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Everyone goes through this journey in his or life. Some fare better than others do; yet we all strive onward. The journey in I am discussing is the schooling system. It is set up for an individual to progress gradually through levels; each designed specifically for stage in which the mind is, at that point in time. Some may agree and some will disagree, but the reality is everyone is graded throughout his or life according to school when it is the knowledge learned outside of class, which makes the difference.

Looking back on my previous years of schooling, I have noticed that many of the subjects covered in school do not exactly deal with the real world. For instance, when is the last time someone has used the number x giving the price of an item There is no number x. Or when has someone asked for the year in which Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. These are facts of useless information. Unfortunately, these facts must be known for a person to reach the next level of learning (grade).

I do not understand why classes are not taught for an individual to learn how to change the oil in his or her car or even change the tires, common material needed for everyday life. Many times though I remember the teachers whose job was to teach the students these useless facts and theories. I often admired many of them for the pure reason of them trying to adapt their teachings to real world subjects. They understood that everything that they teach their students is not going to be used, but they know that it will make them a well-rounded individual.

Teachers know when students do not care a lot about the subject in which they teach, as Terkel says in his essay, so they use tricks to enchant the minds of the students. Falling asleep is a tendency of the students, Kelly states. History teachers for example usually talk about current events that all the students are familiar with and then tie the history event with the current event. Science teachers will conduct experiments using paper airplanes and lipstick to bring an idea across to every student. In his essay, Neusner explains different grading policies for students to grade their teachers.

Students should look at teachers as teachers look at students, he explains. I believe that if a teacher can make any class interesting, he or she is one of the best. Currently I am attending college. It is a whole different ballgame in a way. College is progressing the skills in which students think they do not need into valuable traits for their future job. It is learning how the real world views different points and how you can view them the same way. For instance, the University of Cincinnati developed a co-op program for certain majors.

This can mature a lot of minds by them working with a company who is in the field of the students future field of work. College is also a time of freedom in a way. For many students it is their first trip away from their parents. Budgeting time out of the day to accomplish all that needs to be done usually is the main downfall of college students. I have learned very quickly that learning just book knowledge is not enough. By learning to accomplish tasks on time without always having a guiding figure present at all time is one of the most important ideas that a student will learn.

How to balance out studying, partying, spending money, and so forth. Money is one of the largest problems in college. Students find themselves spending so much money and not realizing it till it is too late. Going out to bars, book fees, university fees, just loose cash in general being spent on miscellaneous items are just some examples. Loans can help, but that is still money, which has to be paid back at a later date in time. This brings me back to my theory that whatever that a student accomplished in previous years makes a difference. If a students grades were high, he or she could have received scholarships.

Opportunities are often missed because of unawareness, King states in her essay. Not knowing where the money is coming form is usually a bad deal, she says. After college, the work career starts. A person receives a job basically based on his performance in school. If they did an outstanding job in school, his position will reflect that and just the opposite. Students do not realize the rewards and consequences of an education. Even though it may seem time consuming and ridiculous at times, it develops the career and life in general for a person.

If that person also devoted time from the day during college, it will be benefited here greatly. The work force depends on workers with people skills. Without them no communication would take place. Learning is a very broad word in a sense. Someone could take it to mean just learn on fact, others could take it as an experience. Students should learn to take it to mean both definitions if they plan on succeeding in life. The more learning that a person exposes himself to the better off he is going to be in life, in general.

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