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Buddhist Views On Human Dissatisfaction

According to Buddhist views on human dissatisfaction is caused due to ignorance, which is based off the people who make high expectations which leads them to a high chance of dissatisfaction. Dukkha is “suffering” meaning ‘bad space’ which is saying we must face the reality of things and know that our expectations at times are not able to be met. Dukkha is the truth, the truth we chose to not hear because we simply do not wanna hear because we do not like it.

When these expectations are not meat it leads to unhappiness and human dissatisfaction meaning we will not find happiness if we continue to think like this. However us humans do not like to accept the existence of things because according to Buddhism, Anicca is the illusion that things on the universe are real, however they are made up in our minds and are not real. Anicca is believed that everything just simply happens and the material is simply just a motion. Sukka is “good space” this is when we take responsibility for our actions of what we are doing.

Buddhism suggest that humans should strive to better our situations and others as well and should not live with certain expectations. We must remember that Buddhism is taught that we create our own unhappiness because we chose to ignore the truth of things which is why we are dissatisfied as humans. As said in the reading its hard to train something that likes to wander where it chooses to go and makes its own decisions, however with the ‘turning’ of Sukka what is need for a change of dissatisfaction is effort to change what you chose to do to what is chosen for you to do.

Emptiness is the concept of having put effort into the into a healthier life because doing nothing is doing something because it allows things to naturally fall into place. Jesus believes that we as people are put on earth by God to figure out who we are and if we choose to follow God. He proposed that we as people were put on this earth not to be good but to do good, meaning we are born by God not commanded to do good but we have the choice to do good with the right knowledge given to us.

We as humans make the decisions to do right or wrong, we have a choice between following God and Jesus or fall down the wrong path, we have the power to make the proper decisions in life. We must understand agape and knowing that we must forgive those who are our enemies because that is the best form of revenge you can give someone who’s done you wrong; you must love those who love you, but love those even more who’ve done you wrong. He says this because forgiveness the strongest power in Gods eyes to show someone that you can forgive those who’ve trespassed against us to help us from falling to darkness.

When Jesus told the Pharisees that the kingdom is within him he was telling them for as long as the have there heart and mind with God his kingdom will always be with them therefore they must not look for his kingdom as a figure form that only comes when good is being done, however they shall look at it as if trust and faith are put into God his kingdom will always be within them. Kenosis is the center of the theory behind all of Jesus theory because kenosis is the rejection of Gods nature of others by the out come of Christ’s suffering pain as a human.

Kenosis shows that humans need to follow agape of loving thy neighbor but also loving thy enemy more because they did not follow the practice of God. Jesus is believed that there is new life to be found in Metanoia, which is the change of heart and mind, because we must not use evil as power rather we must change our heart along with our minds to allow us to have God guide us. This is different from other religions because it allows you to change rather than to obtain to expectations of do this do that as this is saying change who on your own belief there the light and power of God if you choose.

Daoism is the practice of ‘not doing and everything will fall into place’ meaning exactly as its being said if you let things just happen it will fall into place unless you try to change it things will go wrong and nothing will go right because its course of nature will be changed. The teaching of Daoism is that everything has its place in the universe including people, thus creating everything perfectly. The only way things will not be perfect is if something has changed its course of nature and fallen from the harmonious structure that was created for it.

In order to find ones self is to find Dao, is your path, and to find Dao is to find yourself. Dao is the meaning of your life it is your purpose and motive, it is the principle of Yin and Yang of natural order. The Dao is like a life cycle on repeat that doesn’t have a changed pattern ever unless we choose to change it which causes things to go wrong. We humans tend to think artificial things which is why our things never tend to go the way we want them to because we change of nature of things.

Daoism understands the human problem by allowing things to just happen and it will solve it self in its own nature. The Wu Wei is the self honesty and truthfulness to oneself. The Pu is the original self thus the self that is naturally given. The Daoist want to recover the idea of Wu Wei to bring back the originality of Dao which is the way of life that is naturally chosen. We as humans tend to follow certain beliefs and we all have our own beliefs and religions we follow, on the other hand I believe that many of us don’t follow them truly.

We like to believe that we are true to them and we do not disobey them and we are true to our Gods however as i see it we all Sin and tend to stray away from our practice. We may say on one hand that we follow buddha’s practices of Dukka and Sukha then turn right arounds and do the complete opposite of that practice. Therefore I believe no one is true to their practice of faith, we do not live to our true fullest potential that we are supposed.

Many of us do not like to let things happen as in the practice of Daoism we like to take full complete control over everything which going against the religious practice, they want us to allow things to fall into place and not to interfere with that at all because it cause human dissatisfaction which many of us are victims of. However I do believe we (as humans) have figured a way to make life work around these practices of faith because some of us find a temporary patch of satisfaction with not following these so called rules.

We’ve in a sense found a loop hole to satisfy our pleasures, we’ve been able to interfere with our paths of nature and still have a pleasing result. For example, we are just enjoying our day when you decide to be spontaneous and take a road trip to somewhere and the outcomes is amazing. However I do value some of these perspectives because I did grow up in a Catholic house hold, Jesus practice of agape and metanoia is important to me however I do lack practice of it from myself.

I do believe the best kind of revenge is forgiveness because it allows you to grow on a spiritual level, also it builds a stronger connection with God. Second God does give us the opportunity to be good we have the choice to follow him or fall into darkness with Juda we chose our paths. Also humans have a sense of life but I don’t believe they are falling down the right path the relationship isn’t strong it “turned” because we don’t have a clear understanding of what the meaning of life truly is, we have the slightest idea of what it simply is.

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