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World Hunger In Africa

Hunger is a real epidemic that is happening around the world right now; 11. 3% of the world is currently hungry. The desire for food causes a severe pain that not only affects adults but children as well. This is a crucial issue in Africa because people are suffering greatly due to the lack of food and money; they have a hard time providing for their families and communities (World Hunger). Poverty and poor agriculture are some of the main reasons why Africa is currently suffering. Even though Africa is working to increase the agricultural production, the process is very slow and has been going for the last 40 years.

While on the other hand poverty is making it hard for Africa to eliminate hunger; there are children there that are 5 years or younger who are underweight. Imagine a 4-year-old being underweight, take a second and imagine the tragedy; there needs to be an end to world hunger. That will help families in Africa live a better and healthier life. The effects brought on by hunger whether it’s, pain, fear, undernourishment, starvation and even death, are devastating and there needs to be a stop to it (Wiggins).

In order to end hunger, there needs to be a change in either of these two conditions, a reduction in poverty; or Africa needs to find a way to help the local farmers. With one of these solutions, there can be a way to eliminate hunger (“Borgen Project”). A farmer is someone who works to produce food for human consumption, this is an important role in society because agriculture is one of the most important sources for food. Agriculture in Africa needs to be a priority in the country, this will help the main focus of increasing crops and helping to end the devastating hunger happening in Africa.

Supporting the small farmers in Africa needs to be considered for a possible solution to ending hunger; the African farmers are less productive than any other country in the world. There the farmers can start producing more crops to secure their food supply (Borgen Project). This solution is satisfying because it can help to make sure the food supply is secure and there can be an increase in the amount of food the Africans have for their families and communities. The farmers will be able to gain control over their food source which will finally reduce hunger in Africa. Another outcome includes a protected rising food surplus (Worldwide).

On the other had some disadvantages can include the fact that the richer countries who have tried to provide the African farmers with training and packages, have delivered poorly. Which means some countries have agreed to help Africa but have not went all the way through and left Africa at a disadvantage again. This can be a complication because if Africa is relying on other countries to intervene and help them with support and there is none, they are back to the same spot; hunger. Additionally Africa can not cure the malnutrition of their people alone, they need the help of countries.

They need help in protecting their environment; this can cause problems when other countries are not willing to help. Right now the African people are weak, and unable to help provide for their country, this makes it hard for them to overcome the challenges such as hunger they are faced with. No one country can face severe challenges alone, there needs to be the vision that African can work together with other countries to help support the local farmers. In the end if countries are not willing to help Africa defeat this hunger by supporting the farmers and help increase their food supply, there will never be a solution (CNN).

Poverty; the condition of living severely poor. There has been a shortage of food and water in Africa; over the past 60 years with no solution, the country keeps falling. Africa is in the need of reducing poverty in their country, if there is an reduction to poverty then there is a way to make hunger extinct. To end or even reduce poverty in Africa there can be steps to take in order to end hunger. Some steps can be to create jobs for the African people, this will allow from them to earn money, families in Africa are poor and have no way to provide for their families or communities in the behalf of money scarcity.

Another step can be boosting their economic system. There is nothing else to say but the fact that the country of Africa needs to find more money for their people. Africa is the poorest continent in the world, which explains why there is so much poverty (World Hunger). Some advantages in reducing hunger are that the people of Africa will have money. They will be able to pay for crops, food and water to accommodate for their families. These are the necessities that the Africans will be able to finally afford, as a result, they can see their children gain weight, and notice them becoming healthy.

Not only will children be in healthier conditions but the adults and farmers will to (Guardian). It is not easy to end poverty within a country. This becomes a disadvantage because a lot of the government spending in Africa is failing and there are no way to help increase the money flow for the Africans. With this people and children are not able to get the payment they need to help contribute for their country. Africa has to help their people grow and rely on other countries to help, this will create their own steady society that they need.

Being able to make strong connections with reliable countries, will reduce poverty which can be a solution to ending hunger (Borgen Project). “Despite strong economic growth across many parts of Africa over the past 10 years, nearly a quarter of the population – about 240 million people – are undernourished, of whom more than 40% are children under five. ” (The Guardian) This data is pretty clear that people in Africa have been suffering from this epidemic for over the past 60 years. Hunger has caused death, pain, and fear in Africa. Leaders all around the world have said they want to end hunger in Africa before 2025.

The best solution is for the African people and for other countries to help Africa support the farmers. People who can support the local farmers can help end poverty. Farmers will be able to produce more food for the communities and make them affordable for the Africans. Also with expanding the agricultural production, it will allow farmers to produce more crops for the people of Africa. The expansive of food and land for the farmers can provide for the people and they don’t have to go through the pain every day of watching their children and family suffer from the lack of food and water.

Africa can beat hunger, they can’t do it alone, they need help. The African country has been increasing the production of crops throughout time but very slowly; it needs to be increased faster (Worldwide). History has shown time after time Africa needs the support from other countries. Supporting the farmers is the best solution, it can help the Africans and their fight against hunger. The devastating hunger that children and adults face in Africa can be history instead of news.

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