Women in prehistory

The agriculture revolution change the production of food and the division of labor change due to fact that great emphasis was placed on animals and the oleos they played in agriculture which was owned by men, hence the roles of men and women shifted. Men was responsible for the majority of farming, while the women contributed to harvesting or taking care of domestic animals.

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The social status of women declined and their major role shifted to child bearing, food preparation, and textile and craftsman preparation. 3. What were the larger societal effects that occurred as a result Of this revolution in agricultural production? Material possession and the accumulation of domestic animals, which was pass on to one generation to the next, became more valuable and amounted o wealth. As a result, neighboring tribes raided each other to steal cattle, which caused warfare.

The wealthy became more powerful by lending farm labor or support in battle against other groups to poorer families. In such a society, people themselves became objects of value and exchange like animals and material possessions. 4. What evidence did the author use to come to her conclusions? In your opinion, is it appropriate to draw these conclusions from this type of evidence? Would other forms of evidence be better?

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