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A Sunday On La Grande Jatte Analysis Essay

“A Sunday on La Grande Jatte” had a style that, once I took a closer look, surprised me somewhat. The painting seems to be made with many dots. It’s very impressive that the artist took the time and had the talent to use dots in such a way. Of course, it may have been the type of brush he used, or it is a painting technique that I do not yet know, but it certainly adds to the feel of the painting. I was also curious about the border of the painting. Rather than not have a border or having a simple border, the artist inverts the colors, making the edges much more blue, gray and purple.

The objects and figures in the painting seem very solid and steady, and the lines do not blur. The people the artist painted do not seem to be very happy. They are relaxed, but none of them are smiling and very few are active. It also seems that, with a few exceptions, they are all shadowed, hiding from the sun. Although the painting is peaceful, it does not have the joy that Glackens’ “Beach Scene, New London. ” “Beach Scene, New London” seems to have a completely different look and feel. The style of the artwork in impressionist, I believe.

The brushstrokes are sweeping and seem to indicate movement, rather the solidity of “A Sunday. ” While the colors are vibrant in both artworks, this one seems to have either more a greater variety of shades or a busier placement of colors. While not nearly as calm and peaceful as the first, this artwork seems to be, in a way, happier. The style of the painting does not allow a clear image of the expressions on the faces of the people, but they seem to be having fun and enjoying themselves.

And, though I may be wrong, this beach seems to be much less high-class and refined when compared to the first. Still Life “Still Life with Lemons, Oranges, and a Rose” is such a realistic painting that I had to take a second look to be certain it was not a photograph. The objects, which are placed with great order and precision, show a great contrast between light and shadow, which throws the painting into darker tones. The objects are drawn to look so natural that one can assume that the artist most likely painted from life. I was curious if the objects he chose to paint were significant.

Much care has gone into the placement and placing of the bowls of fruit and cup, which leads me to believe that most likely an equal amount of care went into deciding what to paint. The “Still Life, Apples and Grapes” seems to be another impressionist painting. The texture ar folds of the table cloth and placement of the scattered fruit add a slight wildness to the painting the first did not have. There is less contrast between light and shadow in this painting. Instead, the artist works with the refection of the light off of the fruit.

Because of the style, this artwork is less solid and rigid than the first, but I belief that Monet still had a plan and perhaps even an actual set from which he was painting. Thad a more difficult time identifying the types of fruits he used. Judith Quite frankly, all three of this painting amused me somewhat. The clothing and skin color is hilariously specific to the time period and western world in which they were painted. Although I do not know the story of Judith, I can say with certainty that her tale did not take place in Europe, over 1500 year after Christ’s birth, as the clothing seems to indicate.

With that said, I found all three of these paintings to be interesting and beautiful. “Judith Beheading Holofernes” is most likely my favorite. The expressions and body language of those involved says quite a bit. Holofernes is, of course, utterly horrified, as though he was in pain, and dead. The servant woman looks fearful and wary, but not enough that she would abandon her mistress. The young woman seems to be disgusted but resolute, certain, if somewhat displeased, about what she is doing.

The scene is shadowed, but light falls on the participants of the murder. The shadows give texture to the sheets, clothing, and tapestry on the wall. “Judith with the Head of Holofernes” is incredibly detailed and very confusing. There is a lot happening in this painting, some of which does not seem relevant to the events of the story. The reactions of some of the people surrounding Judith do not seem to fit. For instance, why are there little children playing on the ground near Judith’s feet. Even so, the painting is amazing.

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