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WWF: A Review of Professional Wrestling

Fireworks as if it were the fourth of July. Thousands of people in an arena and billions watching around the world anxiously awaiting the arrival of their favorite superstar. Suddenly the crowd erupts as a man comes strutting down to the squared circle. Accompanied by a beautiful busty young woman, the wrestler is cheered by his loyal fans and booed by his enemies. Soon , another man enters the stadium the same way as the first man. The two men stip into the ring with a certain sense of cockiness about themselves. Before the referee can even tell everyone that the match has started, the two men are already battling in the ‘squared circle’;.

During the fight there are many suspenseful moments. Brutally beating each other for five minutes the match is finally over with some bloodshed. Today people are taking wwf professional wrestling to the extreme. WWF wrestling is one of the most watched shows on television today. WWF stands for the World Wrestling Federation. Wrestling started sometime it the mid to late sixties and has changed dramatically over the years. When wrestling first came to be the wrestlers weren’t like they were today. Back in the olden days of WWF wrestling, the storyline of wrestling wasn’t as vulgar, and the industry was not as wide spread throughout the world.

Today the whole industry of the WWF is benefitting from merchandise being sold all over the globe. Even though many people may consider wrestling to be fake, know that some aspects are very real. There have been some instances where people have gotten hurt and even died from a stunt gone bad. There was an instance about half a year ago when a professional wrestler named Owen Hart was repelling from the rafters on a cable and the piece that was attached to his harness snapped and he plummeted 40 feet broke his neck and died. This was a tragic loss to every wrestler and to the whole WWF world.

If this isn’t real you wouldn’t know what was. Another example of reality is when Stone Cold Steve Austin was being suplexed (a professional wrestling move when your opponent lifts you in the air and slams you into the mat), his opponent landed Austin wrong on the mat. This resulted in a career ending surgery for Steve Austin. One thing that wrestling has done over the past couple of years is raised media uproar pertaining to violence at home between children. There is a question that arises when talking about WWF wrestling. Should parents allow their children to watch the filth that producers of shows put on t.

WWF wrestling takes place in cities around the United States. The show is always on the move, switching cities every week. Every week there is a pay per view event that takes place to either start a new story for the month to come or to finish a story that has been going on the previous month. Like a soap opera, each show pertains to the show before. The only thing is that this is a soap opera for men. The wrestling ring is set up in the middle of a stadium style arena such as an NBA basketball arena. This ring is only going to accompany filth that the children of today shouldn’t be watching.

Hello ladies’; says the former porn star turned WWF wrestler Val Venus. ‘You know something? The big Valbowski is like a loaf of bread. We always rise to the occasion. ‘; This is just one of the things that children are saying to each other everyday. ‘We got two words for you’; screams Degeneration X. ‘Suck it’; pointing towards their crotches. There is one character that you as a newcomer to the WWF will like, who is Nick Foley. Nick Foley is a wrestler with many different personalities who takes his body to the limit where he actually physically hurts himself, and uses no offensive language unless mocking another wrestler.

Mankind, who is one of Nick Foley’s fictitious personalities, will be by far your favorite wrestling superstar. This particular wrestler will be your favorite because you will love how he puts himself in so much pain for a ten minute show. Sure all of the sayings and actions taken by the wrestlers are funny to everybody, they are not suitable for children to be watching. People walking down to the ring doesn’t exactly portray to me as education or entertainment for a child. WWF is so fake that is fun to watch. You will think that the whole non realism of wrestling makes it more interesting to watch.

Sometimes you can see the wrestlers talking to one another telling what their next move is and even missing their punches or kicks. This is just one of those things that makes it good. Wrestling is someday going to be a national pastime just like baseball is today. There are some controversies about wrestling being too fake (not real), not entertaining, and even bad for children. Wrestling is just another television creation that will keep producing and making money until the ratings plummet. Until then, parents should limit who watches wrestling in their family, and the mature audience keep on watching.

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