World History II: Test

Question 1 – vocabulary – all students will answer this question. Be sure to answer all the terms, list the term and its complete definition which must be proper to the present course of study! 20 points sumptuous laws philosopher Neoplasm’s sans-culottes Jacobin Roundhead enlightened absolutism heliocentric Tennis Court Oath Directory Mercantilism Hermetic Doctrine balance of power Thermoforming Reaction deism Fronded Cartesian dualism laissez-fairer levee en masses rococo Question set 2 – answer your choice of one of the following questions (a – f).

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Label your response. 15 points a. How was family life arranged and what roles did family members play in the 17th century? B. How did poverty, disease, and famine affect the lives of ordinary Europeans during the 17th century? C. What pressures and threats did European monarchs face as they tried to assert their authority? D. By what meaner did Cardinal Richer secure royal power in France – and how did this elevate France’s position in Europe? E. How did eastern and western Europe differ socially, economically, and politically? F.

How did the Reformation help make Renaissance and Enlightenment ideas possible? Are we having fun yet? Question set 3 – answer your choice of one of the following questions (g – l). Label your response. 15 points g. Discuss the differences between Thomas Hobbes’ and John Locker’s ideas of the relationship between people and their government. H. How did the Medieval and Renaissance understandings of the universe differ? I. Discuss the attitude of scientists during this age toward religion. J. Nonentities and Rousseau each had ideas on politics and governance.

How are these ideas similar? How are they different? K. How did Enlightenment ideals on education and the individual impact the position of women? L. In what ways did women participate in bringing down the French old regime. Question 3 – Answer the following question. 50 points The French Revolution and Napoleon’s years in power impacted the development of Western Civilization. Using as many specific examples as you are able, show how this impact was manifest! You may bullet list this response, but be sure to include the rotational Tort ten Items you nave Included In your response.

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