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Animal Testing Effectiveness

Advertising in general is made to give information to people about products or campaigns that can be promoted through magazines, newspapers, television, social media, and many more options. Most of the time advertising is typically used to appeal to a certain race, sex, social class, or even a certain country. Advertising in a certain country is made to make sure that advertising meets the cultural needs of that particular audience. There are many goals that are achieved when advertising is occurring.

Maybe the advertisement is trying to get first-time users to use their product, or maybe they are trying to get regular buyers to continue buying their product. The process of advertisement can be quite expensive or sometimes really inexpensive. For example, if you were to make a commercial promoting a product or campaign, the cost of that would be very expensive. If someone were to make posters or handmade banners it would be very inexpensive. Advertising all began in the 1880s, when the industry consisted of manufactured things like canned food to cigarettes being sold around the nation.

New techniques were formed to persuade buyers. Along with manufactures, there were other businesses also turned to advertising. Around that time department stores like: Wanamaker’s, Macys, and Marshall Field’s began to pioneer new advertising styles. They would advertise over the radio and make flyers all of the town to catch the consumers attention. Advertising back in the day was a lot more difficult than advertising is now. Web Advertising is popular in today’s generation. It has become so popular because of the population that uses the internet.

The online world presents promoters with amazing opportunities and even challenges throughout the process. The challenges vary. It becomes very difficult for the users of the World Wide Web to engage in an advertisement, because they are exposed to hundreds to thousands of advertisements on a day to day basis. The fact that they are seeing many advertisements makes it harder for them to have any value or interest in a specific ad. Print advertising is a form of advertisement that uses sources such as: Posters, magazines, digital media and newspapers.

These sources are uses to reach a well-rounded audience. Online advertisers use banner ads and social media to catch the audience’s attention more. In newspapers, there is a wide range of different types of newspapers. For example, they can use; local, regional, or national titles that can be published every day at any time of the year. Magazines are used for a wide range of interests such as sports, fashion, health and hobbies. Many people from the business industry use this specific advertisement type. Either using Web or Print Advertising they are both used to connect to an audience.

Generally, for animal cruelty, they are mostly advertised through the internet and television. Throughout TV, they have the “American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” (ASPCA) campaign commercials. The commercials are all about the neglect and abuse of animals, specifically dogs and cats. In a year more than two thousand dogs, cats, and horses are reported abused or neglected. It is said that sixty-four percent of dogs, eighteen percent being cats, and twenty-five percent of horses are victim of abuse a year.

These advertisements and campaigns are trying to persuade other to report animal abuse if they see it and to look out and care for the animals of America and all around. ASPCA targets a more sensitive audience and mostly people who love animals and are religious. The reasoning behind that is because people who love animals, would like to see justice be served on the animal abuse and neglect going around. Religious people, because, they are already prone to knowing hurting people is wrong they will feel the same way about animals. Just because it is not written in the bible saying “thall shall not hurt animals” does not mean you have to.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group are trying to convince us to put an end to all animal abuse, neglect, testing and killing. In a year 56 billion farmed animals are killed a year by humans to be made into food. 100 million animals are tested a year on cosmetics, skin care, and many more chemicals. My specific advertisement is on animal testing. Animal testing is when people test makeup and other products on animals and can harm or even kill animals. Thousands of mice, guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits suffer and die in testing every year just in the United States alone.

The brands go that are used and tested on animals, such as; Mac cosmetics, toothpastes, shampoo, skin creams, and many more products. It is said that taxpayers and health charities fund experiments on animals. Animals are used in tests conducted as part of a massive testing program that are often funded by United States tax buyer’s money. Departments like the Food and Drug Administration, The Environmental Protection Agency, and The National Toxicology Programs are the government agencies that subject animals to animal testing.

Skin and eye irritation tests are used on rabbits where the chemicals are rubbed on the rabbits shaved skin or dripped in their eyes while the rabbits are restrained. Guinea pigs, rats, and rabbits are also used in “Lethal Dose” tests. During this process animals are forced to swallow enormous amounts of a current chemical to determine the dose that causes death. Drugs being cleared by animals can still become disastrous in humans. All of the animals that are used for testing are repeatedly force fed to look for signals of any illnesses or health hazards such as cancer or birth defects.

After all of the testing is over for the animals. They are killed after that. Their neck is either broken or they go through decapitation. If companies were to quit testing products on animals, they would still be able to sell and produce their products. They would just have to choose to create them using ingredients that have a history of safe use. Just like the general advertising in Animal cruelty and neglect, the target audiences are the same. The aim for animal lovers and the ones who love to see justice be served. Gender has no limits nor does age when targeting an audience.

Most of the time the advertisements and commercials are trying to target vegans and vegetarians. Vegans are people who do not eat meat or any dairy product made from animals and vegetarians doesn’t eat meat. But in general, they try to target anyone with a heart. The advertisements on animal cruelty and testing is such an important campaign because it is a cause that is ignored often and is also something that has such an effect on the economy we have Today. If everyone can come together and put a stop to these horrible actions going on, we can have a better and healthy environment.

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