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Are Humans Inherently Good Essay

When you are posed with the question if human beings are inherently good or bad, you often find yourself floundered to find an answer. It is a fundamental question with no definite answer, only your conception of situations and human beings. People often look for the bad in the world, they point out the negative things instead of the positive because that’s what people want to hear about. The positive things are overlooked, which concludes with people believing that humans are inherently bad.

Unfortunately, they do not recognize the many positive actions of others. Humans, when born, naturally crave love and affection. They are born without greed or desire. Mankind is inherently good, as demonstrated in the novel Night written by Elie Wiesel and by humans that contribute to selfless and helpful acts towards others during difficult times. An example of humans being naturally good is displayed in the novel, Night. During the harsh times of the Holocaust, many German soldiers were put in charge to harm Jews and rid of their existence.

Some might consider this an act of evilness, but many do not recognize that many soldiers were forced into these positions and their environment had propagandized false accusations against the group of people, which filled them with hatred. Some of these German soldiers were able to avoid these allegations, but were put into these unfortunate positions to seize Jews. One of these guards was a young Pole who was in charge of Elie’s group. He gave them a prayer, or as he told them, “advice” to let there be camaraderie among them and they are all brothers that share the same fate and must help each other to survive (Wiesel 41).

These words were the most humane words spoken to the prisoners. This shows that regardless of their position, many of these guards still cared for others; they were appointed to these jobs that they were not capable of maintaining. This also proves that not all the people situated with the Holocaust were inherently bad; they ensconced the scared Jews, proving that their natural instincts were to help, making them inherently good. Another example of humans being inherently good is shown throughout our everyday lives as natural disasters occur.

How can people argue that humans are born evil when their natural instinct is to help others? This instance is shown when natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, strike and devastate the lives of many. Instead of angry hordes looting the abandoned areas, civilization banded together in these times to help each other. According to the MH School, “Natural disasters like Katrina unite us all in our desire to help those in need. Good citizens do what they can to offer assistance. Some go directly to the hardest hit areas and lend their skills and talents.

Others help to gather food, clothing, and money to send to the region. Children with little money of their own organized bake sales and lemonade stands to help raise funds for relief efforts. In the worst of all circumstances, all of these people acted on their best instincts. ” Many citizens do what they can to help others in moments of despair. People have a predisposition to not be discourteous when others are struggling. This shows that peoples’ natural instincts are to be selfless and helpful to others through difficult times.

Although humanity is inherently good, there are people who often argue that mankind is inherently evil. They state that there is such wickedness in humans, such as serial killers and murders. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Peter Sutcliffe are all people who killed others without mercy. Nevertheless, many people do not realize that they act this way due to their environment. People don’t kill just to kill, there is a reason behind it, and that reason is either due to previous wrongdoings or for revenge.

Kara Gillich, a student at Bryn Mawr College, wrote, “We are shaped entirely by our circumstances and environment. ” This statement contributes to the current nature vs. nurture argument. People dispute that our behavior is based on the way we are treated and the area we are raised in. This reinforces the thought that these criminals are not naturally rancorous and it’s our environments that depict our actions. Humans are like blank canvases in which their environment gently adds color of good or bad. In other words, humans are born innocent.

We are all innocent, but flawed. Children are easily shaped and affected, which is what causes them to transform their personalities. From an evolutionary standpoint, people are inclined to help others to keep the species alive. This furthermore proves that humans are inherently good. Our environment sometimes produces negative vibes which cause people to respond negatively. However, our natural tendencies are to be caring and loving, as shown in the novel Night and in many occurrences throughout the world.

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