commercial ads. Two commercial ads that have grasp the writers attention are Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes and Victoria’s Secret “Forever Sexy” Fragrance.

These two commercial acquire costumers by using different techniques that appeal to viewers emotions. First, we have the Victoria’s Secret “Forever Sexy” Fragrance, this ads uses all sorts of techniques to cling to both male and female audience. The ad includes an attractive women, half dressed, and a dark background. This ad was setup in the certain way, in order to attract the viewer attention and concentrate mainly on the half naked model.

In the ad, the Victoria’s Secret “Forever Sexy” Fragrance is promoted as “sexy”, in order to attract female attention and pursued their emotions to purchase this product that will make you feel “sexy” if you apply it into your daily routine. In the other hand, we have the male audience being attracted to the ad, due to the reason of the half naked women holding the fragrance. This ad. uses exotic make-up to manipulate the customers mind into assuming that if they use the fragrance their looks will appear as the model.

It also uses eye contact, the model is staring right at the camera, in order to intimidate viewers and capture their complete attention towards the ad. The fragrance bottle is not a huge part of the ad in general, due to the fact that the viewers attention should not be focus on the fragrance, rather be focus on the model and her appearance. The charcoal dark background is use to resemble a complete darkness and just allow the viewers attention to focus directly on the model and the fragrance bottle, nothing else only those two items.

The reason why this technique is used, is to portrait what the company wants viewers to be focus without any distractions. In general, all these techniques have one purpose, to obtain viewers to purchase their product by persuading their emotions and feeling towards their advantage. The creators of this advertisement is using pathos to attract women attention, by promoting this fragrance with a “perfect body and sexy” model on the ad. Next, we have the Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes, this ads uses similar, yet total opposite techniques from the Victoria’s Secret “Forever Sexy” Fragrance.

The Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes is promoting their new and comfortable shoes. In the Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes, the model is laying on a bed with white sheets, making her the only focus of the ad itself. The model is laying naked only using the product and covered by some white sheets. The reason for the bright white background is to focus on both the product and the model. This ad uses the technique of humor, by providing the slogan “So comfortable you’ll forget you have them on. ” The reason why this causes a bit of humor is because the model is already in bed.

She is ready to sleep, when she realize her shoes are still on. After realizing this, she starts laughing at herself and removes her Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes. In the ad, viewers will notice that the model is looking away from the camera, this is due the reason that the Reebok Company want viewers not to feel intimidated, but rather feel a connection with the model. The complete look of this ad is a fresh clean look, the reason for this is to remind viewers that after they wear their comfortable shoes, they will still feel fresh and clean when they get home after a long day.

The ad goes on describing how the shoes were designed for athletes and for those who just have a long day on a daily routine, it describes how this shoes were made to travel and take on whatever life brings your way. In the television commercial, this ad provides multiple neon colors to grasp viewers attention and convincing viewers to purchase the Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes, due to the fact that Reebok have provided the viewers favorite color.

In general, all the techniques used in the Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes ad was to capture the viewers attention and building a emotional relationship, in order to persuade them to purchase their product. In additional, both of the Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes and Victoria’s Secret “Forever Sexy” Fragrance ads, have some similarities that play a huge role in the whole ad itself. Both of these ads use the following techniques: celebrities, sexual appeal, present product and basic backgrounds.

Both ads use famous and recognized Celebrities, such as Miranda Kerr (Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes) and Taylor Marie Hill (Victoria’s Secret “Forever Sexy” Fragrance). The reason why both these ads use celebrities to capture viewers attention even more, especially females. Females nowadays are always following new trends, styles and fashion. If a company has a famous known celebrity using those products, the chances are that females will be more willing to purchase the products, due to the fact that celebrities are using and promoting them.

Sexual Appeal is one of the main techniques used in both ads, in order to capture both genders attention. On both ads, viewers can find an attractive half dressed model promoting the either the Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes or Victoria’s Secret “Forever Sexy” Fragrance products. The whole sexual appeal aspect is to raise the products sales and the product popularity. The reason why the sexual appeal technique works for both gender parities, is due to the fact that a half dressed women will always capture any males attention at any point of their life and daily time.

Meanwhile, a half dressed women will always capture another women attention either to criticized or admire them, nevertheless, it still captures their attention. Another techniques both ads use, is a basic plain background, this techniques is use to provide full attention towards the product and the model. A plain blank background will automatically attract viewers towards the main product, the most attracting thing located in the ad, which is most ads would be the product.

The reason why both ads placed a blank plain background was to divert viewers attention towards their product and the celebrity promoting the product. In both ads the focus is mostly directed towards the model, their facial and body expression. Another great reason why these products might be successful, is because both ads actually present the product within the great eyes reach. Both ads have the celebrity models wearing or promoting the product within the ad. This techniques work best because the product itself has a bigger role by the model presenting it, rather than the product just sitting on a side of the ad.

In general, all these different techniques are used to focus the viewer attention from all their surrounding to the specific ads. In conclusion, both of these ads have similarities and differences that make both ads unique and admirable. All the techniques used in both ads have one main purpose, to capture viewers attention and pursued them to purchase their “extraordinary” product. Both the Reebok “Skyscape” Shoes and Victoria’s Secret “Forever Sexy” Fragrance acquire costumers attention, by using different techniques that appeal to viewers emotion.

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